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Sweet Desires by KBFace
Sweet Desiresby Faceeee
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You All Along by tonibraxtonbitch
You All Alongby tonibraxtonbitch
they both tried to keep there feelings hidden. but they were only fooling themselves. the world knew they were perfect for each other. what happens when they find out th...
Seduction by ToniTamarAnFace
Seductionby BraxMonds
A story about a woman that's been married for 15years, when she meets his 30year old nephew she soon falls for him
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Teach me  by TxJbabess
Teach me by TxJbabess
Amya(Toni) gets herself in a pleasurable situation with her teach, which leaves her in a position with no notes to guide her through. The only line left was what were to...
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A Pastor's Secret  by mainnmanii
A Pastor's Secret by mainnmanii
There are somethings that pastors just don't do like sleep with a 16 year old read to find out the story 🤪.
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Tainted Love by vintage_spirit27
Tainted Loveby Petty Labelle😎
Just read it...please😂🤗😘
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Forbidden Love [Editing Chapters] by little-tamartian
Forbidden Love [Editing Chapters]by 🥰💛
**COMPLETE** "I can't keep living like this." Toni said below her breath. "Please don't leave me. I need you and I love you." Bryan said as they wait...
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Life After by Sweetreeka22
Life Afterby TBraxtonFan
This is a story about Toni Braxton getting her life back after divorcing Keri Lewis and falling in love with Kenny Babyface Edmonds who she has loved since the day they...
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Just Be A Man About It by 2birdbrains
Just Be A Man About Itby 2birdbrains
One of Hip Hop's most notorious rappers Dr. Dre and R&B royalty Toni Braxton cross paths one day and take on the title as the new "It Couple"
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The Love Within by TxJbabess
The Love Withinby TxJbabess
We all have a friend, one we can't do without. Finding the love within and all throughout. I found love with you, I love you. Now I can breathe again, thanks for helping...
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High School Diaries by versaceity
High School Diariesby beyoncefeeds.💗
While we're young. {Some events are REAL} Updates are every week! Enjoy.
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Mistress Finder by KBFace
Mistress Finderby Faceeee
Kenny and Nicole live a very idealistic life. They got married at 18, managed to double major and graduate by 22 all while never falling out of love. But soon everything...
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My Soulmate {Editing} by TxJbabess
My Soulmate {Editing}by TxJbabess
when you find that one person in life that takes away all your pain, heart breaks, sorrows, and disfourntunes; they change you and your life completely to where you ne...
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Addicted by Poetically_Justice
Addictedby Juju Bee
Love can make you do crazy things. It can bring the good, as well as the bad..... And this love triangle is gonna bring out the deepest abyss of Pandora's Box.
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O U R S E C R E T by TxJbabess
O U R S E C R E Tby TxJbabess
...... Nobody has to know ...........Let it be OUR SECRET
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OUR LOVE by TxJbabess
OUR LOVEby TxJbabess
"Sequel to OUR SECRET"
The Encounter  by doolz86
The Encounter by Lanese
The Sequel to "The Visit" If you liked the first, come on this journey with me.
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The Visit (Completed) by doolz86
The Visit (Completed)by Lanese
For all my Toni x Janet fans. This one is for you ❤️
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I Wish by princesskaymarie
I Wishby ♛
The Edmonds' daily life. copyright © 2016
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FIRST SIGHT by TxJbabess
It was love at first sight I knew in that moment she was for me
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