The Girl In The Hoodie √ by life_is_overrated19
The Girl In The Hoodie √by K
Bailey Washington is just a shy bystander flowing through life. The only thing that makes her stand out against the crowd is that she wears a hoodie. She also doesn't t...
  • teenfiction
  • abusivefather
  • bullied
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Runaway by lebanerd
Runawayby noor ♕
I ran, and I ran, and I ran, trying to get as far away from the mansion as possible. I was too weak to shift, but my determination kept me running. The house disappeared...
  • fight
  • alpha
  • fear
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The Bad Boy Saved Me ✔ by SmashingInnocence
The Bad Boy Saved Me ✔by Aria Hale ✌
{SENSITIVE CONTENT} Olivia Greene. A typical nerd? Not really. Shy. Awkward. Fashion sense from hell? Of course. Olivia has been picked on her entire high school life...
  • hot
  • lonely
  • teenfiction
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Rescued By Mr. Bad Boy (Completed)  by kaedenmae
Rescued By Mr. Bad Boy (Completed) by
Completed on 08/24/18 Highest ranking (#1 in bipolar!) Thank you guys so much! Most impressive ranking (#33 in Boyfriend) #2 in depression #3 in rescued #656 in romanc...
  • funny
  • highschool
  • cute
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I'm The Alpha's Challenge by juiceboxbrat159
I'm The Alpha's Challengeby Marine Brat
Highest- #129 in Werewolf With a father who beats her at home, a sister who bully's her at school, a mother who leaves her, and to top it off being completely mute. Dan...
  • romance
  • abused
  • family
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The Bullied Mate by MimiDawood
The Bullied Mateby Mimi Dawood
Alison Thompson she is quite,shy, and innocent, she is also fostered by an abusive single dad who lost his wife from overdoze. She is known as a ' freak' as they like to...
  • teenfiction
  • heartbreak
  • killing
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My Abused Luna✔#Wattys2018 by j_watson
My Abused Luna✔#Wattys2018by Jane Watson
Bailey Summers is a nineteen year old werewolf that has been neglected and abused since she was ten. Her brother was killed while protecting her from hunters. Ever sin...
  • love
  • alphas
  • matemark
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His Young Mate. by Liya_Fennings
His Young Mate.by Liya_Fennings
,,Alpha we found a girl on our territory." said Ivan coming into my office without knocking. I looked up at my Beta raising my eyebrow waiting for him to continue. ...
  • mating
  • protective
  • possesive
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abusive mother cinder x abused and broken wizardchild male reader x father ozpin by YanniFlake
abusive mother cinder x abused and...by Yanni M. Flake
Why does she hate me!?!? she always burns me,and,kicks me. My father,mercury,he doesn't even help me...I feel dead inside....Maybe i should just leave...for good
  • ozpin
  • neglect
  • mercuryblack
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Never Looking Back by ROMANTISTIC
Never Looking Backby Sadie
Emily. A girl very happy till some life events changed her into the exact opposite of the girl that she once was. Then one day she thought why not escape from the place...
  • personalassistant
  • rich
  • badboy
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The Iron Soldier by Mad-Comrade
The Iron Soldierby Mad Comrade
This is the story of Alex Branwen, the first child of Tai and Raven. His life was great until Ruby was born. Soon he was neglected and abused by everyone. Everyone, that...
  • summer
  • roosterteeth
  • halo
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SAVED by MackenzieRiley
SAVEDby Mackenzie Riley
*tink* *tink* *tink* The usual sound of water dripping on a cold metal pipe. It is a sound I have become so used to, I think I would feel an emptiness without it. The r...
  • abused
  • mate
  • prisoner
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Finding Hope (Percy Jackson and HTTYD) by T-O-W-L
Finding Hope (Percy Jackson and HT...by TheOneWhoListens
Percy Jackson a Olympian hero. If he asked you a question what question would you think he'll ask you? "Do you know what hope is?" You might ask, 'Why that que...
  • percyjackson
  • berk
  • wattys2017
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Dawn Of War (Male Assasin Reader X RWBY Harem) by BlueEchoBDBZAC
Dawn Of War (Male Assasin Reader X...by BlueEchoBDBZAC
Your name is (Y/n) Rose, adopted you thought you will have a great life, but it seems fate has changed as you get abused by your family in which you escape and meet some...
  • rwby
  • abused
  • neglect
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To Save An Angel by emjaywrites
To Save An Angelby Em Jay
Formerly Saving his Angel Marco has it all; nothing. He truly has nothing at all. However, when he hears a car accident and a piercing scream, his instincts force hi...
  • ceo
  • soulmates
  • possessive
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In Love With Mr. Billionaire [Under Editing] by blooming_rose18
In Love With Mr. Billionaire [Unde...by blooming_rose18
Caroline Marshall, a sweet, innocent and cute girl, who hates rich guys since her father threw her mother away to marry another woman for money. Living with a step-mot...
  • tycoon
  • billionaire
  • family
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Her Saviour  by AlrissaMariam
Her Saviour by Alrissa Mariam
Jessica is this 17 year old girl, who also happens to be abused by her 'dad' and bullied at school by the school's biggest slut and bitch, Evelyn. Jessica has gone to th...
  • badboy
  • selfinjury
  • highschool
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Mistreated Queen by shontaya1216
Mistreated Queenby Taya
You were told as a kid that the tooth fairy was real. That there was a boogie monster under your bed. You believed that everything was good. And for werewolves you were...
  • alpha
  • wolf
  • cutting
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His Tiny Abused And Innocent Runt  ('Moonlight' Series: Book #1) by N_Bell
His Tiny Abused And Innocent Runt...by N.A. Bell
[Rough Draft, may contain spelling errors!] She was an unwanted runt. He's the Alpha King. She was ousted from her pack. He was looking for his Mate. She's a four foot r...
  • werewolf
  • rescued
  • abused
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Abusive weiss x abused shy male reader x blake by brandarmaster
Abusive weiss x abused shy male re...by brandarmaster
y/n a normal boy who attends beacon academy is severely beaten by his girlfriend Weiss and along come his best friend Blake to save him. i do not own rwby or anything r...
  • malereader
  • rwby
  • blake
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