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The Assassins Tale by dapageturner
The Assassins Taleby jena
The Dark Rose Crimson Brigade. An organization who kill the evil people in this world. Who helps the authorities to capture the criminals but instead of leading to jail...
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In the Middle of Nowhere by psychopsychiii
In the Middle of Nowhereby Heather
It was dark. It was quiet. Eerily quiet. In the middle of darkness and silence, I am alone, walking. It's been weeks since I last saw the sun. I'm growing colder and col...
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'STealth BLack' |Reader In Bnha World| by Someone_Ugleh
'STealth BLack' |Reader In Bnha Yusogai
Y/N L/N known as our protagonist was a "Normal" Girl what kind of Normal was it? VERY NORMAL! she is a type of girl that called Otaku Meme addict etc... she wa...
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Splatoon: Ink It Over by Star401
Splatoon: Ink It Overby StarryDreams101
After Agent 3 defeated DJ Octavio, Splatfests continued as they normally would. However, Octavio was working on building an even stronger army. This didn't just include...
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Falling Stardust by Imfreakingawesome3
Falling Stardustby I'm freaking awesome
XASHA who grew up in Lithuania a land where fights for mana veins happened every day, loves having knowledge of everything around him and in this world of magic where no...
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A.I by PokmaniacAlex
A.Iby Pokémaniac Alex
2057,Earth's first success on Robot Tech,all went smoothly as Robots and Androids were produced and humans coexisted with them for years until a rise in criminal activit...
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Solitario by IloveNejiHyuga
Solitarioby Yuen Reymax
#2 Aim to have a vacation... Stuck on the location... Play the game of action... A catastrophic event of Avireign's life begins. --way ann...
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I see the fire burn in her eyes showing how angry she is. "It was all fake, wasn't it? Everything was just a facade. You know what Xavier? All of you and your stupi...
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ExtraOrdinary: An UnOrdinary Fanfic by olibong8
ExtraOrdinary: An UnOrdinary Fanficby Olivia Gao
Meet Olivia. Coming from a school where hierarchy never existed, bullying was prohibited, and students were treated equally no matter their ability level, Olivia was sho...
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Shadow of the Outskirts - a Fablehaven/Five Kingdoms crossover by Cheshire_SK
Shadow of the Outskirts - a Cheshire_SK
Megan Burgess is a young adventurer on a mission to save her brother Warren who has been turned albino - unable to operate normally. She travels to a strange preserve i...
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شمسي المشرقة  by Su_Hopiii
شمسي المشرقة by Su_Hopii
ابتسم فلا داعي للحزن كل شئ سوف يمر ،لا تخفي هذة الابتسامه اللطيفه فهناك من يعشقها ..~!!💚💚
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The Night Before (Unfinished) by ReznoRex3505
The Night Before (Unfinished)by Mason Reidhead
Aaron Wade and a few of his schoolmates are left alone after years of war, and an invasion of mutant creatures. He is forced to use his survival knowledge to help him an...
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One Gang and a Bronze Battle by HollyShmit
One Gang and a Bronze Battleby Holly Shmit
(THIRD BOOK in the Golden Girl Series) **** "Till death do you part?" The priest finishes off with. "I do," I answer - knowing how ready I am to die...
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It's A Love Hate Kinda Thing by ARRoselund
It's A Love Hate Kinda Thingby Ashley Z.
"Damon!" I screamed backing myself into the kitchen door. "You think this is a game!" His voice cut threw my life like a knife. "If I don't kill...
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Tales of an Undercover World : The Beginning (Book One) by Titka_Phrine
Tales of an Undercover World : Catherine Tomcova
Emily Jackson, a master thief, former bodyguard to a Russian warlord. Was on the run. After robbing a museum of a priceless artefact, she managed to avoid the police for...
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THIEF OF BREAN by Veronicarains
Detective Carleton Lavely, hell-bent on solving a serial murder case, embarks on a daring escapade into the unknown when he finds out what he is after is a deadly immort...
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Bonds That Can Change the Future (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds) by angel4ewer
Bonds That Can Change the Future ( Wiktoria Zysmanova
After Zero Reverse separated Neo Domino City and Satellite, a lot of people died and children left orphans. Martha took a good care for them and raised few of the most k...
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Catching Wire [The Miraculous Games Book 2] by Mystic_Raven20
Catching Wire [The Miraculous Mystic_Raven
I'm Marinette Dupain-Cheng and I won the 74th Miraculous Games as Ladybug with my partner Chat Noir. Hawkmoth is now threatening me, my family and my close friends, due...
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Living With The Arrogant Blake by foreveryuman
Living With The Arrogant Blakeby Forever yuman
"How dare you put juice on me, you have no respect bitch." He said in anger. He grabbed my hair tighter and I yet again yelped in pain.". Sapphair is 17 a...
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Berserker | JHS by catchumylife
Berserker | JHSby catherine
"You fear death? Good. The last thing I want to deal with is a stupid heroic sacrifice." The Kingdom of Anastasius mourns over the sudden disappearance of the...
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