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♥︎For You♥︎(Completed✔️) by ocean_of_happiness
♥︎For You♥︎(Completed✔️)by Happiness
Truth cannot be hidden for much time Whether it can be a fruitful one,or it can be a bitter one; You need to face it one day; What will be your reaction, One day you get...
World of Possibilities: Lisa✔️ by bitchiswild
World of Possibilities: Lisa✔️by bitchiswild
Y/n Y/Ln is a sassy and out going social worker. With the world at her feet, Lisa Manoban a rough Seoul PD detective can't figure out why a billionaire like Y/Ln would c...
My Beautiful Snowflake (Sasuke Love Story)  by euphoreinne
My Beautiful Snowflake (Sasuke Euphoric Reinne
Naruto Fanfiction. Sasuke Love Story. She is a beautiful girl with hair as white as snow, but also has an unknown illness which makes her cough up blood every now and t...
Warm Hands by Cutebabyboss
Warm Handsby Prapti Solanki
'She looked up at me and i knew i was whipped' Dr.Vivaan Arora - psychologist . Self made semi-rich man. Samaira Mehta - entreprenure . has her own app . preety succesfu...
Alive Again (English Version) by Aagainst
Alive Again (English Version)by Aagainst
"Lexa had left without even tell her goodbye. She had seduced her and then abandoned her, throwing her away like an old shoe. She had taken everything from her, her...
What A Web Life Weaves by Hannah-Vis
What A Web Life Weavesby Hannah-Vis
After Peter's Aunt May, his last living relative, dies in a car crash Peter is sent to live at a boy's home. After two very hard weeks Tony Stark finds out and takes in...
Bad Boy Lives In My House by _FreaksOfNature_
Bad Boy Lives In My Houseby J
Some times you find love in the most unbelievable situations. --- Katie Dell, lives the normal Life of a teenager. Her dads a cop, Her moms a elementary school teacher...
I'm Not Your Son by SunkissedChild5
I'm Not Your Sonby SunkissedChild5
Hamilton's been in the foster system for years and each family is the same. So why should the Washington's be any different? Modern Day AU
Who Were They? by Funneh_finny14
Who Were They?by Funneh_finny14
Sage and Harper are sisters who entered the foster-care system 8 years ago when Harper was four and Sage was seven, there father died in a tragic car accident and their...
Changing Hearts by MintsThoughts3
Changing Heartsby Mint
Hello! This story is about the Rowdyruff boys and Frost (My OC) who fosters the Rowdyruff Boys in hopes of turning them into better kids. The Rowdyruff Boys belong to C...
Forever Mine (demi Lovato) by demis_warriors92
Forever Mine (demi Lovato)by demis_warriors92
After being sober for 3 years demi thinks its time to change her life a bit for the better. Obviously she will never leave her fans or music but the only thing missing i...
The Artist by SanC-Rylie
The Artistby San Clarke
Leona is an orphan who've been from different foster homes to another. She was constantly abused in these different homes. When she was 16years Leona has already been th...
29 Days Of Grace by astroholland
29 Days Of Graceby jay
"Give me 29 days, just 29 days, Grace to show you how much you deserve to live", Aiden paused, " If I can't then, let fate decide our lives for the both...
Troubled Teen [ Spanking ] by _Fallen_Angel_4122
Troubled Teen [ Spanking ]by Dark Moon
Louis, always known as the troubled child lost his parents and his siblings during an accident. He was the sole survivor. What happen when he's put under the system and...
Brother's Love by hannasheikk
Brother's Loveby furtwoseven
5 deadly mafia's leave their sister to a foster parents. It is to keep her out of danger after finding out their parents work. But, when they get their sister back, they...
What do you need a description for just go ahead and read the book
Endless Road (Wattys 2015) by SanjanaShah
Endless Road (Wattys 2015)by Sanjana Shah
Like so many things in life, fear can be fixed. It can be overcome, can be defeated. All it needs is a catalyst-- and the will to see it through. When new boy in the cla...
A Few Sentences Can Save A Life by Jaela_the_Fangirl
A Few Sentences Can Save A Lifeby Jaela K
A really bad short story about a girl who thought that no one cared.
What Is #TheHomeAwayFromHome by TheHomeAwayFromHome
What Is #TheHomeAwayFromHomeby TheHomeAwayFromHome
Here is a description of what the #TheHomeAwayFromHome project/ campaign is all about.
Dramione who are my real parents by BethanyMarchant
Dramione who are my real parentsby Dramione
Hermione and Draco are in a relationship when Hermione finds out she's actually a pure blood