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you're just my style! (sdr2 x reader) by nyaagito
you're just my style! (sdr2 x owner
SDR2 VARIOUS X FEM!READER ♥ what do you get when you mix fashion, snacks, and charm altogether? that's right! you get (Y/n) (L/n), the Ultimate Fashion Designer! ♥ takes...
The Ultimate Biologist (Danganronpa 2 x OC) by Ek_Oaynib
The Ultimate Biologist ( EK
BOOK 1 OF MY DR OC SERIES CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN AND UNDER MAINTENANCE. I'll try my best to keep it readable even while I revamp it, but I'm sorry if you come across...
Ordinary Pair // Hajime Hinata X Female Reader by skeletiion
Ordinary Pair // Hajime Hinata X Skeletiion
Cover Credit To: Kxxxaiy on Twitter. A completely average girl and a boy with no talent, were either of them ever meant to be on Jabberwock Island? What makes them wort...
the ultimate warrior { danganronpa x reader } by missingkillugon
the ultimate warrior { e <3
*'~DANGANRONPA 2 X FEM READER~'* [y/n] [l/n], the ultimate warrior, was a student of class 77-B at hope's peak academy. your talent made you famous, branded as a master...
Again (Nagito x Hajime) by novacationn
Again (Nagito x Hajime)by novacationn
!Spoilers! Junko Enoshima has just been defeated. With hope for the future, Hajime Hinata is ready to return to the real world. But when he opens his eyes, he finds hims...
Cold Love // Mikan Tsumiki x Fem! Reader by yuzihara
Cold Love // Mikan Tsumiki x NAZUMI (she/her)
(THE PRONOUNS THAT'LL BE USED IS SHE/HER) F/N L/N is a late enrollee in Hope's Peak Academy. Kizakura Koichi, Hope's Peak's scout just scouted F/N as the Ultimate Ball S...
Danganronpa X Reader NSFW Headcanons + Oneshots by shsltiredgirll
Danganronpa X Reader NSFW olivia (oli)
i'll eventually make an SFW book too, but this will include NSFW oneshots, scenarios, and headcanons for main-series Danganronpa game characters! all commentary, votes...
(Despair Breeds Hope) Danganronpa 2 x Male!Sigma!Reader  by NiTePr
(Despair Breeds Hope) NiTePr
(Finished!) [Y/N is inspired by the character Sigma] "So that's him?" "Yeah, as far as we know, he is the one who took partial control of the Remnants of...
The Promise We Made {Gundham TanakaX!Female Reader} by TechError300
The Promise We Made {Gundham A Burnt Out He/They
When you were young you stood up for a boy, the boy that for the next few years would become your best friend and partner in crime. After you two finish playing your fav...
Komaeda To The Future by HoneyBuddah707
Komaeda To The Futureby CEO Of Mahipeko
Everyone living on Jabberwock Island is atoning and preparing for their futures. Komaeda doesn't believe he's going to have much of one. Post-game Komahina/Kamukoma f...
Danganronpa Boyfriend & Girlfriend Scenarios by dnuoftonresU
Danganronpa Boyfriend & dnuoftonresU
Exactly what it says on the tin. This book contains swearing and some dark/mature themes. Proceed with caution. Feel free to give suggestions on what scenario you'd lik...
Our little Helper || Danganronpa X reader by Starligt_galaxy
Our little Helper || Danganronpa Starlight
Getting an Job as the assistant of principal Kirigiri, it wasn't as expected. Especially all the eyes Are on you. Female reader {Hiatus} This book is currently being tak...
Forbidden Desire - Yandere Gundham Tanaka x Reader by The17thStudent
Forbidden Desire - Yandere The17thStudent
It appears that the Overlord has fallen for a human, too deep inside the void. All he can do is think about you more and more, thoughts turned into obsession, cravings...
danganronpa NSFW abc's by Kokichi_Best_Boi
danganronpa NSFW abc'sby TheUltimateFail
Guys pls i made this when i was like 12
lovesick || nagito x reader by ko_maeda
lovesick || nagito x readerby ˗ˏˋ ★ ˎˊ˗
Y/n L/n the Super High School Level Sunshine. Pretty ironic really since they don't feel anything. Everything about them was fake. Their emotions and personality. All of...
Toying With My Sanity (Yandere!Nagito Komaeda x Reader) by atotallycreativename
Toying With My Sanity (Yandere! atotallycreativename
You were never good at interacting with others, giving them a blank stare or ignoring them completely, the closest thing you've ever felt love was towards your toys. How...
▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ # 𝐁𝐄 𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐄 ; Various Yandere Girls x Female Reader ❝ mine!❞ ▎𝐖𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄, various female characters from different series take roman...
Danganronpa/sdra2/dra one shots  by Nazarath74334
Danganronpa/sdra2/dra one shots by Ace
Welcome to the one shot book of danganronpa where you will see me doing "Shut up dad I do what I want" ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ "WHAT YOU SAY?!?!?" "DADDY NO...
Saviour by HoneyBuddah707
Saviourby CEO Of Mahipeko
Servant comes across a cold and scared Reserve-Course Survivor and takes an interest in him. Their story progresses from there.