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It's you always you. ( Rewriting)  by ModestLover
It's you always you. ( Rewriting) by 🫀🤍
They are both students at the same school. They didn't know each other till Noah noticed Marwah didn't even approach him. She doesn't seem to care about him, which irrit...
What about Islam ?  by princessedislam
What about Islam ? by مُسلمة
This book is composed of a wide range of islamic articles in english for muslims who don't speak arabic. There is a similar book in french.
A Pretty Lie ✔️ by winteratheart__
A Pretty Lie ✔️by winteratheart__
'Every boy is a player, Until... He meets his true one' ... "Come on Inaya! You just have to pretend" he whines trying his best to convince the girl. "Pre...
Veil Of Innocence by ZuraihA
Veil Of Innocenceby Zuu. A
Sequel to Imperfect Endings ~Completed~ ×Warning×: Contains strong content such as drugs, alcohol and offensive language. This book has a different style of writing in...
The Secret Behind Her Hijab | ✔ by TheVeiledMystery
The Secret Behind Her Hijab | ✔by Arfa
[#15 in Spiritual as of 5-11-2016] Alhamdulillah! There are two types of people. One- who love this world more than Deen and strive for the worldly possessions. Two- who...
Stories from Quran ✔ by MisbaDar
Stories from Quran ✔by Misba Dar
بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful. Inshaa Allah I will be sharing with you the stories from Quran. (p. s. That you g...
SELF BEATING AND MOURNING ARE NOT ALLOWED IN ISLAM. (way of life - Islamic book) by Niqabi_Secrets
Self beating and mourning are not allowed in Islam. "He is not one of us who strikes his cheeks, or tears his garment, or speaks the words of jahiliyyah." Note...
The red dragon of crimson light by Thedragongodbahamut
The red dragon of crimson lightby HADRIAN KLUG
What if issei decided that he is unfit for Ddraig himself. He then sent it to a new host. That one is known as Y/N. A rich man who is a master Artist and then meats Ddra...
Forbidden Maid by YouWillLoveThisLove
Forbidden Maidby 𝐫 𝐞 𝐫 𝐞
''Do you still love her?'' I trembled at the words, he took a few steps towards me. ''I don't.'' My eyes were still on his green shiny eyes that made my heart go weak ev...
His ways : A Halal Love Story by unknown_910
His ways : A Halal Love Storyby Manha
Zayd, a boy who has lost the track of his religion and indulged himself to many wrongs . Anabia, an orphan . Devoted muslim and the person who becomes zayd's light an...
I regret nothing  by sekijo13
I regret nothing by sekijo13
In this story you are a young man looking for a job in hell on the way you got... to many gf's but that's ok
A Hijabi In Love by xoxo00427
A Hijabi In Loveby ur mom
"I know you want me, Dimitri whispers and chills run down my spine..." Zara is a practicing Muslim, a senior in high school who is ready to begin college. But...
Within Boundaries Of Islam by the_halalqueen
Within Boundaries Of Islamby the_halalqueen
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته dear Muslim writers and readers. This book is to help us all writers and readers as well, that we, as Muslims should write by staying wi...
Muharamat - Prohibitions That Are Taken Too Lightly.  Islamic book by SlaveOfArRahman
Muharamat - Prohibitions That Are...by Mohammed Ameer
Muharamat - Prohibitions that are taken too lightly English Translation Book by : Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid
Hellion by ayemaaaaaan
Hellionby .
Dua, a fiery little nineteen year old girl decides to spend her holidays with her Aunt's family, preparing for her cousin's marriage. Amongst a whole bunch of cousins...
THE UNLOVED WIFE by Lovesotrue
Yes, it was stupid of me to accept his hand in marriage. And yes, he still loves her so so much and maybe he always will. Will I ever be enough for him to love me back...
That's Not Halal (Muslim GirlxGirl) by AzhaarKhalil
That's Not Halal (Muslim GirlxGirl)by Azhaar Khalil
GirlxGirl Short Story Aaliyah is the only Muslim girl at her school and the only person Joane can't have, but that won't stop her from trying. *Comments about Haraam and...
Kino - Hotel mit MATTIA by Mlina182
Kino - Hotel mit MATTIAby Mattias Traumfrau
Du und Mattia Sieht euch zum ersten Mal und dan wird es bis zum Hotel landen 😏🔞 KOMMT SEHR VIEL HARAM VOR und achtet nicht auf meiner Rechtschreibung 😂 viel Spaß Leut...
Chronique de Dihya - La vie est une question de choix by SeooraHari
Chronique de Dihya - La vie est un...by Señoora Hari
Inspiré de fait réel... Je suis une grande lectrice de chronique depuis 10 ans à peu près, j'aime la lecture et surtout les histoires qui paraissent vrai, ou qui le son...
Islamic_Reminders by yumnah_elkhabir
Islamic_Remindersby Yumnah Elkhabir
So be patient, for the promise of Allah certainly is true. And do not be disturbed by those who have no sure faith. فَاصْبِرْ إِنَّ وَعْدَ اللَّهِ حَقٌّ وَلَا يَسْتَخِفَ...