Teenage Baby by Anyone187
Teenage Babyby Anyone187
Completed. #1 in Mystery/Thriller (29/5/2018) "No one will hurt you ever again, baby," he whispered. "Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Lou will make sure of that...
  • mystery-thriller
  • captors
  • mentalabuse
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Dark Sweetness ||AGxJ.JK|| by NoTearsLeftJeon
Dark Sweetness ||AGxJ.JK||by جونجكك_أريانة
//I claimed you, you claimed me, we belong to each other......." he whispered, his voluptuous lips pried apart and the soft lips came in contact with the skin on my...
  • mentalproblems
  • mentalhealth
  • jeonjungkook
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Rogue Tomboy by Elly_Niko
Rogue Tomboyby Elly_Niko
Kelly James is a Tomboy who loves hanging with the guys and with her best friend, and only girl friend, Lucy Monel. Kelly and her friends are juniors in high school. All...
  • romance
  • werewolf
  • supernatural
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The Diaries of Anxiety by mikaylamtorrence
The Diaries of Anxietyby mikayla
anx·i·e·ty /aNGˈzīədē/ noun a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome ⚪ Diaries and excerpts...
  • mentaldisorder
  • real
  • depression
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The Rhapsody by shirwakk
The Rhapsodyby iinsanedreamss
Yusha Jones is your average Aussie 15 years old, he lives in Australia, with his mum and his younger sister Kirra. Yusha is normally very quiet and indifferent towards...
  • poems
  • writing
  • high
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The Boy of the Underworld (The Different Girl Book #2) by howlwolfspirit
The Boy of the Underworld (The Starfall
Trouble is stirring in the Underworld. A large group of strangely powerful demons have started an empire. Demons are not supposed to bring people to the Underworld. Ther...
  • medicalproblems
  • death
  • romance
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Baby Yesung by ChenchenLay
Baby Yesungby ChenchenLay
Story about Siwon and his baby boy Yesung. PS: This is not plagiarism, I am continuing in story of my friend from Asian fanfic
  • littlespace
  • mentalproblems
  • superjunior
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When He Cries by NayaDreamchaser
When He Criesby Dreamchaser
Alice hates boys. A trauma of her past has caused her to despise them. Plenty tried to win her over, but no matter how gorgeous and charming they may be, none has manage...
  • teenromance
  • featured
  • cute
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MISTAKE(YOOMIN)(ON HOLD) by kuroko_Hope_Jin_RM
MISTAKE(YOOMIN)(ON HOLD)by Min jimin serendipity
Jimin regret it all what he have done to yoongi, he don't know that he already fallen in love with yoongi it was suppose to be a DARE... -jimin was the school's bad boy...
  • jimin
  • yoonmin
  • yoongi
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Pain, Loss, and Trust {Craig X Tweek} COMPLETED by __Sassi__Boii__
Pain, Loss, and Trust {Craig X Just sum trash
Read to find out... Its a South park fanfic so of course I don't own none of these characters >~< Btw the cover art is NOT MINE AT ALL I just simply tirned it blac...
  • angstwithhappyending
  • shortstory
  • angst
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Bitches Shred In Pieces by everrrx
Bitches Shred In Piecesby • • •everrrx
A Bitches Broken Hearts Novel | #2 Get ready for MORE teen drama, messed-up relationships, deep secrets and murders with these bitches broken hearts! ~ "I pro...
  • mystery
  • ppl
  • romance
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Ruby Red Hood by Kanghyuksebooty
Ruby Red Hoodby KangHyukSebooty
Ruby Red has been imprisoned at Rosewood Asylum for what feels like forever, just because she is a penniless orphan who has a very bad temper. The only things she has i...
  • healing
  • mpreg
  • mentalproblems
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We're Feeling Feverish by xXAliceIsCreepyXx
We're Feeling Feverishby xXAliceIsCreepyXx
My point of view in the series of 'I Know We're Sick Right Now'. Serenity Roane is a small curious mouse mutant who's current job is to just survive. //This story follo...
  • horror
  • mutants
  • violant
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The Perfect Student by MissFischer98
The Perfect Studentby Annalise
"Don't look at me," Na Ri pleaded as she hid her face with her hands, "I hate it when people see me crying." "Why? Everyone cries ones in a whil...
  • studentteacher
  • fanfiction
  • mentalproblems
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All different (Camila/You) On hold by jellyjauregay
All different (Camila/You) On holdby jelly
Y/n Bonilla is an average 18 year old girl...Except she has mental problems. One day she gets sent to a mental facility...In the facility she meets 5 girls...But she end...
  • mentalproblems
  • normanihamilton
  • mentalpatient
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Schizophrenia •Taekook•  by Royal_Taekook
Schizophrenia •Taekook• by •방탄소년단•
I recommend reading the whole thing because it doesn't fully come together until recent chapters _____________________________________ "You were the best thing that...
  • schizo
  • taekook
  • topkook
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My Family by StarWarsisBae
My Familyby Madi♠️
My name is Mary Beth. This is my story. From my life of living with a mother who would spoil me, but hardly able to care for herself- to being adopted by 4 very special...
  • fiction
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • fanfiction
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Non-Reality by Lycaris
Non-Realityby Lica B.
Just a story of the world inside my mind, or rather a dimension named Non-Reality, as i call it. Basically a diary, a very sad written story book and some sort of rant...
  • sad
  • diary
  • world
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The Blood in My Veins by MissFischer98
The Blood in My Veinsby Annalise
[Highest ranking #7 in PERSONALEXPERIENCE] "You carried me inside you for nine months Hated me in each and everyone of them Not because you didn't want me But becau...
  • personalexperience
  • darkpoetry
  • poem
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Split (Zarry) by -KingH
Split (Zarry)by King H
Zayn grabs Harry's face closer to his by the neck till his mouth is by Harry's ear. "He won't stop , no power on this earth can stop him. " He whispers with a...
  • random
  • zarrystylik
  • mentalproblems
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