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Power || James st Patrick  by Yara-chi
Power || James st Patrick by Luv
Nicole st Patrick is the wife of James "Ghost" St. Patrick, a wealthy nightclub owner and drug dealer in New York City. She is also Tasha's sister. James st p...
why ( a Eminem and 50 cent story )  by kittys33
why ( a Eminem and 50 cent story ) by kittys33
Waning 18+ May be upsetting to some. This story contains Sexual content drugs and violence. Eminem aka Marshall is a sex worker. And 50 cent is a drug dialer. But what...
Who knew by altavision
Who knewby altavision
It's 2009. Marshall Mathers has just put out "Relapse" after a big break in his career. His manager, Paul Rosenberg, thinks that it would be a nice promotion f...
Own Characters (OC's) by Breannxxx
Own Characters (OC's)by Sam
'Own Characters' created by me! Some may be for books, some may be for movies, and some may be for TV shows! ♥️ ⚠️Wanted a safe space to share⚠️ ❌Stealing❌
the revolution of power by TerrylTatchell
the revolution of powerby Tazleigh Tatchell
Layton Stark daughter of Kanan and her best friends life's through out college How much of the game do they know? This is my first book so please bare with me How much...
overdosing on love. ( Eminem And 50 Cent Story)  by kittys33
overdosing on love. ( Eminem And 5...by kittys33
A Eminem and 50 cent story. It another collaboration😁
25 days to live.       ( an Eminem and 50 cent story) by kittys33
25 days to live. ( an Eminem...by kittys33
25 in December. That the count down to Christmas. For some people it exiting but for Eminem and 50 cent it this the most painful 25 days of there lives. That will only...
A MIXED HARMONY by MasterPanther
A MIXED HARMONYby MasterPanther
'I want the finer things in my life so I hustle, you get in my way when I'm tryna get mine then I'll buck you. I don't care who you run with or where you from, nigga fu...
Survival of the fittest [ Eminem fanfiction ] by emsdarling88
Survival of the fittest [ Eminem f...by emsdarling88
Kate Grey met Marshall when she was nineteen, he was twenty-three, about to be a Father for the first time. This is Kate's story of how love can survive through the tou...
The Twins || Power: Universe || OC x OC by janianyonna
The Twins || Power: Universe || OC...by major
Before Angela left she and James shared one more night together. When she was walking home she got attacked and never told anyone. She ended up getting pregnant and gav...
Priceless One- (50 Cent Fanfic) by SSheBadd
Priceless One- (50 Cent Fanfic)by SheBad
Antonia is a 25 year old female who is currently employed at Harlot's Gentlemen's Club. As of recently a lot of rappers and celebrity personnel have been coming to her c...
The 50th Law Review by Hunger4Success
The 50th Law Reviewby Hunger4Success
This book will change the way you approach life, fearless and bold. It teaches you how to hustle your way and turn a negative force into a opportunity. Few of the quotes...
9 lives  by kittys33
9 lives by kittys33
This is a spin on the time 50 cent got shot 9 times. After 50 is released from the hospital he's gang dead him to a remote house in a unknown location as the man that tr...
Eminem FanFictions Rant PART 2 by reignofshady
Eminem FanFictions Rant PART 2by •the watcher•
Please read the first Eminem FanFictions Rant. You won't ragert it. Consists of humor, humor, and more, you guessed it, humor. *Not meant to target anybody specific.
Groupchat  by FentyMathers
Groupchat by E
- A celebrity related groupchat. - Rihanna, Beyoncé, Eminem, 50Cent, Jay Z, Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube & More..
Well Intended Love ✓ Eminem by BriFlare
Well Intended Love ✓ Eminemby -BriFlare
Yamileth's marriage to Eminem is leaked to the public after taking a hiatus from her career. Fans demand Yamileth to release new music, but Yamileth is ready to expand h...
Meeting Tyriq  ////Tyriq St.Patrick////MichealRaineyjr//// by asiaproducts
Meeting Tyriq ////Tyriq St.Patric...by asiaproductions™
Power Ghost Book ll Entwined A not so Innocent member...
Duffel Bag Boys by Pucassosway104
Duffel Bag Boysby Pucassosway
Join Pucasso as he welcomes you into the mean streets of Chicago's south side neighborhoods of the wild 100's.