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Shadow Guardian{VA fanfic} by CrazyBookworm1997
Shadow Guardian{VA fanfic}by Eliza Paige
Rose is hurt after Dimitri says he doesn't love her anymore, and Lissa isn't helping. So Rose decides to leave for a while, only telling a few people she disappears. Six...
Holding On To You (A Vampire Academy Fanfiction) by VABrallie_
Holding On To You (A Vampire Mariam
Dimitri had been pushing Rose away and Rose is tired of it.Rose so called sister/best friend isn't really helping.She don't see anything left to fight for in Court since...
We Are Shadows by Darling_Juliet
We Are Shadowsby Darling_Juliet
Rose is a very strong novice who everyone is afraid of, even her friends. She has no one to train with and she cannot attend most of her physical classes. What will ha...
A different Vampire Academy (paused) by BowHunterJT
A different Vampire Academy ( Bow hunter J.T.
This is a new version of Vampire Academy. What if Rose beat all the guardian when they came for Lissa, what if she beat Dimitri but got shot with a tranquilizer and they...
Where Is Your Heart? by dahlia_undead
Where Is Your Heart?by dahlia_undead
Dimitri left Rose pregnant. Rose found a note saying he left her for Tasha. Will relationships be tested? Is Rose in danger? And what unexpected guest or guests show up...
Our Kingdom (VA. Romitri) by purple2495
Our Kingdom (VA. Romitri)by purple2495
Rose Hathaway is a dhampir but a royal one she has always protected her self until now.
The way that it should have been by TeresaSullivan427
The way that it should have beenby Teresa Sullivan
It is CHRISTmas time at the academy, which as we know means a trip to the ski lodge. But what will happen to the gang after the attack on the Badica's and Art Schoenberg...
My Dhampir (A Jasper Hale Love Story) by SerenaChintalapati
My Dhampir (A Jasper Hale Love Serena Chintalapati
Cole is the half sister of Rose and Lissa, one of the best candidates to be Lissa's guardian. When the three sisters leave St. Vladimir, Jasper Hale is brought in to bri...
Shadowkissed Ozera  by deathsfracturedlight
Shadowkissed Ozera by shaniejean
We all know the story of how Christian Ozera's parents willingly turned Stigori, Tasha raised Christian all on her own her but what if there was a love child of the Ozer...
Running from the Impossible ( A Vampire Academy - Short Story) by BookLoverGirl94
Running from the Impossible ( A BookLoverGirl94
Rose runs away from the Academy for the second time, leaving Lissa and the rest of her friends behind. Two years later she is found by the person who left her for anothe...
What have I done...? by TeresaSullivan427
What have I done...?by Teresa Sullivan
While at the ski lodge Rose has an attack of the darkness during which she confronts Dimitri about the way that he has been treating her. Hold onto your seats everyone.
Alpha Dhampir by Nelza96
Alpha Dhampirby Nelza96
When the world needs a hero, one is born...with powers exceeding any that have been known
A broken heart by TeresaSullivan427
A broken heartby Teresa Sullivan
This is what I had hoped would happen when Janine went to Rose and told her about the offer that Tasha had made to Dimitri. I hope that you enjoy it.
The Red Rose [COMPLETED] by pattyatthedisco
The Red Rose [COMPLETED]by pattyatthedisco
Rose was heartbroken after what Dimitri said. She didn't know what to do. So she ran away with the help of her Dad. She became the Red Rose, feared by Strigoi and a leg...
Rose Revenge by girlwuttt
Rose Revengeby girlwuttt
When Dimitri left Rose, she vowed never to let her or her daughter speak or see him again. Then Lissa calls them in for help with a Strigoi attack training the guardians.
My Volturi Queen (A Jasper Hale Love Story) by SerenaChintalapati
My Volturi Queen (A Jasper Hale Serena Chintalapati
Carina is the Queen of the Volturi, albeit the hidden, mysterious Queen. She decided to move to Forks, to live a human life for once. There, she finds a reason to stay a...
The Elemental Hybrid by Sherbear1984
The Elemental Hybridby sherri reed
Rose and her twin brother have 2 diffrent birthdays and years, her mother hates her because of what she is and her mate rejected her before getting to know her. What wil...
Vampire Academy One Shots Volume One by Sherbear1984
Vampire Academy One Shots Volume sherri reed
This is a group of short stories that are stuck in my head this book will have romitri, fetishes, group sex, rape,death, girl on girl, boy on girl group sex and more. DI...
□ Not Just Labor □ by AnSimit
□ Not Just Labor □by AnSimit
This experience wasn't just pain, wasn't just love. Instead it was a balancing scale of both. (Compilation of Birth Stories) #1 - richellemead 27/09/20 #2 - labor 23/09...
Rose and Dimitri (Vampire Academy) by ha_roonie
Rose and Dimitri (Vampire Academy)by Na
Nov. 5, 2021 update: restricted (mature content) chapters published as a separate work have been unpublished and won't be accessible. ****ALTERNATE ENDING IS UP**** #va...