The Bride by Glass_Sword
The Brideby Kayla [hiatus]
(The Selection and Red Queen) ♡BOOK TWO OF THE CHOOSING SERIES♡ ~note: This can not be read as a stand-alone. The plot and characters will be a huge jumble if you don't...
  • theselection
  • dystopian
  • prince
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Life, Love & A Little Coffee by oliviarose85
Life, Love & A Little Coffeeby Olivia Rose
With only a month left of high school, barista and student Ada Sinclair prepares herself for the next chapter of her life; her dream college and a fresh start that doesn...
  • disease
  • growingup
  • romanceyall
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Our Love in an Unforgiving World {2nd Draft} by ClarityNMercy
Our Love in an Unforgiving World {
Mercy is a world-famous musician and actress. Together with Alex, her husband, also an acclaimed actor, they enter a polyamorous relationship and must keep their life hi...
  • matureromance
  • friendstolovers
  • adultsituations
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loving mayhem by lucferase
loving mayhemby lucci
"I'm too enormous for your kindness. I'm too monstrous for your love." Caprice Everknight had her entire life planned out. She didn't have much choice but she...
  • mystery
  • angst
  • revenge
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Drowning Stars | Poetry by Stargaryenn
Drowning Stars | Poetryby Stargaryenn
"Because tell me, my dear.. How can you ever save a drowning star?" My deepest thoughts and secrets. Enjoy. - •Winner of The Cats Awards; 10/08/18 •Winner and...
  • catsawards
  • poems
  • relationship
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When the Facade Falls by Nalut5
When the Facade Fallsby Nalut5
Definitions: Rowan: A six-foot sixteen-year-old boy that's vexatious, secretive, and cocky. Gray: A curvy five three sixteen-year-old girl who doesn't give any flying d...
  • pastelawards2k18
  • pearlawards2018
  • thebeachawards
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Their Fates by hetachokshi
Their Fatesby Heta Chokshi
[Highest Ranking : #407 in ROMANCE] #3 in Aspirations (08.09.2018) #3 in projectindia (08.09.2018) #3 in projectcharacter (18.10.2018) #5 in Aisha (08.09.2018) Aisha To...
  • fates
  • romance
  • projectindia
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Dawn's Bleeding Shade. |editing| by RubaiaKhatun
Dawn's Bleeding Shade. |editing|by Rubaia Khatun
Highest Ranks. #10 in college romance. #17 in vampire romance. #30 in hatelove. #249 in vampire. Dawn Weisslin, a strong college going student falls in love with Shade...
  • college
  • romance
  • vampire
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Cinderella Contract by Meevbota123
Cinderella Contractby Meevbota123
Okay so Zane is a douche bag with five friends who are lesser douch bags but assholes nonetheless. He needed a girl for appearances and got bad advice, from a guy obviou...
  • hearts
  • heir
  • trial
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A Patriot's Tale (Completed, 2018 Wattys Shortlisted) | √ by AuthorishNicole
A Patriot's Tale (Completed, Nicole (On Surgery Hiatus)
♛WATTPAD FEATURED NOVEL/SHORTLISTED FOR THE WATTYS 2018♛ HISTORICAL FICTION: At fifteen, Lily Thompson saw her parents murdered, and the War for American freedom begins...
  • completed
  • featured
  • complete
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The Return of the Eternals (The Last War #1) ✔ by Salintha
The Return of the Eternals (The Salintha
Being one of the highest ranking members of an anti-terrorist organization called Luxarx, Kaleth Anaton assumes he knows everything there is to know about the organizati...
  • aeawards2018
  • action
  • terrorism
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Against the Tide - A New Elysium Story by taivaan_sininen
Against the Tide - A New Elysium A. C. Evans
Augments - digital implants and robotic prostheses - can enhance abilities, bestow entirely new ones, or replace parts of the body that have been broken or injured. At l...
  • memory
  • thecosmicawards2018
  • cyborg
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Beyond Legend: The Unbreakable Kingdom by Thomas-LF
Beyond Legend: The Unbreakable Thomas-LF
All her life, Ailith Natia has dreamed of becoming a Knight. However, born without noble blood, and with a family name that means nothing, she fears that it will remain...
  • girlpower
  • action
  • princess
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Come To Me | A Park Hyungsik Fanfiction by blu_blu_skye
Come To Me | A Park Hyungsik blu_blu_skye
Hyeyeon and Hyungsik squabbled their way into becoming the best of friends. Having grown up in the same neighborhood, there was nothing that they did not know about each...
  • idol
  • aeawards2018
  • kdrama
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Dimension Zero - Code Apocalypse by LookingGlassFX
Dimension Zero - Code Apocalypseby LookingGlassFX
Kris's life was, in her opinion, pretty normal, however she changed her mind the day her best friend went missing. Her life is DEFINITELY not normal anymore. Soon, she...
  • reapers
  • adventure
  • wattys2018
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Etched Souls by blaringlights
Etched Soulsby ★ blaringlights ☆
❝while some people find their solace at midnight, i find mine at 3 am.❞ in which a girl finds her solace to write the thoughts that come to her insane mind and remain et...
  • newvoice
  • blaringlights
  • kurodarkawards
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Was it Fate? by Heart_of_Dandelions
Was it Fate?by Heart_of_Dandelions
In a world with gods, spirits, demons, and more, life can be strange. Life is strange already without such things. But with this peculiarity comes a story or rather, sto...
  • rosepetalawards
  • paranormal
  • family
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The Incredible Life Of Vegas J. Clearwater by ARod1298
The Incredible Life Of Vegas J. ARod1298
A woman in a bar by the name of Vegas J. Clearwater tells the story of her colorful life and her experiences with family, death, love, crime, and the music business. NO...
  • heartbreak
  • complete
  • regalawards2018
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Lunar's Edge by AFleetingDream_91
Lunar's Edgeby Larissa E. Chesser
One brother's resolve will be the other's demise. Withdrawn from his immortal life of constant bloodshed, Vincent yearns for redemption for his sins - a sinister wish th...
  • myserty
  • dylanobrien
  • garretthedlund
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He's Probably Gonna Spit in My Drink by DeliaMaguire6
He's Probably Gonna Spit in My Delia Maguire
Caffeine deprived, stressed out college kid, Stephan, knows his barista hates him because the guy tell him so on the label of his cup every, single day. So why then does...
  • 11thhourawards2018
  • humor
  • apriljanesbookawards
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