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Mystical Awakening Online: SotPM [Part 1] (CPN) by Angelvahn
Mystical Awakening Online: SotPM [ Vasyl Park
The gaming format «R.E.M. D.I.V.E» Rapid Eye Movement, Digital interface with Virtual Environments, often called «Dream Gaming». The world's leading Game, Mystical Awake...
Unexpected (Kaidou x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
Unexpected (Kaidou x reader)by Awesomelemonaids
Out of nowhere, (Y/n) and Kaidou's favourite game development company comes out with a new MMORPG, making the two teens addicted immediately. After Kaidou's party gets s...
A Gamer's Journey by somepersonwhowrites
A Gamer's Journeyby .....
After waking up in the middle of the night on his tenth birthday he found himself with box that says "Welcome to the Game! Click start to start your adventure!' At...
Eternal Grand Quest by Theodore21
Eternal Grand Questby Theodore
~ #13 in Adventure November 2016! ~ Eternal Grand Quest, a well received MMO that is being played the world over. A virtual reality game, where after putting on a helmet...
Sword Art Online: The White Swordsmen by White1247
Sword Art Online: The White Mr White
Sato Aki AKA Rio. He is a high schooler, A DJ, and a VRMMO player. He is top in studies and a top rank in the game. He has been trapped with the 10000 players in the gam...
「 intractable | kang daniel 」 ✔ by asstramist
「 intractable | kang daniel 」 ✔by mist; semi-hiatus
❝ They can't know about our relationship, Daniel. ❞ In which the Princess and the Prince can't be together but they broke the rules. They're not allowed for each other b...
ONE HALF PRINCESS(Boyxboy) by YvanCarl
ONE HALF PRINCESS(Boyxboy)by Yvan Carl Gerard
Prince Summers is a troubled 16 years old highschool student who is always bullied by his classmates for having feminine features. Determined to escape reality, he stumb...
Jmo by Friend_Trainz
Jmoby Weebtrashez
Jmo is a story about a named Ja'masia, getting stuck in a mmo like game and the only way out is to beat the game itself. Or hope that is way the out...with the help of h...
Trapped (Kirito x Reader) by I_so_2002rock
Trapped (Kirito x Reader)by Ita Dash
Sword Art Online (aka Sao), a game only few lucky people could play. You were one of the lucky people. Not only getting the game, but also being a beta tester. But is lu...
beautiful / kang daniel by lambskwer
beautiful / kang danielby irhea
i stay up all night in tears, praying that i'll reach your heart. sequel to tinder! © lambskwer
No Life (Haikyuu) by WizzyGameMaster
No Life (Haikyuu)by Wizzy
It all started as a harmless game... something fun to pass the time. We didn't know that we'd be trapped here... that we very well might die here. To think I once said t...
Megumin x Reader by MudkipWithAFantasy
Megumin x Readerby MudkipWithAFantasy
This is my first time writing so please excuse any mistakes. Y/N was an ordinary 14 year old who loves video games and anime who met a not-so-good fate and now you find...
Reborn Online by Paravento_Primo
Reborn Onlineby Paravento Primo
Due to the popularity of the series called Katekyo Hitman Reborn, the game industry decided to create an online MMO that allows the player to join the world with their o...
Black Rock Shooter + Sword Art Online by ItsMeBen__
Black Rock Shooter + Sword Art Its me Ben
Crossover fanfic of my two fav anime Sword Art Online and Black Rock Shooter. The protagonist Stella (BRS) enters the world of SAO without realizing that the game she dr...
produce 101 | season 2 by softbyunbaek
produce 101 | season 2by – may b.
produce 101 is back with season 2 for girls. but this time, only 7 people will survive. and it's for 2 years this time.
Cast Out (Book 1 Done; Book 2 In-Progress) by Wildly_Laughing
Cast Out (Book 1 Done; Book 2 Wildly_Laughing
My name is Raes Bastion. I had everything once. I was the CEO of a multi-billion corporation at the age of 19. I married the girl of my dreams, and we had a beautiful gi...
DragonCrest Online: The Beginnings by jevan13
DragonCrest Online: The Beginningsby Jevauni Malcolm
The new VRMMORPG DragonCrest Online was one of the top rated games in history and players flocked by the millions to purchase the console. I, Kaiser Griffin, was one of...
Genesis Online VOL 1: Rebellion by Yami_LN
Genesis Online VOL 1: Rebellionby The 9 Man Team
Ryou Kuroshitsuji happens to stumble upon a new world in which the rebellion constantly fights with the Capital. Will Ryou make a difference? Upon entering this world he...
(Club penguin) Meet Jangrah!  by GoroGoroWoro
(Club penguin) Meet Jangrah! by GoroWoroHoras
(This is my first story ever! i hope you enjoyed it) You are a penguin You're a female You're just a cute penguin You're always hangout with friends When you found Jangr... Stage 01 (English) by ShiningHatsya
#20 Stage 01 (English)by shiningHatsya
The drive for competitive gaming is dead for Ren Hernandez, after being cheated in a nationwide gaming tournament. He disconnected from the game he loved, his friends, u...