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Defiance by bmacke01
Defianceby Brittany Mackenzie
She has seen the mighty hand of tyranny, felt it give to those it favours, and then witnessed it crumble beneath the weight of bombs and bullets. Born into what was once...
  • rebellion
  • dystopian
  • wattys2017
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Ashley's Asylum (2) by Infamous
Ashley's Asylum (2)by Bea Infamous
Two Serial killers, one captive, chances of survival? Student psychologist Ashley is on a journey that will shake the foundations of her existence as she fights to stay...
  • trilogy
  • serialkiller
  • mystery
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Kisses From Death | Book 1 by twelvewonderingstars
Kisses From Death | Book 1by aurora
[BOOK ONE] Highest Rank Thriller: #1 (4.12.17) "Whatever he does, whatever he throws at me," I panted, leaning my back against the door as my usually obnoxious...
  • fantasy
  • famine
  • party
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Taking SPACE by DanielLeonHeart
Taking SPACEby DanielLeonHeart
A family of five lives in the far reaches of outer space on a mining station built by their father. Their lives are simple and their ambitions small but that all change...
  • science
  • future
  • action
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Escorted by Hate by MegRose
Escorted by Hateby Meg Rose
A disgruntled princess Avery Wilson is forced into a marriage of hate when her brother gives her suitor a large dowry in order to gain more control. But she is not given...
  • romance
  • princess
  • historicalfiction
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The World Without Them || Original Pokémon Fanfiction by UnisonRaider
The World Without Them || • February 18 •
Long ago, a species called Pokémon inhabited every corner of the earth, from the depths of the ocean to the atmosphere. They roamed the fields and swam in ponds. They re...
  • action
  • adventure
  • pokemon
Game of the Gods: Clouds Book 2 by mountainlion2
Game of the Gods: Clouds Book 2by mountainlion2
This is the second book in the Game of the Gods series. Kita has been stripped mind, body, and soul, and imprisoned in a city where she has no idea who she is. A fateful...
  • adventure
  • badassreads
  • lesbian
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12 Seconds by tall_girl
12 Secondsby Melissa
After being caught in an explosion in Afghanistan, Jules is sent home with no memory of her time as a marine or the love she found overseas. Now, five years later, Juli...
  • explosion
  • love
  • second
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Constantine (Daughter of War #1) by MissBookNut
Constantine (Daughter of War #1)by Rotting for the Break
Religion rules Constantine's world...and she has been condemned as the Spawn of the Devil. She is a Champion, a human being blessed with superhuman abilities by the deit...
  • squires
  • secrets
  • magic
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I Guess I'm a Dragon Now (Part 1) by Vexitus
I Guess I'm a Dragon Now (Part 1)by Kaleb Keeton
Upon awakening, a man who is steadily losing his memories suddenly finds himself in a peculiar situation. He can't seem to move or breathe while everything around him is...
  • adventure
  • dragonmc
  • multigenre
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A Pirates Kiss  (1st Adventure Watty Awards 2011) by iluvdaisychain
A Pirates Kiss (1st Adventure iluvdaisychain
It is Dangerous to deal with Pirates. Circe's Father has always told her so. So when a mysterious shadowy figure with gold and silver eyes appears on her balcony and att...
  • romance
  • love
  • adventure
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Assassin's Bride by TheQueenofDarkness
Assassin's Brideby QueenofDarkness
#1 Action. "Promise me Cloud," Faith implored her voice barely audible. She lifted her gaze up at him yet once again. "Promise me, that you will pr...
  • love
  • hate
  • power
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Ties That Bind Us by wingandaprayer
Ties That Bind Usby wingandaprayer
It was one night. No names, definitely no feelings. Ava Moretti is a mafia princess with a fiery personality and an aversion to doing what she's told. Nick is heir to t...
  • arrangedmarriage
  • possessive
  • chicklit
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Saving a Superhero by thespacedork
Saving a Superheroby M
It's one thing to be a part-time vigilante whose deeds are so secret that even you can't remember them. I could deal with that. It's a completely different thing to...
  • adventure
  • humor
  • vigilante
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Destined With You by SweetLove789
Destined With Youby SWAZ
Rose Addams was born to be a fighter. She grew up to become the strongest boxer. But after the death of her father she gives it all up. All her time is now consumed wi...
  • fighting
  • action
  • gangs
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Astronomicon 1: The Beginning by Astronomicon
Astronomicon 1: The Beginningby Paul Vincent
This is the latest edition, published on Wattpad in 2018. ---------- Three Spacecraft, two-hundred-and-forty colonists, twenty-five trillion miles and a discovery that c...
  • spaceship
  • space-opera
  • survival
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The Four Baristas of the Apocalypse by Reffster
The Four Baristas of the Apocalypseby Alex Midwinter
In the Earth's darkest hour, unexpected heroes are stirring. Stirring their coffee, that is. When aliens invade, four baristas on a camping trip hardly seem the most lik...
  • friends
  • grownupreads
  • dystopian
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The Royal Thief by 18gooda
The Royal Thiefby 18gooda
Enter a dangerous, magical realm on the brink of rebellion, where the loyalty of the Guardians means power... or death. What happens when one Guardian turns her back on...
  • revenge
  • princess
  • action
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Beautiful Heist by writeon27
Beautiful Heistby Ansley
(The Triumvirate Histories Book One) What do you get when you add thirty eighteen-year-old high school seniors and a two week trip to Paris? One sometimes boring, other...
  • action
  • emmy
  • knights
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