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Hurricane | Jared Leto | Social Media (1) by celestialluna2
Hurricane | Jared Leto | Social Mrs. Leto
Alessa Danford is a model and singer. What if one day she goes on set and meets Jared Leto? What will happen between the two? Social Media Jared Leto/OC Quick short chap...
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Loopholes by capuletsbirdie
Loopholesby hannah
Darcy Hotchner was nineteen and about to start a brand new life in college when she suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. Two years later, with her family sti...
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Best Nigerian books on Wattpad  by _plehthora
Best Nigerian books on Wattpad by Oreoluwa
(After so many months of staying idle, Ade decided to publish me, so let's kill fish for her. Hip Hip hooray!) We have so many Nigerian books here on Wattpad, and if yo...
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This will be a collection of essays, quotes and articles which I wrote and will be writing. some can be my thoughts while some can be a part of me andmy life, some can b...
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Old Yellow Pages ✓ by Cat_Walker
Old Yellow Pages ✓by yαmíkα
A girl with a diary of pages yellowed with age, in search of herself, sitting in the oddest of places: sometimes on a staircase, sometimes at the top of a slide, sometim...
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MUSINGS by AchillesNoHeart
MUSINGSby AchillesNoHeart
a Collection of my Thoughts, Opinions, Articles and Reviews.
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Positive Thinking :Way To Success by RonnieJoseph1998
Positive Thinking :Way To Successby Ronnie
(Hello if you got time please read my new short story- :) ) You have probably had someone tell you to thi...
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Aspire Magazine - April 2020 - Team of Dreams by TeamOfDreams
Aspire Magazine - April 2020 - Team Of Dreams
The official magazine of the Team Of Dreams We want new and experienced authors to become more comfortable in their own skins as writers and poets. To this end, it is ou...
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Life Is All About Smile by claires24
Life Is All About Smileby Claire//
Sometimes you don't know what are you going to start at the point where you are standing. You just look ahead and there is infinite endless surrounding in front of you a...
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Opinions by HoransWhore1993
Opinionsby Horan's Whore / Rebekha
I'm very opinionated so be prepared to read a lot. Please do not report book in for any reason. Free of hate. My opinions are about almost anything ranging from an artic...
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Good For You | Jared Leto | Social Media (2) by celestialluna2
Good For You | Jared Leto | Mrs. Leto
Last time we saw Jared and Alessa, they were rumored to be engaged. Summer is coming to an end and tours are ending. The two lovers will reunite but will there be blocks...
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KRYPTOS FILES (Codes and Ciphers With Articles and Lectures) by JamesKlausenburg
KRYPTOS FILES (Codes and Ciphers French Fries
Contains some codes and ciphers originally formulate by the author and Mystery Crime stories. Kryptos Files, A Book you'll need to read. The heart of Pandora. The tree o...
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Mission Equality Magazine, Season 1 |  2020 by Mission_Equality
Mission Equality Magazine, Mission Equality
It's 2020 and time to welcome our first magazine of the year! We're covering various topics and we're featuring an exciting writer in this issue! Please come and check i...
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Ridiculocities by Reffster
Ridiculocitiesby Geoff Blackwell
>Ridiculous <Atrocity =Ridiculocity
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Essays by Stahlist
Essaysby Benjamin Stahl
Herein lies a collection of essays which will have been written either for my undergraduate studies or through personal instigation. The first five essays are of the fo...
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Conseils d'écriture ~ Chroniques littéraires by Miss-Mimosas
Conseils d'écriture ~ Chroniques Miss Mimosas
Toi Ô Wattpadien/Wattpadienne qui cherche sûr Wattpad l'expérience grisante de l'écriture et des lectures enrichissante, me voilà. Je vous propose ici des conseils/Techn...
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Thought Provoking Articles by N_O_Bekoe
Thought Provoking Articlesby N. O. Bekoe - Amore
These are articles you'd want to read, because they question your stand on issues about humanity.
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articles about random shit that i find online, or that piss me off. alt desc// in which aborah loses all of her followers ! SUBMISSIONS OPEN ! SEND ME STUFF ABOUT, WELL...
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Why They Do It by NPFrancis
Why They Do Itby N.P Francis
Murder. This word has three definitions. "The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another" "A very difficult or unpleasant task or experi...
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Magazine Issue #8 - June 2016 by YGO-Magazine
Yu-Gi-Oh! Magazine Issue #8 - YGO-Magazine
Hiya! Welcome to Issue#8 of YGO-Magazine! Come on in to an magazine dedicated to bringing you the theme of the month - all about GX!!
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