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Undone by INSANE_WRITER6789
Undoneby I N S A N I T Y
Insanity's her name. Her life, a collection of desolate events and a slow and painful descend into madness. With powers brought by the void and the violence stored in he...
BROKEN ASH by dhiyahmaris
BROKEN ASHby Dhiyah Maris
A book of poems that expresses inevitable heartbreak and unbroken sorrow. Sometimes, you don't recognize a broken soul until it's too late.
Crave🩸Xi-Viana Xiao-Chang by ThatWatt-PadGyrl
Crave🩸Xi-Viana Xiao-Changby StoryTeller
Xi-Viana Xiao-Chang has two secrets. One, she's the half-sister of Adrien Agreste. Two, she's a vampire. Thankfully, she can't get burned by the sun. After 15 years of l...
Any one of these could be about you. Stay tuned. If you're reading this, these have been the best times which I've ignored.
Facts About Polly Von Dominique by PollyVonDominique
Facts About Polly Von Dominiqueby Polly Von Dominique
In this story I'll go to talk about my Sona Polly
A Better Brother by AG-The-Writer
A Better Brotherby A.G
After a messed up patrol leaving Mikey injured because of the three brothers, Splinter punishes them from going to the surface until they can learn to work and adapt wit...
Sins of Royalty by 1imavv
Sins of Royaltyby .
LEILA DUCASSE doesn't believe in mercy, second chances, hesitation or love. She believes they make you weak, vulnerable, and she refuses to let her guard even merely wav...
Dark's Birthday Special by Shabeeboo_TheEnder
Dark's Birthday Specialby Shabeeboo / Bee / Boo
It's Darkiplier's birthday, 19th of June 2024. [Darkiplier Story] [Darkstache Story] [My Alternate Universe]
Unsound by r0ttingrabbit
Unsoundby Angie
If the mind controls the body, what controls the mind? Madeline Foster, a successful 24-year-old woman, is exploring her emotions in new and intricate ways. Balancing h...
Hidden Violet | An Incredible Vigilante by sunher0
Hidden Violet | An Incredible sunher0
In the bustling metropolis of Metroville, danger lurks in every shadow, and heroes rise to meet the challenge. But what happens when the daughter of the world's most inc...
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - quotes by PrincesssOfDarknesss
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll PrincesssOfDarknesss
Just what the title says - my favourite quotes from Jekyll and Hyde; updated while reading. Title: The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Author: Robert Louis Stevens...
Echoverse Characters by Nova066
Echoverse Charactersby Nova
Every chapter gives you info on a character that has been/not introduced into the stories that i have previously made
Hunting by Shabeeboo_TheEnder
Huntingby Shabeeboo / Bee / Boo
Benjamin's first time hunting for Actor. But not for animals. [CANNIBALISM WARNING] [Bactor Story] [My AU]
Whisp by Moonlight10198
Whispby Jay Williams
In an attempt to please her mother, Lady Gabrielle Hainsley has just begun the debutante Season at Feugholt castle. The competition is stiff, but perhaps she can find a...
S.M.A.S.H by Metalmankayden
S.M.A.S.Hby Metalmankayden
So, you're the new guy at Smosh. It's an exciting job. Unfortunately, it comes with some cons... literally. As soon as she finds out that SMOSH is still active and hirin...
Hunter's Game by LizardsDen
Hunter's Gameby LizardsDen
A young man is out for revenge on a world that stole his family, his childhood, and his humanity.
Dilemma by brookefox_
Dilemmaby brookefox_
[REWRITE] [A JSE & MPR Ego And Sanders Sides Story] Creating alternate personalities of yourself seemed fun, especially whenever it comes down to your fans loving the co...
The Moonlight Assassin by stellarboy
The Moonlight Assassinby stellarboy
The Moonlight Assassin embarks on an exhilarating journey into the heart of darkness and the unknown. Follow Miguel Mangubat, a seemingly ordinary man with an extraordin...
Alter Ego by CurryRice55
Alter Egoby Curry Rice
"In the heart of Seoul, three lives intertwine in a web of fate and deception. 'Alter Ego' follows the journey of Kang Do-Wan, whose path crosses with Si Woo, an un...