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The BLOOD MAGIC Saga is...

BLEEDER [Book 1] - complete!
LETTERS FROM NEW YORK [Book 2] - complete!
RULER [Book 3] - in progress!
REBELS [Book 4] - TBA 2016
+ CHASING MILDRED (Bonus Story - read after you've read Part One of RULER)

The BLOOD MAGIC Saga's chapter art is done by @JerryThistle

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Lastly, if YOU have any questions, ask away! I'm always thrilled to gab about my work or writing in general. What can I say, my brain is here for the picking.

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Highest Hot List Rankings:
BLEEDER: Vampire #10
LETTERS: Paranormal #20 / Vampire #60
RULER: Horror #14 / Vampire #29
A WRITER'S JOURNAL: Non-fiction #10

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Just a Drop of Blood

Social data: 578 reads. 64 votes. 23 comments.

Description: An anthology of all the Blood Magic Saga short fiction, one-shots, contest entries, etc. Also contains some spooky stand-alone horror/paranormal stuff for various Wattpad contests and challenges.


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