Behind the Screen by Shadyladies
Behind the Screenby Shadyladies
Description Lilly Wilcher is a 35 year old highly regarded Administrative Assistant for a large New York City business. After a failed relationship, Lilly withdraws i...
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You'll Be In My Heart by shadysaddiction
You'll Be In My Heartby shadysaddiction
Love is a complicated and drawn out emotion that takes the worst and best out of people. For Miah it is the only emotion that keeps her from being with and staying away...
  • eminem
  • pregnancy
  • complicated
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Good and Bad by JohnsonDreamer
Good and Badby Dreams💭
"There's only two types of people in this world and that is good people and bad people, no in between. Don't get me wrong even good things can happen to bad people...
  • slimshady
  • love
  • lost
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Eminem Imagines by lolalittlelegs
Eminem Imaginesby lolalittlelegs
short stories about my fave Marshall Mathers and his girl Lola. They will be titled from Eminem songs but won't actually be about those songs, if that makes any sense an...
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Eminem Imagines Pt. 2 (Eminemzminnie Style) by Eminemzminnie
Eminem Imagines Pt. 2 (Eminemzminn...by MsPlotTwister
A second book of Imagines...that will take you on yet another adventure, now where that is...I still don't know.
  • drama
  • funny
  • happy
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Secrets by lolalittlelegs
Secretsby lolalittlelegs
The lady and the tramp. If Daisy's life was a Facebook relationship status at best it'd be complicated! She meets Marshall by chance one day and he throws her ordered li...
  • secrets
  • eminem
  • sexscenes
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Wicked Game by willowmoonblood
Wicked Gameby Willowmoonblood
Marshall Mathers is on the verge of making a career comeback after an overdose that almost took his life. On the outside, he appears to be calm and in control, inside h...
  • slimshady
  • wattys2018
  • slimshadyfanfiction
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Lost Moments by willowmoonblood
Lost Momentsby Willowmoonblood
Marshall and Kat are living happily ever after. They haven't told all off their story though. One shots of Marshall and Kat revists eras of their relationship, both duri...
  • eminemfanfiction
  • slimshady
  • marshallmathers
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The Unexpected Encounter (An Eminem Fan Fiction) by xxmayg_418
The Unexpected Encounter (An Emine...by xxmayg_418
“I felt a hand swiftly make reach for my arm. I jumped badly as soon as it grasped me, me fixing my attention on who had just done that. ‘Yo, who the fuck is that guy? H...
  • drdre
  • marshallmathers
  • slimshady
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Eminem x Reader One-Shots by Sincerely_Yours_Stan
Eminem x Reader One-Shotsby B I T C H
One shots. Requests open!
  • marshallmathers
  • imagines
  • slimshady
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Innocent Love by EminemPresleyJackson
Innocent Loveby MJ & Marshall.🌹♡
Marshall aka Eminem is a well known rapper, who's single, doesn't have kids, and is known for his rap battles and drug dealing. Johanna is a teen, who's still in high sc...
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Framed by willowmoonblood
Framedby Willowmoonblood
Willow Beltran, a shy introverted companion for older adults living in an Assisted living community gets caught up with a Nigerian Scam artist when she replies to a dire...
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  • nigerian
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Twisted Game by willowmoonblood
Twisted Gameby Willowmoonblood
Marshall and Kassandra try to rebuild their lives after the end of the their relationship. Kassandra Turner has now lost everything. Her husband Reuben died leaving her...
  • eminemfanfiction
  • marshallmathersfanfic
  • slimshady
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Heat by sportnmusic
Heatby sportnmusic
Daniela Schreiber, 42, is the head and boss of a small, but well known financial company which is specialized in bankruptcy cases. November 2016 she receives a call fro...
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Eminem Randomness ( Thoughts and Images ) by OkayHozay
Eminem Randomness ( Thoughts and I...by Loading...
This is just a book where i put pictures, thoughts and edits on eminem . . . It will mostly will be Photos and Songs.
  • god
  • edits
  • hiphop
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Marshall Mathers Imagines by EminemLover98
Marshall Mathers Imaginesby 😈Natalie😈
*** Pretty self explanatory if I should say so myself, if not: YOU suggest a plot, I write a chapter! A bunch of small Eminem Imagines pushed into one! ***
  • hot
  • marshall
  • sexy
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Dani's Happily Ever After? (An Eminem Fanfic) by smilenowcrynever30
Dani's Happily Ever After? (An Emi...by Talkin'2Myself
The year is 2017 Dani is going through a crazy life changing situation, going through a break up after thirteen years and now being faced with the reality she has just m...
  • slimshady
  • eminem
  • rapgod
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Safe Haven by willowmoonblood
Safe Havenby Willowmoonblood
Story O'Malley, Nursing Assistant for a local Community Cares Service Program, has returned to her childhood home of St. Joseph, Missouri. She has just been assigned a n...
  • aura
  • eminem
  • lovestory
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Love The Way You Lie *slow updates* by skylermathers
Love The Way You Lie *slow updates*by skyler
❝You're not going to say anything about me that I'm not going to say about myself. There's so many things that I think about myself; if someone really wanted to get at m...
  • eminem
  • slim
  • fanfiction
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ENN News by Eminemzminnie
ENN Newsby MsPlotTwister
Eminem News Network..where you get updates on Eminem, The potential HOT TEA involving Eminem, Eminem pictures, Eminem songs, Just Eminem Everything...Enjoy! :)
  • humor
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