Heartland Missing by heartlandrules
Heartland Missingby Jessica Mae Clements
What happens when Amy is kidnapped?? Ty was knocked out and when he awoke his lover was gone. Can Ty find her in time??
  • amy
  • romance
  • hurt
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In the Name of Love by QueenMhalds
In the Name of Loveby Sheeeeyn
Copyright © 2015 by QueenMhalds (Shane Martinez) @ All Rights Reserved. This is a work of Fiction,names,characters, bussiness, Places, Events and incidents are either ...
  • drama
  • romance
  • comedy-romance
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I Need You to Stay (Mystic Messenger x Reader) by shadowdemon416
I Need You to Stay (Mystic Messeng...by shadow demon
The call ended it all. I was just sitting in the living room of my house; playing Mystic Messenger when I got a call. You see, my mother has Ischemic Heart disease. It's...
  • heartthrob
  • zen
  • carwreck
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An introvert's happy place by Kpop_Hatake_Romeave
An introvert's happy placeby I need help ._.
Riku Akane, 16, is an emo, edgy, and an extremely introverted girl, longing to live her life hidden in her messy room, ignoring her twin siblings, watching anime, scroll...
  • fantasy
  • humor
  • romance
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Enhanced  by bobaasboer
Enhanced by bobaasboer
A group of friends survived the apocalypse but what awaits them will break them or strengthen them(their new found powers will help them but how far)
  • adventure
  • zonbie
  • scify
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A Miraculous Life by SecondRound
A Miraculous Lifeby SECONDROUND
Retirement. A year has past after the city had turned its back on Ladybug and Chat Noir, and instead chose to cheer for another 'superhero'. With a new political uprisin...
  • marichat
  • life
  • ladrien
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Team X by XXrogueXlucyXXFanfic
Team Xby A.L. Rogue
Erik was a Black Ops agent, and this is team. With two Mexican twins and a crazy ass white girl who has it out for him. Barely surviving Wakanda he is determined to make...
  • bonds
  • action
  • crazywhitegirl
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Island - BTS  by taegihaze
Island - BTS by mmeyoongs
( You are a male btw, I havent seen a lot of stories for male readers so yeah! ) A boy who has been living in a remote island for half of his still manages to remember...
  • bts
  • fluff
  • island
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The Great Battle of Volinrath (book one) by ChrisDunbar2
The Great Battle of Volinrath (boo...by Jakob Knudsen
In the kingdom of Korux in the land of Volinrath, men, elves, and dwarves have lived and ruled together since time out of mind. Until, that is, a surprise attack by a ma...
  • short
  • kingdom
  • elves
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Home, Sweet, Home by Shaaziaaaaa
Home, Sweet, Homeby Shaaziaaaaa
After you finish a day of school, you would normally want to go home immediately right? Sike nah Kamryn Stafford is 16, and hates home. Her mom is always in the hospita...
  • feels
  • action
  • bully
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This story is all about how possessive our antagonist in killing and loving And it's all about revenge, the past of our antagonist and how miserable her life before
  • mystery
  • tragedy
  • romance
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They Called Her the Devil by JadeDragonfly57
They Called Her the Devilby Avy Aubin
The most terrifying man the world has ever known. Few have seen his face and none have fought him and lived to tell the tale. He goes by Death, as there is no other name...
  • kidnapping
  • pleaseread
  • germanshepherd
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The King Of Los Santos by KingKinty
The King Of Los Santosby Cheese Cheese
We've all heard great and bad things about Kings, so why would we let one guy rule a huge part of land again? I mean, isn't that what the president is for? Nope. Kintrel...
  • hood
  • crimefiction
  • kings
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Anima: Book I by Escritum
Anima: Book Iby P.H.Móra
Will is a simple boy who lives with his parents in Verna, a city in the hinterland of the State of Versova. Magrelo and cunning, never had many friends and all the boys...
  • friendship
  • kids
  • power
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Library of Heaven's Path by ChuuniExtraordinaire
Library of Heaven's Pathby Fii-chan
Traversing into another world, Zhang Xuan finds himself becoming an honorable teacher. Along with his transcension, a mysterious library appears in his mind. As long a...
  • libraryofheavenspath
  • cultiation
  • weak-to-strong
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uncover by beaxtifulcrime
uncoverby i fall to pieces
Adrian Raines. Everyone knew the name but no matter who tried, nobody could give the name a face to match. Surely being the CEO of the most innovative company in America...
  • detective
  • backstabbing
  • mystery
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Dreamlanders by laurent2902
Dreamlandersby Lauren Tracey
Mates are something that comes naturally with being a Lycan. When your an alpha it becomes even more important. Two alphas, two packs and one bond, will they be able to...
  • humor
  • love
  • mate
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Avalon high  by IKattS19
Avalon high by IKattS19
Summary Story follows group of friends that go to rather strange high school. School is located on mysterious island which is full of magical creatures. Their mission...
  • reaper
  • mystery
  • fantasy
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Who Should I Choose? (Sasuke X Reader X Killua) by WhiteMillow
Who Should I Choose? (Sasuke X Rea...by WhiteMillow
This is a crossover between Sasuke from Naruto and Killua from Hunter x Hunter. I dont own anything except of my Oc's and the story plot. Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishi...
  • ocs
  • fantasy
  • humor
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My Girl is an Alien (Jelsa) Primo Awards 2018 by Potatowalker
My Girl is an Alien (Jelsa) Primo...by Snowfall_Cutie_JELSA:3
{Soon to be edited (-_-) Geez, I have a lot of typical errors and wrong grammars. I blame my grade 7 self for rushing to make this book(.-.)} (Primo awards 2018 particip...
  • riseoftheguardians
  • humor
  • eugenzel
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