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One Annoyed Prince (Infinite stratos x Male reader) by Hi-go-die
One Annoyed Prince (Infinite Kawaiidemonlord
Man, all those years of hiding the fact I can use a IS... all ruined by that friend of mine ichika... now I have to go to a all girls school, and learn about piloting IS...
  • xmalereader
  • infinitestratos
  • houki
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King Of Bahamut by PrinceNaro
King Of Bahamutby Rjel/Lancer
A Highschool DXD x Rage of Bahamut story A mercenary, is someone who fights for anyone just for money, as long as they have it that is. The bigger the prize, the higher...
  • issei
  • highschool
  • adventure
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Life after Bahamut by WolvenAva
Life after Bahamutby WolvenAva
(Azazel x OC) (Set after Rage of Bahamut: Virgin soul.) Although the relations between demons and humans have been improving, some humans still haven't let go of their v...
  • rageofbahamut
  • demon
  • öf
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Lucifer X reader oneshots (shingeki no bahamut) by Rushiferu_sama
Lucifer X reader oneshots ( Lord Lucifer
Hello guys :) this is author-chan You don't know how embarrassed Iam to be writing here because it's my first time ahahahahaha sooooooooo I hope I'll get used to this...
  • shingeki
  • bahamut
  • lucifer
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Shingeki no Bahamut : Broken Wing by Shadowgirl_Demon
Shingeki no Bahamut : Broken Wingby Yoshina
A Rage of Bahamut Fanfiction. Starts at the beginning of Genesis. Started: November 2017
  • war
  • gods
  • rage
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The Last Shinra Soldier ➝ Final Fantasy VII ✓ by _imagine_fantasy_
The Last Shinra Soldier ➝ Final inactive
The Last Shinra Soldier ➝ Final Fantasy VII [Zack Fair] ✓ 2014 ~ After being appointed to a 2nd Class SOLDIER, Rowan Kaelin gets to show off her skill in the field when...
  • sephiroth
  • ifrit
  • behemoth
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⇢ coffee and tea ; charinina by kurooreo
⇢ coffee and tea ; charininaby kurooreo
« would you dance with me again? » bunch of charinina headcanons, oneshots and drabbles.
  • chariocexvii
  • chilipepper
  • bahamut
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Sent from the Legends-Final fantasy story /DISCONTINUED/ by Mily_chuu
Sent from the Legends-Final Milydia
A long time ago there was a lengendary dragon named Bahamut . The dragon's powers were the lust of a lot of people , especialy kingdoms because with these powers wars ca...
  • love
  • kingdom
  • finalfantasyxv
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Rage of Bahamut by Faelynne
Rage of Bahamutby FallenAngel
Jeanne x Michael
  • azazel
  • michael
  • bahamut
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Always There For You {ChariNina} by CallofWhiteFang
Always There For You {ChariNina}by CallofWhiteFang
Set in a High School AU, Nina is elected as secretary of the student body, meeting all of the unique members of the tight-knit group. Yet the student body president seem...
  • shingekinobahamut
  • él
  • kaiser
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Rydia's Last Cure | ✔️ #WattPride by kourtnienet
Rydia's Last Cure | ✔️ #WattPrideby Kourtnie McKenzie
Growing pains just leveled up, thanks to a sylph casting a spell on this summoner-girl's internal clock. Bisexual and asexual female leads. Complete FFIV fanfiction nove...
  • ffiv
  • shiva
  • completed
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Zero and the Dragon Lord, Shinryu (A Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfiction) by TheRainWriter
Zero and the Dragon Lord, Rain Foxe
Years after Ramza's adventure, begins the adventure of Zero as new enemies appears in Ivalice. The hero fell into the lake of Zirekile Falls. A roar behind him, pulling...
  • dragon
  • finalfantasy
  • bahamut
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Goku en shingeki no bahamut manaria friends by Alan2BleA
Goku en shingeki no bahamut Alan RH
  • friends
  • ño
  • dragonball
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Final Fantasy X Character Guide by Malorie_Chan
Final Fantasy X Character Guideby Malorie
Get to know the Final fantasy characters more with this exclusive guide i made just for you guys!
  • jecht
  • auron
  • shiva
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The Goddess Aphrodite | A Battle Cats love story by thzeultimate21
The Goddess Aphrodite | A Battle Aphrodite
Hey guys "Hydra" here and this is my story about Aphrodite from the Battle Cats!
  • valkyrie
  • thebattlecats
  • aphrodite
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Champion of Bahamut (Hiatus) by BrookeTook
Champion of Bahamut (Hiatus)by BrookeTook
Maxwell is a human that vowed vengeance against the Dragon that slaughtered her village. Crying upon the heavens for someone to answer her plea, A Dragon with pla...
  • bahamut
  • tiamat
  • dragons
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Eternal Fantasies 2: Rise of Bahamut by ArwinChua
Eternal Fantasies 2: Rise of Arwin David Chua
Twenty three years had passed since the Holy War came to a halt. Peace had reign once again and people enjoyed tranquility. But one day.. Angelica Lee is the daughter of...
  • adventure
  • epicfantasy
  • wattys2018
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Azakayi Codex Vol.1: Social Structure by BahamutAzakayi5
Azakayi Codex Vol.1: Social Bahamut Azakayi
Encoded By: Lord Bahamut Azakayi
  • ranks
  • codex
  • leadership
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My new account! by TheEmeraldSoul1234
My new account!by Bahamut
Hey it's me The Almighty Dark in a new account! This will be me talking to you guys the readers and asking for some story ideas because my old account crashed and I'm in...
  • bahamut