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Preposterous || Brad Simpson (The Vamps) Fanfiction by katherynxelise
Preposterous || Brad Simpson ( kat ♡
Bradley Will Simpson is a hopeless romantic whose celebrity status has been dwindling. Quinn Desireé Jones is learning how to love and struggling to get a promotion in h...
Ties that bind- 2✔️ by _ScarOfTheWind__
Ties that bind- 2✔️by Amayaa
This story is continuation of ties that binds. Younger clan and manan's life after 8 years. How will it be? When they all will hit adulting. Story of friendship,family...
Unplanned by KuriQuinn
Unplannedby KuriQuinn
"Pregnant?" Sakura Uchiha speaks the word as if it's a foreign concept; as if she isn't a fully qualified medical professional who has not only studied the va...
Sunny-Side Up Feud by moudenes
Sunny-Side Up Feudby Mara Oudenes
Declan Reed buys a rundown property to turn into a bed-and-breakfast. After continuous faulty starts during the remodeling and meeting rival inn owner Catalina López, he...
The Town (Book 1, Lonstino & Greenwood Series) by moudenes
The Town (Book 1, Lonstino & Mara Oudenes
Ximena Gaytan moves temporarily to the coastal town of Lonstino to work on her newest romance book and mend her recently broken heart, but will she find what she really...
Wistful Warmth. (After Game! Kokichi x Reader.) by TisCrypt
Wistful Warmth. (After Game! 𝓚𝓪𝔂𝓵𝓮𝓻
After the killing game ended, Kokichi was free, but with no place to go. After many years of struggling and trying to stay out of the limelight, he makes a decision that...
Life With Ice (An Ice Bear x Reader Story) by Hellion-La-Rose
Life With Ice (An Ice Bear x Rosali Lin
Just a story about the growing relationship between you (the reader) and Ice Bear from 'We Bare Bears'.
Moonlight House (Book 2, Lonstino & Greenwood Series) by moudenes
Moonlight House (Book 2, Mara Oudenes
Moonlight House, the "it" place to eat, have a drink, dance to great live music and meet new people, becomes the place to mend broken hearts, find love and rea...
The 1 -MewGulf AU (completed) by lemonjunkxx
The 1 -MewGulf AU (completed)by Rui
Prologue "But it would've been fun if you would've been the one" Mew and Gulf meet each other again after their breakup 4 years ago. Based on Taylor Swift's so...
Her Full-Time Apricity by MirellaAlpas
Her Full-Time Apricityby Janelle
An only child who lives by the strict and inhumane wants of her parents; a constant high-achiever who can't seem to feel she's doing enough. A nursing college student wh...
Steam by MrsUrie-Stumph
Steamby MrsUrie-Stumph
Warren and Isolde have survived high school. Now they just have to survive life. It should be easy...right? *Must read part 1 Fire and Ice first*
Just Friends - A Jimmy Sotos x OC Book by vj_buchanan
Just Friends - A Jimmy Sotos x vj_buchanan
Jimmy Sotos wanted one thing once he left Ohio State: to grind. To work hard at basketball and drill until he was sweating bullets to get better. Leaving the Buckeyes w...
Just Passing by rhymeswithfry
Just Passingby Brian J. Rhymer
Being trans was never supposed to be a secret, but marriage, kids, career, and hormones have made this aspect of Xander's identity invisible. For the most part he's happ...
requested at 11:11 PM by avoxwrites
requested at 11:11 PMby a.
One Instagram follow request and a few messages later, Ridhi Prasad and Adrian Gomez find themselves in each other's DMs more than they'd like to admit.
The Girl beside the Queen Bee by kvpswetha
The Girl beside the Queen Beeby Swetha Kasibhatta
Emma Baskervilles, seems to have a perfect life on the outside. But no one has a clue of the dark secrets she's hiding, and more importantly the lesser known facts about...
ADOLESCENT  by Mysoulmateprollyme01
ADOLESCENT by @KSha.vonte
'is this benefiting me and my higherself?' It wasn't. Step 1: identifying. Q: what was she doing or going to do? A: Not focus on my degree and back...
Planning Forever After (Book 3, Lonstino & Greenwood Series) by moudenes
Planning Forever After (Book 3, Mara Oudenes
Flowers, invitations, music... a Cinderella carriage or an elephant... Thomas Morgan can arrange every wedding wish while sleeping with a bridesmaid or two. What's the c...
Doubted Vows (Ongoing)  by moonandmilkyway
Doubted Vows (Ongoing) by moonandmilkyway
Wendy Takahashi loves all things wedding and founding an events management company that specializes in wedding planning is the greatest joy of her life but the bliss it...
Words by justagirl92
Wordsby Noor Layla
Sometimes my heart speaks and my hand writes, this is what they call poetry. But my heart is rough and imperfect and so my words are rough and imperfect. My only solace...
Whispers of Youth ✓ by fochacy
Whispers of Youth ✓by Portia
Meet Hershey, a tired grown-up seeking an escape from life's hustle. By pure chance, she unearths delightful childhood memories. Her youth suddenly whispers a nostalgic...