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Another Door Opens

Another Door Opens

636 Reads 93 Votes 10 Part Story
Red Harvey By Red_Harvey Updated Mar 20

Short stories from far flung places in the universe:
"Another Door Opens"
A young girl tries to skip school, but inadvertently steps into an interdimensional portal.

"If I Could Stay"
Ami and her young daughter Carlan await their fate while taking refuge in dorms allotted to them by the Corp. Soon, the waiting turns into agony as Ami realizes she has to make a choice: leave Carlan behind, or spread the infection?

Ferb and Todd are teacher's assistants hosting a workshop for gifted students. Days before, a report reaches their desk, informing them of the murder of a student back at campus. Todd suspects Silas, who some consider to be a psychopath as well as a genius. Todd's suspicions come to fruition as Ferb learns the terrible truth about Silas.

"Dead New World: This is 2114"
My entry for Margaret Atwood's Future Library competition: Before the opening of the Future Library, the librarian's intern, Gravis, has a shocking discovery to share.

"Unus Mundus"
My contribution to The Decameron, #TeamCoincidence. Coincidence is fate telling you what already happened...In the pursuit to save her brother, one teacher is forced on a mission to the outer reaches of space, and the edges of time. What she discovers will forever change her.

And a few other random tales. Enjoy!

DaddyEvil DaddyEvil Mar 07
So, may I ask if this is going to be fleshed out into a book of its own or are you going to keep it as a stand alone short?
                              I thought it was interesting, but wanted more.
SoullessDaydream SoullessDaydream Mar 04, 2016
This is a pretty trippy story. ☺ P.S I love the picture! Is it a banner? If so can I use it? I will most definitely give you credit for it.
eldorado16 eldorado16 Oct 26, 2016
This is gorgeous - you sure pack a lot into a few small pages!
Red_Harvey Red_Harvey Oct 22, 2015
It's hard, easy, and fun, all rolled into 13 words. I can't wait to see your flash fic!
Red_Harvey Red_Harvey Aug 19, 2014
@NotGenghisKhan Yeah lol. In trying to come up with an alternative to plastic, plastique is what my mind settled on. Explosives won't do, so I'll wrack my brain for a different word. Thanks again for reading, and the prompt. Writing this story was a lot of fun!
Red_Harvey Red_Harvey Aug 19, 2014
@blackswirlycloakguy Thanks! I wasn't sure on what to do with the ending. Overall, the story needs some sprucing up, but glad you liked it!