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Muffin Readers' Choice Award 2020 (ACTIVE) by Jaxminy
Muffin Readers' Choice Award Claire
[CLOSED AND ACTIVE] JUNE 23 2020 - AUGUST 4 2020 Thankyouuuuu everyone. Check out the winners. We're promoting stories for writers who wish to gain readers. If you're f...
50 Things To Do When You're Bored by myhonestopinion
50 Things To Do When You're Boredby Ashby Occur
*Disclaimer: Although what is included on these lists may sound fun, not all of the subjects within this book are appropriate for all, if any, conditions. This book is p...
Book of Phobias - Part 1 by Deathcatz
Book of Phobias - Part 1by Deathcatz
Look if you dare
road trip // Colby Brock x Y/N by JarOfLies
road trip // Colby Brock x Y/Nby unaccomplisher
A simple high school friend of THE Sam and Colby reunite. Just like Colby says, Take Chances, for the one he soon finds love for.
LIBRARY CONTESTS by Skittles_Lover0311
LIBRARY CONTESTSby LibraryCommunity
Need a break from binge reading, writing and designing? Or maybe, something to overcome the writer's block you're facing? Then, you've reached the write place. In LIBRAR...
My Art Book by _MahimaSingh_
My Art Bookby Mahi
I'm a self learner. It's my first art book on wattpad. In this book there are many arts that I have seen on social sites and I have tried it. And also some my arts. Whe...
Embarrassing  and Fun things to do in Public by PickleHoran
Embarrassing and Fun things to Alexis
Description hmmmmmm...... THE TITLE GIVES IT AWAY! Highest rank #5 in activity
Saji Victoria Bookclub 2020 (CLOSED) by GraciousVictory
Saji Victoria Bookclub 2020 ( Gracielle Victoria
[✔️CLOSED] for Membership Applications [✔️Nearly Closing] Be KNOWN & meet new friends! SV FAM is welcome for you. A bookclub serving victory this 2020. Gain Reads, Vote...
His Number One : The Sequel to Chemistry by cecebieberfnln
His Number One : The Sequel to Christian Proffitt
Kaylin Jones, the baby sister of Tiara Jones, is everything her older sister wished she could be. Strong, independent, and strictly goal driven. The most competitive of...
Explorer's Book Club (Closed) by SanderaAkabane
Explorer's Book Club (Closed)by SanderaAkabane
If you are an aspiring writer you can join the club. If you are a reader who wants to support an aspiring writer you can join the club also. STILL OPEN
Question of the Week by anime
Question of the Weekby Anime, Manga & Light Novels
Want to see previous questions of the week? Want to see which one we're currently on without scrolling? Check out this book to participate in here.
- Highschool Sweethearts - by _franzesca
- Highschool Sweethearts -by chloe_
Si Kyra Louisse Castillo ay yung tipong babae na naiinis sa mga lalaking inaasar siya. One day, he met a man named Chase. Hobby ni Chase ang asarin si Kyra. Hanggang sa...
REVIEW SHOP  by henryusher20
REVIEW SHOP by Henry Usher
Taking Entries ( ) Reviewing (✔) Want reviews for your book? Want critical feedbacks? Vote flood? More readers? More followers? Don't act coy, I know that's exactly wh...
Legends in the Making by mythandlegend
Legends in the Makingby Myths and Legends
Join us on a mythical adventure, where we challenge our legends in the making with a new prompt every day for the entire duration of March. Join in and interact. We have...
HOW TO BE A DETECTIVE: ONE by Mudblood_Chick
We have triple C. Crimes, Cases and Codes. Let's all solve the mysteries and cases in this world. *** "How can you do that? Can you teach me?" Tanong ko sa kan...
Weekly Games by anime
Weekly Gamesby Anime, Manga & Light Novels
Fun activities and games posted weekly are within!
The Diligent Book Club by mystery-queens
The Diligent Book Clubby Bɾιαɳɳα.A♡
[OPEN] [24/70 Members] Looking for members! :) Detailed Information Inside! Looking for some good reviews constructive opinions on you stories? This is the best place on...
One-Shot Stories by floweryblxxms
One-Shot Storiesby Ms Jello
This is a compilation of my fantasy one-shot stories. Highest Rank Achieved: #18 on #tagalog #17 on #aspiringwriter #09 on #oneshotstory
Why Not? [Frans And Sarisk Oneshot Book] by Pinky102ZaneXd
Why Not? [Frans And Sarisk PinkyPLayz
Note: Requests are now open. Please read Chapter 1 to understand the whole Why Not? thing. Thank you. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...