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AFTER THE RAIN (Bonus edition) by JoWatson_101
AFTER THE RAIN (Bonus edition)by Jo Watson
Some opposites attract; some rip each others clothes off. Stormy-Rain and Marcus are polar opposites: she's a free-spirited, Tarot card reading, rainbow-haired hippie; h...
Best Friend's Brother: Chapter One by Jessica-Renee
Best Friend's Brother: Chapter Oneby Teenage Child
Another story about that annoying cliché, falling for your best friend's brother. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! I've had to change the description a million times because it'...
Nerdy Neighbors (BWWM) by Rokeyroke
Nerdy Neighbors (BWWM)by ❤️ᑭᖇIᗷᖇIᗩᑎᑎᗩ❤️
16 year old Isla Cora has been bullied for her clothes, smarts and, her skin color. One weekend a new family move into the house next to hers. A guy her age catches her...
Bittersweet Caller  by temperance-
Bittersweet Caller by brailiah rose
"Welcome to Night Owl Hotline, how can I help you-" "That name kinda sounds like a strip joint." In which a young girl seeks a listener when her m...
Big Bad Wolfie by AwkwardTomate
Big Bad Wolfieby Tomato
"Oh, you have got to be kidding me!" I seethed. Harper's mouth fell open. "Did he just say what I think he said?" I blew out a huff of air through my...
My King by YuuriLoveSick
My Kingby YuuriLoveSick
*****Boy X Boy***** ***Completed*** Dixon is a liar and a thief. Being the last species of his kind makes him do that. He ran away from King Mehdi last time because he h...
King Dice x Reader by Snake_writer_hm
King Dice x Readerby Snakes
I do not regret my desicions
Not yours to keep (complete but undergoing major editing)  by CaffeineAndCows
Not yours to keep (complete but Emma
Kidnapping is stupid in general it's even more stupid if you're name is Kaden and you kidnap Vanessa Kaster's. Who will be the last idiot standing? Who will fall on the...
Ciel X Alois【Infatuation or Love?】 by SINFUL_TRANCY
Ciel X Alois【Infatuation or Love?】by -ˏˋ🕷˟້༘ܶᬽ͙᭭݊
☞❀✧⊰/ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇᴅ\⊱✧❀☜ A Modern Ciel X Alois. Warning ⚠️: This story contains Smut and Mood Swings! Read At Your Own Risk!
Strangely Perfect by FamousGiraffe
Strangely Perfectby FamousGiraffe
•Book 1 of Strangely Perfect Series • It wasn't love at first sight, nor did I consider him as someone to love. Just a friend of a friend. We saw and encountered each ot...
Bob Ross fanic by lilac_ghosty
Bob Ross fanicby av
soooo I might of made a Bob Ross fanfic while I was bored in's like weird, also yes if you get to the part with James Blonde I know its not right but its a in...
Reality: A crankiplier fan-fiction by LostInSpaceForever
Reality: A crankiplier fan-fictionby Garlic Breadsticks
As Ethan re-lives Thursday afternoon over and over again, the timeline is the same, but the events are different. As Ethan slips in and out of reality, he finds more and...
UnHealthy...(TomTord) by Shipping-Chan
UnHealthy...(TomTord)by Sean-Chan
(This is kind of like Harley Quinn and Joker...Moving on) (Insane Asylum AU) Mr.Rocklynn is a Therapist for the Psycho's in the Insane Asylum in America...One day Mr.Roc...
Demon and the Princess (Mabel x Bill) by FionLimXD
Demon and the Princess (Mabel x FionLimXD
Dipper and Mabel, both age 16, set foot on Gravity Falls for the first time. Travel with them into adventures surrounded by drama. SORRY I SHIP THEM! Warning: This is...
Come back to me by AstroMike
Come back to meby AstroMike
It's been four years since Dipper and Mabel have been in gravity falls after weirdmaggedon they are both now 16 years old and both are in high school and are returning t...
It's just love. by Night_Hunter1607
It's just Accilia Ari Vãn
A story where two insanely lovesick individuals fall in love with a Spirit Animal. Irregular updates, so please bear with me. No hate please, I've never written before s...
The beautiful Canvas of SKy by GizelleTinsley
The beautiful Canvas of SKyby Ella Tinsley
"The sky looks pretty today" She stares the beautiful night sky as if she was mesmerized but she knew my presence was there. I closed the door behind me and...
Good Things Fall Apart by LonelyinNeverland
Good Things Fall Apartby LonelyInNeverland
When a popular guy from another school named Eustone transferred to Shinrea SHS he encountered the toughest girl ever existed. The moment Sasha punched him in the face...