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A Ghost Bird Fanfiction
The spring semester is now underway at Ashley Waters, and the Blackbourne team has continued their mission.  Still ignorant of what his family is slowly putting together, Kota Lee is trying to figure out how his relationship with Sang Sorenson fits in with the team dynamic and how to help her gain entrance to the Academy.  

Then disaster hits Ashley Waters. Kota's family members must deal with their own issues and how all this fits in with Owen Blackbourne's plan, and Kota must handle challenges and revelations that he never expected. 
This is fanfiction of C. L. Stone's Ghost Bird series.   All characters belong to her. I've just borrowed them for my own plot. For the most part, this is Kota's story with some chapters in Sang's POV, although the other boys will occasionally get a POV as well. 

For purposes of plot,  the Christmas detailed in First Kiss occurred for the most part, though the camping trip and subsequent events depicted did not happen. (Thus, Kota does not know about the plan,  only Victor knows about Sang's secret regarding showers, and Sang herself does not know that she is a ghost bird.)

As I came up with this before Black and Green and any future books, those events have not occurred either. This is a reverse harem that (mostly) sticks with canon. 
Beware: Foul language alert. There's also some violence as well.

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Jreader625 Jreader625 May 09
Owen taking off his shirt should be used more in these stories. 😉
je11ybean262 je11ybean262 Nov 19, 2017
If this is a house fire I can attest to it smelling so much worse. It's not a smell I'll ever forget. 😢
SynchroClaire SynchroClaire Sep 26, 2017
Did I read this chapter once, then go back and read it again right after? Yes, because it's that awesome!
SilasAggeleMou SilasAggeleMou Oct 08, 2017
lol for some, Owen taking off his shirt could lead to all kinds of rabbit trails to follow.
SilasAggeleMou SilasAggeleMou Oct 08, 2017
haha ask me that when I have a head injury and you run the risk of losing me as I've fallen asleep to avoid the question!