My paranormal experiences by Beautiful-lunatic
My paranormal experiencesby ☾: 。˚ ☼
This is the book where I put all my paranormal experiences and events that have no proper explanation to them. Everything in this book is real, but you can choose if yo...
  • random
  • shadowpeople
  • horror
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Jingle Hell (Wattpad Featured) by Azanthiel
Jingle Hell (Wattpad Featured)by Hollie
Jingle Hell, Jingle Hell, Jingle all the way. Oh what fun, It is to hide; To slaughter and to slay... Excited to relax after a stressful year of school, Jingle enters th...
  • suspense
  • shortstory
  • killer
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Short Horror Stories (Original Works, Mostly) by QuiteEpicIfYouAskMe
Short Horror Stories (Original It's Me
Words of darkness forged from my own, twisted imagination. So tell me what you think! Copyright © iraforever101
  • fright
  • vampire
  • stories
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Battle of the Killers [Editing] by KozmicKookieDxD
Battle of the Killers [Editing]by ✩ Kozmo Kiex ✩
"A part of me never thought I would ever see a girl almost face-plant because she tripped over human intestines. Life was becoming rather interesting." ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬...
  • fright
  • killers
  • stalker
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HIDE ↺ bts by chngbns
HIDE ↺ btsby ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ♡
❝ LET THE GAME BEGIN, SHALL WE? ❞ if only they knew hide and seek was the worst game ever. when Jungkook's birthday turned into a terrible nightmare. a bts horror/thri...
  • fanfic
  • namjoon
  • yoongi
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Death After Death (2) by SebJenkins
Death After Death (2)by Seb Jenkins
Sequel to Life After Death *BEST #38 IN HORROR!* Max finally found something worth living for, but she was taken from him. Now he will fight across a bleak and mi...
  • zombiesurvival
  • zombie
  • apocalypse
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A Villain's POV by tyrapendragon
A Villain's POVby tyrapendragon
This is written from the perspective of the villain in the current stories I'm working on. Just a little experiment for fun.
  • right
  • discover
  • weekendwritein
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The Asylum | ✓  by angelilees
The Asylum | ✓ by anika
[sequel to Evelyn's Diary] Dear Diary, I don't know what happened. What is this place? Evelyn Sapphire had become a confused, poor little soul after all that had happene...
  • mental
  • frightening
  • assault
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Read For Read (Teen Horror) ✔ by BaabaRoyale
Read For Read (Teen Horror) ✔by broyale
In a matter of minutes, perhaps seconds, I could be gone forever and I wouldn't even know it. I wouldn't know anything. What a waste of everyone's life. I saw Ashley's v...
  • readforread
  • boardingschool
  • haunted
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The Hunt by SebJenkins
The Huntby Seb Jenkins
How much is a life worth? Or a death? In the near future, there's a brand new reality TV show. Played on every television screen across the planet, live streamed and bin...
  • foxhunt
  • shaunallan
  • scary
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The Art Of Awakening by Cherryloverpop18
The Art Of Awakeningby Cherryloverpop18
Ai 25 years What can you expect at this age? Is love possible or is she too old for that? Let's see...
  • fright
  • witches
  • fantasy
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Scary Stories, Rituals, and Urban Legends by MellowMedicine
Scary Stories, Rituals, and Jade
If you have a nightmare fetish like me then you'll love this book updates every Friday
  • scary
  • legends
  • ritual
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Fen of Stagnant Waters: A Ghost Story by GavGav7
Fen of Stagnant Waters: A Ghost Gavin Hetherington
In 1840, Rowena Holloway lost her husband and baby in one fateful night. Five years later, she travels to the North of England to uncover the ghostly mysteries of Grasme...
  • hauntedhouse
  • haunted
  • gothic
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The Snow by Joshua_Harmon
The Snowby Josh
When the government unleashes a contaminated snow on a project, it becomes worldwide and begins to kill everyone who's in sight of it. A girl by the name of Lacey Ander...
  • thriller
  • horror-thriller
  • government
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A Witching Hour Mystery (Halloween 2017) by fright
A Witching Hour Mystery ( Horror
The first hour of the Witching Hour is over. But the second and third hours still remain. And with it, comes a mystery left to be solved. It is up to you, the detectives...
  • 2017
  • scavenger
  • halloween
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Silent Hill: Wicked | ✔ |  🥇Fright's 2018 Summer Contest by Ellen_Reese
Silent Hill: Wicked | ✔ | 🥇 Eʟʟᴇɴ Rᴇᴇꜱᴇ
1st place winner short story of Fright's Summer Screen Screams contest! This is my 3K words short story entry for Fright's contest: Summer Screen Screams. A story about...
  • girlxgirl
  • fright
  • shortstory
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After (#3) by SebJenkins
After (#3)by Seb Jenkins
Max and Lizzie have made it to the safe haven, but at what cost? Their friends are scattered across the city, alone and scared, at the mercy of the unimaginable horde of...
  • dead
  • teen
  • zombieapocalypse
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A Book Of Very Short Scary Stories! #Wattys2015 by Imagine-man
A Book Of Very Short Scary We are the imagination makers...
Very scary short tales. These quick samples of horror will leave goosebumps on you, and should be taken just before bedtime to ensure pleasant nightmares! Note: Majority...
  • gore
  • nasty
  • story
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The Fright Train by fright
The Fright Trainby Horror
The Fright Train has pulled into the station, do you dare to board? In this brand new Fright feature, we will start you off with a short story prompt. We will then ask f...
  • scary
  • continue
  • horror
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The Poetry Gauntlet by WP_Poetry
The Poetry Gauntletby Poetry
An Epic Collaboration! There is a poet in all of us. Residing beneath layers of stories, genres and words. Come, let's set that poet free... To run The Poetry Gaun...
  • fantasy
  • mythandlegend
  • sciencefiction
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