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The Trash Wants To Live : Myanmar Translation(Unicode) by Ophelia_2210585
The Trash Wants To Live : Ophelia ♡。
#Author(s) -Bism #Language -Korean #Associated Names -망나니는 살고 싶다 #Status in COO -85 Chapters (Ongoing)
The Trash wants to live: Myanmar Translation (Zawgyi) by Ophelia_2210585
The Trash wants to live: Myanmar Ophelia ♡。
#Author(s) -Bism #Language -Korean #Associated Names -망나니는 살고 싶다 #Status in COO -85 Chapters (Ongoing)
Between Life And Death by destiny_of_love
Between Life And Deathby Writer Jung
Darshana,a brave girl and an assassin for 10 year's now,met James who was framed by his father's killing crime. Will darshana believe him or believe the others
항상 당신 뒤에 by Hani____Ami
항상 당신 뒤에by Hani____Ami
두 행성에서 두 영혼...남자 주인공은 신음하고 여자 주인공은 키라야... 로안은 VMW005 행성에 살고 키라는 지구에 살고 있습니다. 로안은 그의 할아버지께서 마지막으로 원하시던 지구를 찾는 것을 목표로 하고 있습니다. 그러면 무슨 일이 일어났을까요? 키라를 어떻게 신음하는가? 그리고 로안은 어떻게...
Animi Academy by beomochi_ovo
Animi Academyby Beomochi
Udufī and her group of villains friends try to get back at the heros for something they did wrong to them.
안개 속 진실 by NEYULtheFLOWER
안개 속 진실by NEYUL the FLOWER
때는 3470년 미카와 케이지는 어느날 컨넥션을 타고 다른 섬으로 놀러가다 시스템 오류로 인해 타고있던 운송기가 레일에서 이탈하고 그들이 전혀알지 못했던 미지의 섬 디스케아에 떨어진 한 소년과 소녀 그리고 그곳에서 만난 한 또래 여자아이, 하이즈. 하이즈는 미카와 케이지를 어디론가 데려가는데....
The Lost Torch of Nike by RudyKang
The Lost Torch of Nikeby EndlessParadox
Percy Jackson fiction here. Please leave comments, corrections, criticism for improvement. After all, it's my first fan fiction
Pokemon Misadventures Sinnoh Version #1 by GlaceonwithGlasses
Pokemon Misadventures Sinnoh Glaceon with Glasses
A pokemon fan fiction that involves the main character, Nathan going to the pkmn world via slipping through time and space as he was from basically our universe I do not...
The Seven Wonders | BTS by park_yoonjie
The Seven Wonders | BTSby JDL. ✓ | inactive
[[KOREAN VERSION]] "악의 세력이 상승했습니다. 그것을 물리 치기 위해서는 일곱 가지 경이를 찾고 수집해야합니다." 。。。。 >>원작 이야기 @CrazyGirrrrl, 진정으로 원래 책을 읽으 려구요. ===============================...
The world of the unknown (Alice's adventures in Neverland) by PrincessAlice_V
The world of the unknown (Alice' Kim Alice (김 앨리스)
This is a story of a curious girl who wants to know everything about the unknown world, and so begins her adventures to solve the mysteries and prove that there's a trut...
Who am I ? (The Loonix Story) by PrincessAlice_V
Who am I ? (The Loonix Story)by Kim Alice (김 앨리스)
My name's Alice Green, I'm 18 I have green eyes and a long brown hair and I was born a Loonix wich is half werewolf, half vampire. My parents died in a horrible car acc...
Emily's EXO trouble by KathyKimEXO
Emily's EXO troubleby KathytheExotic
Hello this is my first fanfic. And this is about when a girl named Emily Kim that went to Korea and lives with her best friends brother Park Chanyoel and his friends. B...