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Dragon Heritage by AryaNwright
Dragon Heritageby Arya R.G
Kiara Moonlight. A special name for a special girl. Kiara is just like any other girl or is she? Kiara was found on the doorstep of Kevin Williams one night. The moonlig...
Bound By Blood (YiZhan)  by MKAT_toor
Bound By Blood (YiZhan) by Marry T
'Eager to get killed' _ Yibo said smirking. 'Not going down without a fight' _ Zhan said smiling. ~~~ Wang Yibo is a blood sucker or we can say a 'VAMPIRE' who works a...
Bleeding Hearts by authorAyeShah
Bleeding Heartsby Aye Shah
"I take what I want, princess, no matter what." TRUTH is hidden behind the LIES. Secrets are buried within the secrets. Darkness lurks in the Light and Light...
The inheritance (Harry potter) by League_Of_Villians
The inheritance (Harry potter)by Toga_Is_Queen
After turning 12 Harry experiences a life altering change. From semi normal wizard to something else.
Their Bite, Her Blood [TBHB] by alyssa_nh
Their Bite, Her Blood [TBHB]by alyssa ♡
Just one bite. One bite was enough to make her crave for more. To feel his warm lips against her neck. For the exhilarating feeling of their fangs buried deep in her fle...
The Inheritance Drarry verson by League_Of_Villians
The Inheritance Drarry versonby Toga_Is_Queen
After turning 12 Harry experiences a life altering change. From semi normal wizard to something else. The Drarry verson.
His Beta by kirabelle15
His Betaby Kira
Dimitri Louis just moved back home from spending seven years with different European Alphas. Dimitri herself is no Alpha but the next Beta for Abraham Zeller. Threats of...
The Demon Prince's Mate by SilverWolfAlpha
The Demon Prince's Mateby Silverwolfie
A girl who had lived a normal life, never realizing that the world she was always brought up to hate was real. That she lived amongst the mythical creatures that was kno...
Defying The Gods Of Olympus by SOBMariuz
Defying The Gods Of Olympusby (Sea of Bitterness)
" Ms. Santiago, why don't you come over here and properly introduce yourself." The person said, and Ria had to bite her inside cheeks, not to curse vile words...
Servatis A Periculum by nightwisher07
Servatis A Periculumby nightwisher07
fanfiction for Blood Bound from Choices: Stories you play ***Credits to @farisyaschoices (IG) for the amazing cover!***
The Guardians (The Highest Order, Book One) by Hidden-Alice
The Guardians (The Highest Hidden-Alice
Faith's life has been anything but easy. From the divorce of her parents to moving to a completely different state, she has to learn to accommodate the changes that hav...
Addicted by AbsoluteGoddess21
Addictedby A.G Patterson
No Mate. No Wolf. Tristan Bale should be dead. He has somehow defied all the laws of being a werewolf by managing to maintain his strength and future Alpha status. Thoug...
Short Story Collection by SJMoquin
Short Story Collectionby SJ Moquin
Short Stories - Big Adventures! This is a collection of one-shots and short stories for contest entries or writing prompts. Genres range from Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern, P...
"Vienna" (✓) by Ven_jane
"Vienna" (✓)by Venjane
Vienna wanted a normal life, as normal as a witch can be. That's what she aimed when she moved to London. However, fate has a different agenda to offer, there she met a...
fan fiction on Vikram Dewan(choti sardarni)  by RoshRani4
fan fiction on Vikram Dewan( Rosh Rani
Story background: Manav sharma who was an orphan was gifted with intelligence. He completed his PhD while working on dhabba. He worked hard to change his fate and almost...
BloodBound (My Version) by Spider_Man07
BloodBound (My Version)by Spider_Man07
Same as the original BloodBound except some things will either change for the worse or the better.. if you haven't read the original books then this might confuse you...
Born To Be With You (On Hold) [Taekook/Vkook]  by TaeTaeshipper
Born To Be With You (On Hold) [ TaeTaeshipper
A prophecy will change the two mens life. When the sinners will pay their price. What will happen if they found out that they are born to be one? Will they follow their...
Bloodbound: Queen's Heart  by RhondaSayeed
Bloodbound: Queen's Heart by Rhonda Sayeed
Summary: A retailing of the original books, with more Kamilah. With an attempt at a more realistic reactions from MC. Especially involving the tapestries. Along with sm...
Remember Me by lifeasjodie
Remember Meby lifeasjodie
Part one. What would you do if you woke up in a strangers house surrounded by wolves, witches and vamires with no real memories of the last few years? Follow Alexeis' s...
The heart of Immortal [KTH FF} by Bellarix_Xyrus
The heart of Immortal [KTH FF}by 박Bella
WARNING:MANY GRAMMAR ERROR What will you do when you found out your mate is a vampire so does your ex boyfriend. "Really. Aren't you afraid I would drained you now...