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Equilibrium  by WritingDilettante
Equilibrium by WritingDilettante
(Book 1 of the Oreka series) Charlie, raised in an abusive family and constantly tortured by his cousin in school. Life became a living nightmare for him and only h...
  • pack
  • boyxboyxboyxboyxboy
  • werewolf
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All Hail, the Humans! by Piscesean
All Hail, the Humans!by Sam Williams
Imagine a dystopian future, nations in ruins, people scavenging for food... and imagine that the people we're talking about are supernaturals (vampires, demons, etc. I m...
  • monster
  • demons
  • dystopia
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An Ariella Story by oneandonlygabbs
An Ariella Storyby Gabbs
Ariella Scott is the modern-day Cinderella. After her parents are killed in a tragic car accident, it leaves nine year old Ariella an orphan. It doesn't take long for a...
  • chocolate
  • meadow
  • kiss
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Ares by anj_shankar
Aresby Anjali Shankar
*unedited* Greek gods and goddesses; that's all just mythology, right? That's exactly what Amara Faye thought before she was greeted by Ares, the Greek god of war. When...
  • greek
  • thief
  • greekmythology
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Tome 3 - Ville de Lumière by Marie-Yvie
Tome 3 - Ville de Lumièreby Marie-Yvie
(Histoire originale qui m'appartient entièrement) (Version non corrigée) Depuis l'effondrement du dôme et leur exil forcé, les wastes de Helldown tentent de s'adapter à...
  • guerre
  • pantheon
  • mystère
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Light in the Dark | MxM by graves-
Light in the Dark | MxMby 𝗔𝗟𝗘𝗫𝗔𝗡𝗗𝗘𝗥
In the beginning, there was Chaos. Then, her children... and with all beings comes war. ⚔️ Razarel was an angel many feared for his prowess and succession during the Pa...
  • bloodmagic
  • gods
  • dark
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Nyx. A collection of Short Stories of greek and Egyptian gods by phallyk
Nyx. A collection of Short ...
Title says it all. I'll try my best not to disappoint myth lovers.:)
  • mythology
  • intoreader
  • apollo
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Valhalla gets a new resident by bellaboo4212
Valhalla gets a new residentby bellaboo4212
Hey my name is Taylor, and this is the story of how I died... Actually, it's more about what happened after that. That's right, you've heard it all before. I was chosen...
  • mallorykeen
  • gods
  • norsegods
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Twin Shadows. by _League_Of_Legends_
Twin League Of Legends
The Twin Shadows. An unlikely friendship, bound to end in blood.
  • howlingabyss
  • katarina
  • iron
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Downfall: Betrayal Among Gods by querva96
Downfall: Betrayal Among Godsby Raven Jamison
In a ploy for ungodly revenge, Zeus, Hades and Poseidon scour the cosmos for partners to create the most powerful offspring ever imagined to take down Olympus. But their...
  • adventure
  • greek
  • humor
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Pantheons Of the Riordanverse by observer213
Pantheons Of the Riordanverseby observer213
Descriptions on how new pantheon may work & coexistence in the Roiden-verse. As long as you credit me, feel free to uses the description in your own stories. Prepare fo...
  • riordanverse
  • kanechronicles
  • pantheon
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ARMORED HEART  (pantheon x snow leopard neko ) Discontinued  by cinnamonkittin
ARMORED HEART (pantheon x snow cinnamon kitten cat
you are a female snow leopard you live in a well sized cabin that is built into the side of the mountain you love to bake and cook your always alone but never lonely...
  • pantheon
  • daris
  • teemo
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The Sound of An Echo (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by KartheyM
The Sound of An Echo (Percy KartheyM
(Set Post-"Olympians", prior to "Heroes of Olympus") Percy Jackson may have played a key part in winning a massive war among the gods of Olympus... b...
  • camphalfblood
  • percyjackson
  • olympians
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Potent: Book 1 by acodellwriter
Potent: Book 1by acodellwriter
For shop girl Evin, alchemy is an understood part of life. She learned how to brew superior potions at a young age and can't imagine her life without the use of Alertne...
  • potionmaking
  • explosions
  • explosion
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Leggende dalla Terra d'Egitto by SpritzScarecrow
Leggende dalla Terra d'Egittoby Spritz_Scarecrow
Tutti conoscono bene la mitologia greca o quella nordica, ma se vi dicessi che anche la mitologia egizia sa essere in egual modo affascinante, coinvolgente e divertente...
  • inganni
  • matrimonio
  • lemon
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Diana y Leona: Monte Targón [League of Legends] [Acto 3] by Jeines12
Diana y Leona: Monte Targón [ Henes
(OJO: si no has leído el Acto 1 y 2. No entenderás este Acto 3. Leer el 1 y 2 antes de continuar. Gracias ;) Diana y Leona demostraron que son capaces de salir adelante...
  • öf
  • accion
  • montetargon
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happy together by papisongo
happy togetherby javi
Sharing a living space is never easy. So it's more than a little obvious that sharing your family home with a caffeine-addicted deity is an incredible pain in the...
  • lgtb
  • minghao
  • ninjas
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SON OF INFERNO | C.S by infernalwitch
❝ DON'T FUCK WITH A WITCH ❞ - nicholas "nick" ocampo has always been a saint to many and to those who are in need; however, lately he's come to the terms of re...
  • goddesses
  • gods
  • fanfiction
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The Eldest Pattern by Wordsmith-Rain
The Eldest Patternby Wordsmith Rain
Humans fight, and die, for any number of reasons; Money, Love, Power, Revenge, Sustenance. But fighting to become a GOD... Well that's simply an entirely new game, With...
  • successor
  • pantheon
  • successionwar
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SMITE Pantheons by SquishyMain
SMITE Pantheonsby Squishy
All the SMITE Pantheons so far. (SMITE is made by Hi Rez) SMITE is a free-to-play online MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and ARTS (action real-time strategy) game...
  • goddess
  • god
  • gods
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