Moonflower- A Lunar Chronicles Fanfiction by Theresamm
Moonflower- A Lunar Chronicles Theresamm
Sequel to my story Moonstruck! Read that first!! Part 1: Set five years after the big Kaider wedding in Moonstruck, Moonflower is the story of the future of the Rampion...
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  • kinney
  • wincin
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Der Geruch von Zimt und Tee (Ein zauberhafter Winter in New York) by JuliAne0408
Der Geruch von Zimt und Tee (Ein JuliAne0408
Fünf aufregende Monate stehen Ema Harper bevor. Sie verlässt ihr geliebtes Deutschland um als Au-Pair bei einer reichen Familie in New York zu arbeiten. Dort angekommen...
  • newyork
  • winter
  • familie
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When Earth Turns To Ashes by Sasswarrior
When Earth Turns To Ashesby Sasswarrior
"Selene always had a darkness about her- almost as if her shadow was a living being there to torture her forever." Cinder Lihn has been on the run since she wa...
  • caraccident
  • cinder
  • earthtoashes
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The Secret Daughter: A Lunar Chronciles Fanfiction by ScarlettandWolf4ever
The Secret Daughter: A Lunar Wolfet Shipper!
Years after Stars Above Scarlet and Wolf's son Luc dates a new girl, Emma. She is visiting France to look for her father, someone close to the Rampion Crew. Who is Emma'...
  • kai
  • wolfet
  • wattys2018
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Second comes marriage then a baby in a baby carriage by Sskinner21
Second comes marriage then a Sskinner21
Some short stories for the Lunar Chronicles mainly forces on kids and weddings and friendship. All main characters.
  • kai
  • scarlet
  • kinney
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Unversehnte Hoffsucht by GabrinetteForLife
Unversehnte Hoffsuchtby Melina
Teil zwei der sehnsucht reihe. Marinet will zurück zu Gabriele.
  • plagg
  • tikki
  • alyantte
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All Because Of A Car by WordsAblaze
All Because Of A Carby WordsAblaze
Cinder's life revolved around the garage, working as a mechanic, until that one male student came in looking for a Mercedes and changed her life... AU AH Kaider story.
  • kaito
  • emperorkaito
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Paperjam's Daycare! Kinder!Ink X Kinder!Neko!Reader by Tikki2968
Paperjam's Daycare! Kinder!Ink X Kiki
So, you are the new kid at Paperjam's Daycare. You're really shy at first, but every now and again, you show your quirky, cute, loving self. You're mother sent you to ma...
  • kinder
  • paperjamsdaycare
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Dreams (L.S.) by Grinsekatze_015
Dreams (L.S.)by Grinsekatze
In der Harry ein Kind bekommt.
  • kuss
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  • bxb
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Fulfilled Feelings by MidnightGirl_2002
Fulfilled Feelingsby Anna | 15
Ausschnitt aus der Geschichte:"Am nächsten Tag sitzen sie im Wartezimmer bei Lina's Frauenärztin. Die Sprechstundenhilfe kommt ins Wartezimmer und ruft Lina auf.&qu...
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A Strange Way to Say I Love You (The Lunar Chronicles) by NerdWorm03
A Strange Way to Say I Love You ( T.K. Anderson
Even though they're married, Kai still does strange things to show Cinder his love, including a love letter. (One of the 12 winning entries for the From The Heart contes...
  • fanfiction
  • fanfic
  • letter
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Lunar love by TLCunicorn
Lunar loveby Kayla Jackey
Cinder and Kai's wedding is going wonderfully.Everyone is laughing and having fun.But will that fun die when the crew is faced with a new obstacle?
  • pregnancy
  • alpha
  • scarlet
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Alpha: A Scarlet and Wolf Fanfic by Fangirlravenclaw
Alpha: A Scarlet and Wolf Fanficby Fangirlravenclaw
Three years after "Something Old, Something New" Scarlet and Wolf welcome their daughter into the world. With some of the other members of the Rampion crew, we...
  • thelunarchronicles
  • wolflet
  • fluff
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🤭 Make the Sans'es BLUSH! by BeckyHowling
🤭 Make the Sans'es BLUSH!by ღBecky Howling
"Hi this is Becky! With Yona here! Today in this book it will be a making all the sanses blush, you can imagine it as a oneshot for my OC Becky and my friends OC na...
  • shipping
  • no-lemons
  • cuteness
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Cuentos para Niños by Coyoteperu
Cuentos para Niñosby Coyoteperu
La presente es una serie de cuentos ideal para niños, algunos de ellos cuentan con interesantes sugerencias de mis hijos. Espero que les guste.
  • infantil
  • historia
  • cuentos
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Silbermond | Dich will ich nicht Lieben by karma_is_my_hero
Silbermond | Dich will ich nicht Ayleen's there
Sie will nur eine Nacht des Glücks, aber er hat ihr Schicksal bereits besiegelt. Gillian Stanger ist jung, hübsch und allein. Seit sie ihre gesamte Familie verloren hat...
  • erotik
  • soulmate
  • silbermond
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For Luna's Sake: Lunar Chronicles Short Stories by WinterWidow1
For Luna's Sake: Lunar WinterWidow1
Short Stories for all the Lunartics out there! Cyborgs, space, and plenty of fluff! All of these characters belong to Marissa Meyer. The stories are mine. Author' Note H...
  • cress
  • thorne
  • lunarchronicles
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Heart of the Sirena (Pj's daycare x Reader) by Galaxy-Mystory
Heart of the Sirena (Pj's Galaxy_Mystory
Sirena is a little girl that can sing like an angel. Her mom Ally works as a clothes designer but is very sweet. Ally is gonna be dropping Sirena at a daycare called PJ'...
  • daycare
  • fanfiction
  • dazzilings
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Dreams by Sskinner21
Dreamsby Sskinner21
Kai and Cinder spend an evening together watching a net drama based on their live things turn when the actors do something that was based more in their fantasies than re...
  • lunarchronicles
  • kai
  • kinder
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