My Assassin  by JLGibson
My Assassin by J Lisette Gibson
Ranked #1-RichGirl-Jul. 9. 2018 #1-Action-Romance Jul. 10. 2018 #1-Obsession-Jul. 10. 2018 He was hired to kill to her. Until fate inte...
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Healing Her Heart ✓ by dreamer2233
Healing Her Heart ✓by Crazy_Dreamer
{Highest Rank #1 in General Fiction, #99 in Romance} Completed, Editted Healing her heart is story of Saumya, an Indian girl who left India fighting all her pains. She i...
  • yourchoice2018
  • emotional
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Passionless #1 | Ongoing by RoyalynDixon
Passionless #1 | Ongoingby Roy Dixon
|| A Wattpad Featured Story || In the supernatural world there is a secret organisation called the Congress of Guardians. Supernaturals are aware of that organisation, h...
  • vampirelord
  • lycanthropes
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Come To Me | A Park Hyungsik Fanfiction by blu_blu_skye
Come To Me | A Park Hyungsik blu_blu_skye
Hyeyeon and Hyungsik squabbled their way into becoming the best of friends. Having grown up in the same neighborhood, there was nothing that they did not know about each...
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Life, Love & A Little Coffee by oliviarose85
Life, Love & A Little Coffeeby Olivia Rose
With only a month left of high school, barista and student Ada Sinclair prepares herself for the next chapter of her life; her dream college and a fresh start that doesn...
  • coffeeshop
  • youngadultbook
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Dear Step-Brother [#Wattys2018] by rshelle_may01
Dear Step-Brother [#Wattys2018]by Rushelle May
❝Why need stupid girlfriends when I have a hot sister to fuck?❞ Copyrights ©2018 @rshelle_may01
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The Sentinel (Updates Twice a Month) by mahana258
The Sentinel (Updates Twice a Mahana
The Sentinels have watched over the lands of the three Kings of Illdissa for an age past. The order protects Illdissa's borders, enforces its laws, and guards against co...
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Awaken by Gamer-girl23
Awakenby ~ Erica ~ (Eliana)
****#1 in Not Human **** ****#2 in Syfy **** • • {Mature content - Proceed with caution} A twisted story about a girl who gets killed and becomes something new. Full of...
  • kiss
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Turn: Book One of the Time Turner Chronicles by mahana258
Turn: Book One of the Time Mahana
Annaliese Stone, a Terif of the Ceilion police, has spent the last year rooting out her enemies. She's ruthless, cunning, and a master manipulator. Her base, the...
  • steampunk
  • love
  • romance
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Skiathos by mhunyadi
Skiathosby Boris L. Slocum
Nadja Bikram traveled to the edge of known space to work one problem, a puzzle that had vexed her for seven years. But on reaching the desert world of Skiathos, she foun...
  • femaleprotagonist
  • action-adventure
  • wattys2018
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The Shadows  by lezaj29
The Shadows by Jazel Morales
Emerald's life has always been uneventful. When her great-grandmother passed away they traveled to Spain to attend the funeral. What she did not expect was to discover s...
  • fantasy
  • power
  • romanticsuspense
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Broken People Can Be Fixed by Nalut5
Broken People Can Be Fixedby Nalut5
Definitions: Rowan: A six-foot sixteen-year-old boy that's vexatious, secretive, and cocky. Gray: A curvy five three sixteen-year-old girl who doesn't give any flying d...
  • ewa2018
  • relatable
  • roseawards
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Hellfire: The Nether Series  by tammygisselle0602
Hellfire: The Nether Series by Tammy G.
The Yang siblings were just kids when they were taken away. With their mother murdered and their father incarcerated, all they had left was each other. Locked up somewhe...
  • love
  • darkmagic
  • souls
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Conquering Extinction by harielta
Conquering Extinctionby Blues Clues 🔵🔵
Highest ranking #476 in sci-fi. It wasn't supposed to be with her. It was never going to get to her. At least, that was the agreement. But somehow, it did and the fate...
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Despair by ReynaSeaFlame
Despairby ReynaSeaFlame
Tales of death and misery lie ahead. Love and sadness walk hand in hand here, in the lonely streets of Despair. Every character has a goal, something they want more than...
  • fantasy
  • therosequartzawards
  • nma2018
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Alfaaz by SahikaD
Alfaazby Sahika D
❗️2nd Runner's up (3rd position) in the Ruby Awards 2018. A poem can say much more than a story. We are SahikaD, writers on Wattpad, with a successful series, "Kyru...
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Follow the Arrow by Mickey1763
Follow the Arrowby Abby the Martian
John lives in a future run on smoke and contamination, where the freedom of thought has become an antiquated concept. Upon finding a note that tells him to "follow...
  • oa2
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  • wattys2018
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Seven Moscow Winters by lepus_leporis
Seven Moscow Wintersby potato pierogi
The story of a few spies, an undeclared war, an illicit romance, a dog, a candle, a cheese danish, two countries, half a dozen cities, and a bullet directly between the...
  • death
  • spies
  • space
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Beyond Legend: The Unbreakable Kingdom #Wattys2018 by Thomas-LF
Beyond Legend: The Unbreakable Thomas-LF
All her life, Ailith Natia has dreamed of becoming a Knight. However, born without noble blood, and with a family name that means nothing, she fears that it will remain...
  • epicfantasy
  • rebelwars
  • fantasy
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The Return of the Eternals (The Last War #1) ✔ by Salintha
The Return of the Eternals (The Salintha
Being one of the highest ranking members of an anti-terrorist organization called Luxarx, Kaleth Anaton assumes he knows everything there was to know about the organizat...
  • sciencefiction
  • dragons
  • wattys2018
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