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What Mey Sees by Amiauron
What Mey Seesby Marissa Teng
A collection of very creepy experiences I have had over the years with my 4 year old daughter Mey. I want to say that everything I write in this book will be TRUE experi...
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I Saved The Alpha. (Watty Awards 2012) by CeilidhRink
I Saved The Alpha. (Watty Awards Ceilidh Rink
Ally Summers is on her own. Not forcibly, basically just because her mother drives her insane, and her dad isn't any help. After graduating college with a degree in Ph...
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Being Bitten by MADcreations
Being Bittenby MAD
Juliette is a human. Your typical quiet girl, the one who's always listening to music and blocking herself out of the world. Romeo is a werewolf. He's your typical popul...
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My paranormal experiences by Beautiful-lunatic
My paranormal experiencesby ☾ Isabella
This is the book where I put all my paranormal experiences and events that have no proper explanation to them. Everything in this book is real, but you can choose if yo...
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My Bad Boy Summer ||Book 2 by Dani_Silence
My Bad Boy Summer ||Book 2by Dani
Jess- When I came back from my summer internship, I expected to come home to the seemingly perfect life I had left. But my happy ending seems to not exist. Secrets are r...
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You Are My Humanity (Reader X Springtrap) by Foxy_Springtrap
You Are My Humanity (Reader X Foxy Springtrap
You work at Fazbears Fright. But they found one, a REAL ONE. Now you have to deal with it. But wait, are you developing feelings for this soulless monster? ⚠️WARNING: TH...
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Fen of Stagnant Waters: A Ghost Story by GavGav7
Fen of Stagnant Waters: A Ghost Gavin Hetherington
In 1840, Rowena Holloway lost her husband and baby in one fateful night. Five years later, she travels to the North of England to uncover the ghostly mysteries of Grasme...
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Sleep Paralysis by Amiauron
Sleep Paralysisby Marissa Teng
Sleep Paralysis stories taken from my dream journals.
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Jedi Voyage #5 - The Academy Of Fright by dom_SW
Jedi Voyage #5 - The Academy Of Dom
A Senator's son has vanished. A secret squad of renegade students exists in the shadows of his elite leadership school. Do they have something to do with the disappearan...
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Dark Hours by mystery-queens
Dark Hoursby ♡ Bɾιαɳɳα A ♡
"Fear is only another word that makes you even more afraid." Alissa Kaster and her parents have inherited her grandfather's antique home on an island. It's onl...
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The main attraction (Slight-Protective!Vampire!Springtrap x Reader) by Somethingwriting
The main attraction ( fucc
Y/N was just a normal girl looking for a job but when she stumbles across a job ad for Fazbear's Fright the Horror attraction she took the job because she needed a way t...
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𝙃𝙄𝘿𝙀 ↺ btsby 🍫
︵ ₊˚✰ ❝ let the game begin, shall we? ❞ ─ if only they knew hide and seek was the worst game ever... in which jungkook's birthday turned into a terrible nightmare. a...
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After (#3) by SebJenkins
After (#3)by Seb Jenkins
Max and Lizzie have made it to the safe haven, but at what cost? Their friends are scattered across the city, alone and scared, at the mercy of the unimaginable horde of...
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She Wolf (EN) by OkayxEmma
She Wolf (EN)by Emma_KFR
{Full Moon Werewolf Short Story Entry} !! Thank you to the amazing @Kairuuu_Chann for the beautiful cover 💜🥺 !! Winner of : - The Galactic Awards (3rd place) __ It was...
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Life After Death (#1) by SebJenkins
Life After Death (#1)by Seb Jenkins
*HIGHEST #31 IN HORROR* FEATURED + WINNER OF NINETEEN AWARDS + NBR SPOTLIGHTED! Max is in his late thirties, stuck in a dead end job, no wife, no girlfriend and no frien...
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Take Fright by Fairytale_Fabler
Take Frightby Alicia
A scary short story collection. Stories may include dark romance and sensuality (on a scale of * to ***, with *** being the most intense). CONTENTS 1) Joy - Flash fictio...
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DEATH TRIP by myukto
Ten teenagers. On their way to trip. They encountered accident but escaped the incident they never expect would cause them into such unusual consequences. 𝙄𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨...
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Keep Or Kill: inspired by Wattpad October 2019 Short Story Contest Entries by CMOkonkwo
Keep Or Kill: inspired by CMO
"When you've found love, then you have to choose..." ~ Don't Close Your Eyes "When you're not alone... something or someone is right there with you, in th...
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When They Came by Comandercat
When They Cameby Comandercat
Lana grew up in a world where Zombies, Ghosts, Skeletons, and Vampires were just stories, something to laugh about or to scream in mock fear. But what will happen when t...
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Pumpkin Eater by z0mbies
Pumpkin Eaterby z0mbies
Mia had never heard of "Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater", a man who kidnaps people around every year in late October, until her twin sister goes missing by the han...
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