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Dragon Heritage by AryaNwright
Dragon Heritageby Arya R.G
Kiara Moonlight. A special name for a special girl. Kiara is just like any other girl or is she? Kiara was found on the doorstep of Kevin Williams one night. The moonlig...
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Bleeding Hearts by bbllaacckkaangel
Bleeding Heartsby black_angel
'I take what I want princess, no matter what' he whispered, crashing his lips against mine. They are bound together with more than just what eyes can see and words can e...
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The Blood Bond by nicolewood55
The Blood Bondby Princess Nicole
When Evelyn Mason meets Klaus Mikaelson it's like a new world is introduced to her. Vampires she was used to. Psychos? She lived with one. But she never expected someone...
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Wolf Queen - Book 1 of The Nightfall Series by Zatanna135
Wolf Queen - Book 1 of The Charly
The world has ended. Mankind is dead. Wolves roam the night.
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The Blood Bracelets #4 - Hell Raised by SJ_Holder
The Blood Bracelets #4 - Hell Stephanie Holder
At first, Taryn Nyte was only being hunted by demons. Now she has Angels hunting her too, and when the Alchemist faction want revenge for the death of Asina, their quee...
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Their Bite, Her Blood [TBHB] by alyssa_nh
Their Bite, Her Blood [TBHB]by alyssa ♡
Just one bite. One bite was enough to make her crave for more. To feel his warm lips against her neck. For the exhilarating feeling of their fangs buried deep in her fle...
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Servatis A Periculum by nightwisher07
Servatis A Periculumby nightwisher07
fanfiction for Blood Bound from Choices: Stories you play ***Credits to @farisyaschoices (IG) for the amazing cover!***
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Born To Be With You (On Hold) [Taekook/Vkook]  by TaeTaeshipper
Born To Be With You (On Hold) [ TaeTaeshipper
A prophecy will change the two mens life. When the sinners will pay their price. What will happen if they found out that they are born to be one? Will they follow their...
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Choices Imagines by Blue_Limelight98
Choices Imaginesby Jana Hagos
i dont even know anymore im so sorry but i hope you guys enjoy!
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Khrys Villar is a half Gorgon-human and a Demi God who ruled the Mythical realm as the King of Unknown Creature. His duty is to maintain balance within the two parallels...
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Blood Bound || Pokemon FanFic (Discontinued) by bulbamaster4851
Blood Bound || Pokemon FanFic ( Max A Garcia
How would you use the powers pokemon do? What would you do with them? Max Igarci has been isolated for over 10 years in a cave. Separated from society in a dense fores...
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Laurier45: Blood Bound by DarkRoyallty
Laurier45: Blood Boundby DarkRoyallty Books™
Laurier Fotifyv awakens from an overdue slumber and attacks the first human he could sink his fangs into. Lost an unable to find his way back to where his little lies, h...
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The Worst Kind of Wonderful by bleachfeed
The Worst Kind of Wonderfulby bleachfeed
•In a fight for everything which would you choose: love or blood?• That's the decision Mia Cassidy, a born werewolf, must make when she discovers that her soul mate is a...
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Augustine's Queen by ImHarleyDelRey
Augustine's Queenby Harley
He's a manipulative, evil, charming bloodsucker, a certified bad boy. and she's a sucker for it. read these one-shots of the forbidden love life of BloodBound's Villain...
The diary of Gaius Augustine by GaiusAugustine
The diary of Gaius Augustineby ✨💫
In his diary, Gaius Augustine is reflecting on his past and talking about his hidden feelings.
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Creation Of A Vampire Guardian by OhitikaMasters
Creation Of A Vampire Guardianby OhitikaMasters
Micro fiction of 100 words or less for Watt Vampires Sire challenge
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Forever Bound by WhiteWinged
Forever Boundby Ari
Aiyanna knows no other life than her tribe. If it wasn’t for the mercy of her grandfather, she would have known no life at all. And so she tries, tries so, extremely har...
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Brothers of Blood: Book Two of My VLD Saga by Lulu14Rythmea
Brothers of Blood: Book Two of Lulu Rythmea
During an attack on the primary base of Marmora, Shiro sustains a fatal wound. Is there ANYTHING Keith can do to save him? This is a super short story including a lot of...
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His Beta by kirabelle15
His Betaby Kira
Dimitri Louis just moved back home from spending seven years with different European Alphas. Dimitri herself is no Alpha but the next Beta for Abraham Zeller. Threats of...
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Just a Drop of Blood by deathofcool
Just a Drop of Bloodby Monica S. Kuebler
An anthology of all the Blood Magic Saga short fiction, one-shots, contest entries, etc. Also contains some spooky stand-alone horror/paranormal stuff for various Wattpa...
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