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Sofia The First: Winter Love by Cyn_thy
Sofia The First: Winter Loveby -theasdfghjkl
ok this is my very first Fan-fic ok, so sorry if i wierded you guys out because of my craziness. Oh and btw this book maybe very different from the real sofia the 1st an...
50 Things To Do When You're Bored by myhonestopinion
50 Things To Do When You're Boredby Ashby Occur
*Disclaimer: Although what is included on these lists may sound fun, not all of the subjects within this book are appropriate for all, if any, conditions. This book is p...
Review Guide by StarlightCommunity
Review Guideby Starlight Community
Our review book is a place to discover your next favorite book! Each review is crafted with care, designed to shine a light on the hidden gems and bestselling bangers th...
Classmates: (NaLu FanFic!) by XxCallMeFaithxX
Classmates: (NaLu FanFic!)by ☆ F A I T H ☆
Lucy, smart yet shy, however when you get to know her better, she's one tough girl. Natsu, playboy, badboy, typical everything. School's #1 heartthrob and all, girls fal...
Announcement Corner by XclusivelyA
Announcement Cornerby 𝐀𝐁𝐈𝐆𝐀𝐈𝐋
Welcome to my Announcement Corner! This is your go-to source for staying up-to-date on all my announcements. I'll be keeping you informed about general announcements, ne...
The Little Writer's Group by DivineElf
The Little Writer's Groupby lostelvenwriter
Join the little writer's group, a place where we discuss all sorts of writing topics and help one another reach our writing goals!
Mating ball by Moniquu
Mating ballby Moniquu
The ball is always hosted for warewolfs who have come of age 18. Christine blackwood has never wanted a mate since she doesn't believe in love and hates the possessivene...
Hiring Book by StarlightCommunity
Hiring Bookby Starlight Community
Are you ready to join our constellation of creators? Our Hiring Book outlines the pathways to becoming a part of our team. If you're drawn to the glow of our community...
Datura Community by DaturaCommunity
Datura Communityby Datura
Hello Writers/Authors and welcome to Datura! In this guide you can discover who we are and what Datura is up to. We are a group of writers who love to connect with other...
Creepypasta Research and Experiences - ii by Lady_of_Gloom__13
Creepypasta Research and Jasper
Book Club by StarlightCommunity
Book Clubby Starlight Community
Join our celestial circle in the Book Club, where stories are the stars we navigate by! Each month, we chart a course through new literary tales, guided by the light of...
Creepypasta Research by KawaiiLenz
Creepypasta Researchby Kyle
<<Going through a reformatting, will probably be in place by mid-March>> If you wanna read about my experiences, there's a separate book on my profile, you c...
WRiDERS™ Community  (Always Open) by wriders_community
WRiDERS™ Community (Always Open)by WRiDERS™
Welcome To WRiDERS™ Community Guide Book. We hope you have fun reading as this will be your compass in navigating your way around our community. Don't worry it isn't sta...
Alphabet Date by clem_f1
Alphabet Dateby Clem
You and your boyfriend, Charles Leclerc organize an alphabet date. 26 dates, one for each letter.
Spring Fiesta 2024 by ContemporaryLit
Spring Fiesta 2024by Contemporary Lit | Ambassadors
Spring Fiesta is back again with its third edition to celebrate spring and all its cheer and joy. Ditch your winter coats, say goodbye to the cold weather, and welcome...
Activities by Banana_Carl
Activitiesby 👑Carl👑
A collection of list of activities to do when you are bored and want to do something in your free time.
Outputs by Huntres21
Outputsby Judy-Ann II
My outputs from different subjects, grade levels and etc. Maybe a poem, an essay, anything ... Ps. The medium is either in Filipino or English 😊