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Short Stories Collection by Alecc0
Short Stories Collectionby Alex Pilalis
My short stories began to build up, so I thought I'd collect them all together here, and have a space for future shorts. A Kindred's Embrace: An ethereal look at a spe...
Infusco. (Winner in third place of #W.S Awards) by Angelic_Vamp
Infusco. (Winner in third place of...by A. L. Lilia
If you are reading this story on any other platform other than Wattpad you are very likely to be at risk of a malware attack. If you wish to read this story in it's orig...
Loving a Dark Thing by BelitAm
Loving a Dark Thingby Belit BelitAm
Beautiful monsters in love. "There is sweetness in the fullness of her mouth that cannot be resisted." A Short Story collection with random Horror thrown in.
Public Service Announcement by prose-punk
Public Service Announcementby robyn marie
A collection of short stories for devils and darlings in weird towns and odd places. CONTENTS: 1. Bodies, Bones, and Blotched Hearts (Rated: M) A girl contracts th...
Challenges, News, and Other Random Things by Shimaira
Challenges, News, and Other Random...by L.B. Shimaira
This is where I will be posting challenges, news, and other random things (just like the title says =P ) There are some flash fiction stories hidden in here, along wit...
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it's all about me. tags. and mememe. by seasofme
it's all about me. tags. and memem...by july
well...it's become a trend now...jump in...! or not, if you don't feel like it. the tag is the most casual of wattpad activities...
Words From Monsters by iamRodneyVSmith
Words From Monstersby Rodney V. Smith
This is where I'll publish my short stories and community challenges Latest challenge: Paranormal Community's #100WordScream Challenge
BLINK AND YOU'LL MISS IT - Flash F...by heart-in-a-cart
The result of twitching fingers, too much caffeine, and a crippling fear of commitment.
Blood Lust [ 100WordScream ] by CallMeDevil-
Blood Lust [ 100WordScream ]by Hazel R
He loved her. He kissed her. He caressed her. She loved him. She kissed him. She killed him. Highest rank: #37 in Paranormal - | 12 | 6 | 16 | #102 in Paranormal...
Tales of Monsters and Angels by LeighWStuart
Tales of Monsters and Angelsby Leigh W. Stuart
A collection of tales featuring monsters and angels, though not all appear as they truly are. Includes the story Strawberry Pickers ... There were monsters in cages on...
FOG / 13 Years by 5ifthproject
FOG / 13 Yearsby Thomas
#100WordScream: WattVampires ~ Summer Challenge : Describe thirst in 100 words or less. I counted, and I have to admit. I really cheated on this one : ) See #HappyDeath...
A Collection of Shorts, Tags, and Competitions by BaileighHiggins
A Collection of Shorts, Tags, and...by Baileigh Higgins
A Collection of Short, Tags and Competitions: Here you will find a collection of random short stories, challenges, tags, and competitions I either entered into or was no...
Story in Which I do Not Save the World from an Alien Invasion & other Flash Fiction by amberkbryant
Story in Which I do Not Save the W...by Amber K Bryant
Flash Fiction, challenges, fun short things, including this: This is my entry to @ScienceFiction's Challenge 8: The Duoabble. The goal of this challenge is to write a st...
Just a Drop of Blood by deathofcool
Just a Drop of Bloodby Monica S. Kuebler
An anthology of all the Blood Magic Saga short fiction, one-shots, contest entries, etc. Also contains some spooky stand-alone horror/paranormal stuff for various Wattpa...
TAGGED by Ruechari
TAGGEDby Ruechari
This is a collection of stories from various genres I've been tagged to create. #100wordscream -The Rise of Nikki Duvane #31creepywords - Under Covers #watt...
Strange Musings by fict34
Strange Musingsby Mar
A collection of short stories that I have written dealing with everything from urban fantasy to romance.
Shorts for Fun by emmyles
Shorts for Funby ❤ Em Myles ❤
This book will be where I publish and participate in contest. 100 Word Scream Sire's Day Challenge Cover created by @HazelClaireIvy
Little Asylum of Horrors by Yangwolf
Little Asylum of Horrorsby B. Lee
A collection of just about anything creative that my wickedly wonderful imagination can concoct in my mind infected with insanity. If you can't tell already, every one...
Expectations #100WordScream by Jsmada24
Expectations #100WordScreamby Joseph Shleck
So a boy fails to get a perfect paper... then what?