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Broken Glass | D.M. by elliebelly09
Broken Glass | elliebelly09
Thisbe Carter is a witch in year 6 at Hogwarts. She used to be a part of a toxic friend group until she finally had enough and stopped hanging out with them. She becomes...
Music Box  by Fiction-mystery
Music Box by Fiction-Mystery writer
yandere serial killers x reader You're staying with a friend's uncle for a few days for a school project. You have to describe what he does for a job, but all nice thin...
All the Dark Reasons by BeatriceLupu07
All the Dark Reasonsby …
putting an angry mask everyday is tiring when the world that's surrounding you is crumbling, and bakugo katsuki knows it best. Being abused verbally and physically at...
Walker: Secrets by ItsJessieGirl1
Walker: Secretsby Jessie May
To say it's time to move on is easy, to actually start leaving your past behind; that is a lot harder. It's been a few months now since Maddie came to live with the Walk...
Ramen or me?  by SolTosia
Ramen or me? by SolTosia
Sasuke offers Naruto a deal. If Uzumaki gives up on eating ramen, Uchiha will come back to the village. And of course Naruto agrees, because why wouldn't he? - It's not...
Time to Fly by Livvv063
Time to Flyby Olivia
Time to Fly is a collection of poetry that I wrote about my own thoughts and feelings. I hope this will help you find comfort and make you not feel alone in this journey...
Chaos💢 by upper4Simp
Chaos💢by idk anymore
⚠️CONTAINS SHIPS⚠️(probably) could be vines or memes😇💅 or just...random from tiktok 👁️ᴗ👁️....
Baby Yesung by ChenchenLay
Baby Yesungby ChenchenLay
Story about Siwon and his baby boy Yesung. PS: This is not plagiarism, I am continuing in story of my friend from Asian fanfic
That Little Space Between Never And Ever by NoDayWithoutNight
That Little Space Between Never NoDayWithoutNight
We all know it; not feeling well, mental problems, dark thinking... We all have to deal with it, but something we don't all have... Someone who makes everything better a...
The Rockstar and the Songwriter by AshMerlin456
The Rockstar and the Songwriterby Ash Merlin
Alec is a shy and sensitive guy with a secret love for music and songwriting. Magnus is a world famous rockstar, living the dream. They were both going about their lives...
Borders & Rules by Jesperialki
Borders & Rulesby Jesse
Where does rape begin? What's it doing to someone's head? How does someone even know if they're gay, and why do people always think the highest point to reach in a relat...
Dark Days by OceanWave2003
Dark Daysby OceanWave2003
Summary: Jailyn a 16 year old girl with many mental illnesses and horrible past. Is rather an innocent pure kind soul considering everything not so innocent has happened...
Wish To Be A Walker | Walker Fanfiction by ItsJessieGirl1
Wish To Be A Walker | Walker Jessie May
Fifteen year old Madeline Stanton has lived in more places then she cares to remember. Since the death of her mother, her world has been turned upside down The life she...
Destiny Yoonmin by Jocelyn_sim
Destiny Yoonminby Chiminnie
Where Jimin have experienced a horrible past which affected his mental health. He was abused by his father and his mum have left them. At the age of 15 he was rescued an...
Spoken Word Poetry (Compilation) by MirageOfYours
Spoken Word Poetry (Compilation)by 🌻
If you can't say it, write it. English and Tagalog Poetries
The Churning Sea by Nesta_out_there
The Churning Seaby Nesta_out_there
(...)A surge of enormous relief filled her veins. Replacing the gnawing sadness and fear she had felt for so long. The disgust and nausea, that were persueing her from t...
Schizophrenia •Taekook•  by Royal_Taekook
Schizophrenia •Taekook• by •방탄소년단•
I recommend reading the whole thing because it doesn't fully come together until recent chapters _____________________________________ "You were the best thing that...
13 Reasons Why ➪ Pretty Little Liars by millunicorn
13 Reasons Why ➪ Pretty Little Millie x
"Hey, it's Bella. Bella Dilaurentis„ • • • • Allison's younger sister kills herself and leaves 13 +1 tapes for everyone to listen to. • • • • ( pr...
How I Died [Selected Poem]  by Ink_Madnesses
How I Died [Selected Poem] by Zane
This is a poetry book contains of the selected poem that I've composed based on my real-life experiences and imaginations which you may found the answers for it's title...
The one by XxgachawolfiexX123
The oneby lì méi
Ever heard of the princess warrior, the apple of the eyes of his brother- Abhimanyu. I welcome u to the journey of Abhimanyu's sister- Ananya