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Love-Love (boyxboy) by glassEyed
Love-Love (boyxboy)by glassEyed
"Look, man, I'm sorry okay? I didn't mean to rob the bank but I'm broke and I need the money." "If you need money, go get a job!" "I have a job...
  • freethelgbt
  • villain
  • romance
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Memories  by RaylinMineo
Memories by RaylinMineo
When Raylin Mineo is offered a job with the president, she knows she can't refuse... but will it drag her from her normal life that she's used to? As her job becomes mor...
  • robots
  • evilvsgood
  • adventure
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OM symbol of peace by Kanowj
OM symbol of peaceby SERVER
It is a heroic story of a reincarnated Indian boy Aarav Deekshit .It will follow how he become a hero to save peoples from disasters and the attacks of Evils , how he k...
  • superhero
  • india
  • comedy
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The Curse of Immortality (Work in Progress) by WillyWildcat11
The Curse of Immortality (Work WillyWildcat 11
Isaac, the first synthetic, man-made human who lives in a dying world. His birth marks a new era, but will his newfound immortality change humanity for better? Or worse...
  • scifi-fantasy
  • action
  • immortal
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AdiYa FF: A Cinderella Tale by Sh_aarohi
AdiYa FF: A Cinderella Taleby Sh_aarohi
She stops abruptly as a Familiar cologne hits her nostrils She freezes as his hot breath falls on her cheeks.As in reflex she closes her eyes "From all the people...
  • zoya
  • adityahooda
  • indian
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Shooting at the Theater [completed] by casiimir
Shooting at the Theater [completed]by Er3n
  • completed
  • action
  • artie
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Bloodlust by Dashdotbooks
Bloodlustby Dashdotbooks
In 2044, the world is ravaged by a mysterious disease, Bloodlust, which urges the infected to murder and lust for blood. The uninfected are put in sectors which are co...
  • thriller
  • suspicion
  • action
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Genius With Basic Knowledge by Jaysenjan
Genius With Basic Knowledgeby Senzai
Reincarnated from another world to a world filled with magic, Key was able to retain his memories despite being reincarnated due to some circumstances. However, one thin...
  • fantasy
  • reincarnation
  • adventure
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The Last Witch by Suzzie_Cotwald
The Last Witchby Suzzie_Cotwald
In a world where Witches are hated and have ceased to existence, young Zoeline finds out that she is the only existing Witch. She does everything she can to hide and not...
  • potion
  • together
  • mindreading
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The Prime Ministers Son by ErinTink
The Prime Ministers Sonby Erin L Reags
Jessica Branning is normal. Unremarkable. Nothing like her superstar athlete brother, Tom. The only thing extraordinary about Jess is her love of Martial Arts. When Jess...
  • boyxgirl
  • romance
  • thriller
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A love story with Nathaboulous by dj_mc_girl_writes
A love story with Nathaboulousby MC
A Nathan X MC fanfic! (COVER DOES NOT BELONG TO ME!!!) Started: 18 March 2019 Ended: ?
  • nathaboulous
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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Phobia [KookV] by Ashisataekooker
Phobia [KookV]by Ash
Running,running after you...your shadow. Don't leave me alone,Jeon. I don't want to become a weak and fragile person anymore. I don't want my phobia to come on the surfa...
  • psychotic
  • vkook
  • taekook
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Imperfect Transcendence by aria525
Imperfect Transcendenceby Grace
PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS From The Ashes What do you do when the world treats you more fragile than a porcelain doll. when they think that you will break with just a whisper...
  • thriller
  • fight
  • wattpad
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Matt-038 (Halo Fanfiction) by Mattchew07
Matt-038 (Halo Fanfiction)by Matthew Leong
Spartans never die... They're just missing in action. These are the infamous words said about Spartan II supersoldiers. The Spartans are the last hope to stop the Covena...
  • romance
  • fanfiction
  • xbox
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Enchanted World:The Long Lost Red Princess by BlackRose_Kookie97
Enchanted World:The Long Lost BlackRose_Kookie97
Being normal is hard, pano pa kaya kung immortal ?? Immortal huh? That's crazy sino naman ang taong maniniwala na may kapangyarihan ako? Ako ngang hindi makapaniwala ik...
  • action
  • war
  • adventure
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You're My Prince by AynaraAbraxas
You're My Princeby @mortentia
Kamu berpikir penderitaanmu setiap hari sudah cukup berat? Coba jalani hidup sebagai Payshie Amazaki. Hidup dalam ironi yang diciptakan orang tuanya, membuat ia menanggu...
  • boyslove
  • action
  • highschool
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The Wastelanders (The Survivors, #2) by DanielEvans01
The Wastelanders (The Survivors, Daniel Evans
Book 2 of The Survivors Trilogy. ================================== Xander never thought this would happen. He never thought his whole life would come crashing down in t...
  • nearfurture
  • dystopian
  • sad
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I am number one  by MLB224
I am number one by MLB224
Simple question: what if Bakugo inherited One for All? Warning: language, because Bakugou All credit for character goes to the creator of Boku No Hero Academia, Kōhei...
  • groundzero
  • shonen
  • undefeated
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THE REBEL'S RISE - the fourth book in the True Destiny Chronicles by sarsar14
THE REBEL'S RISE - the fourth C.P.W.
~ Book Four ~ "There are some who are beyond redemption." For years, the world of Desmond has been filled with peace. Under the rule of the Immortal One's son...
  • rebel
  • action
  • captured
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She's Fast, She's Furious • Dominic Toretto by summer6hall
She's Fast, She's Furious • TorettoForLife(;
Dominic Toretto - The Famous Street Racer Luna Cage - The Polyglot/Fighter Brian O' Conner - The Undercover Cop Mia Toretto - The Owner Of The Toretto's Cafe/Market Let...
  • fastandfurious
  • jesse
  • vince
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