(Isekai)Phù thủy thần vương by QuocmanhLo
(Isekai)Phù thủy thần vươngby QuocmanhLo
Câu truyện kể về Hikata,một ikemen ẩn và bị kì thị,được triệu hồi cùng lớp học nhưng bị văng ra ngoài trong quá trình triệu hồi do con bitch nữ thần thấy cậu bẩn thỉu và...
  • loại
  • thể
  • đủ
Prosopagnosia. A neurological disorder of the brain, where you can't recognize faces and expressions. Izuku Midoriya, a simple kid who had always dreamed of being a hero...
  • midoriya
  • myheroacademia
  • izuku
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s i n i s t e r by Ninesune
s i n i s t e rby Ninesune
a fox named elecono gets into a bus crash and screws up his face. hes taken to a shady hospital, and is fitted with a strange monitor for a new face. things get weirder...
  • wtf
  • is
  • sinister
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© @lovebiites & @SUPERISMS mature themes ! not for the faint of heart ! NOTICE ! : PLEASE DO NOT STEAL ANY PART / CHAPTER IN THIS BOOK ! GIFS , FANART , ETC . I USE ARE...
  • cannons
  • batman
  • dccomics
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The Forgotten Queen by BethT2005
The Forgotten Queenby BethT2005
Queens. The first words that comes to the mind, ruler, leader, royalty and beauty. There are some things in history that remain unknown. This Queen chose to be forgotte...
  • queen
  • mystery
  • fight
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Stung by ChaseyTheAcey
Stungby ChaseyTheAcey
A stingray and is species are getting attacked almost everyday by another underwater species, the Sand Tiger Shark's
  • stingray
  • action
  • shark
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That Possessive Mafia Boss(English Version) by RealAica
That Possessive Mafia Boss(English...by RealAica
Nemesis Louie Montero is a class S assassin that was given a mission to marry the mafia boss of a certain organization that would help them rise from the depths of falli...
  • mafia
  • traitor
  • possessive
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My Mighty Thor by liampayneismineha
My Mighty Thorby liampayneismineha
Liam and his adopted sister Camila have been through it all. Battles, Arguments, Evil beings, and most importantly their brother and sister love for each other. Liam de...
  • liampayne
  • liampaynesuperhero
  • camilacabellogoddes
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Time's Up by starlightdreamer13
Time's Upby starlightdreamer13
Give me what I'm needin' Give me what I'm wishin' Give all of it before the time's up Or else, your brain will pop. -M
  • mysterious
  • puppetmaster
  • deception
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Full on love ❤️ 2 by TabarkAliAllobidy
Full on love ❤️ 2by TabarkAliAllobidy
بليل ممطر امشي انا بي ممرات باريس الممطرة وانا ابكح دموعي على النزول على خدي اخشا من ان تسقط وتفضحني لم اعرف اين اذهب او اله اين ألجأ فقط اريد ان ابكي بحضن احد وأبكي ا...
  • الثاني
  • طلاق
  • بيبر
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Psychopaths of Mystery Building by Rynie_Kwon
Psychopaths of Mystery Buildingby Rynie_Kwon
9 students from West La Voir University was setted up by their Very Own principal. Meet Almond Marie,Eryn,Josh,Yverra,Kat, Thea and Monica. The only students who survive...
  • action
  • mystery
  • alittleofcomedy
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A Pál utcaiak. (Fanstory?) by Sophitheofficial
A Pál utcaiak. (Fanstory?)by Sophitheofficial
Sziasztok! Ez egy újabb történet de most csodálatos módon egy magyar regény feldolgozásáról lesz szó. Ez pedig nem más mint a Pál utcai Fiúk. A történetben lesznek megin...
  • geréb
  • nemecsek
  • rácztanárúr
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you are my sunshine: 4X fanfic by ThatOneFrexyFangirl
you are my sunshine: 4X fanficby ThatOneFrexyFangirl
(Four X and 28 do not belong to me 28 belongs to OnePunchknockout and Four and X belong to their owners) In order to protect Four and 28. X has to do something he's neve...
  • fourx
unfamiliar gayness [katiexjoshy] by violwhis
unfamiliar gayness [katiexjoshy]by violwhis
joshy has feelings for katie, she knows. katie says shes gay with lee as a joke, joshy dislikes this. so what happens when the two unlikely lovers become more than frien...
  • funny
  • katie
  • koshie
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Who is she? A Tiana x Reader Fanfic by LoganLe_Cookie
Who is she? A Tiana x Reader Fanficby LoganLe_Cookie
You are moving schools and when you arrive to your new home...and you look around and see you have a neighbor she's probably the most beautiful person you have seen...no...
  • bestfriend
  • cousin
|| BNHA Roleplay! || by FlyingLemonCat
|| BNHA Roleplay! ||by FlyingLemonCat
Again, it's basically what the title says! From the geek who brought you "Ninjago Roleplay!", it's a "My Hero Academia Roleplay!" Enjoy!
  • quirk
  • mha
  • bnha
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Alone  by daniel_1123
Alone by daniel_1123
Kjo histori flet per nje djal i cili ka kaluar nje jet te veshtir dhe vazhdon te kete probleme ne jeten e tij. Te gjithe kemi probleme apo hasim veshtirsi po jeta qe ben...
Los tres asesinatos by charlyguimerans
Los tres asesinatosby charlyguimerans
Se trata de varios asesinatos, los cuales investiga una Unidad de Análisis de Conducta del FBI. Este equipo se conpone por seis agentes, el lidel del equipo es el Inspec...
  • generonegro
  • policial