VIII. Caught

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All week it was either hanging out with his friends, fooling around with helium from the town's stand of balloons, drinking smoothies after smoothies, an occasional slushie -- sometimes we even shared one, and going in and out the music store Zayn works at. We would sit in his truck, listening to the radio and talking, getting to know each other. 

By the end of it, he knew my habits and I started to find out his. 

The first time Harry entered my room, it was two weeks after our first date. When he first came over, and I pulled him upstairs, Nonna immediately stopped us with a, "What do you think you two are doing?" She refused to let us in my room on our own, but eventually she got over it the more and more he came over. She saw no point in it anymore.

He looked around, corner to corner with a faint smile. "This room just says you," he told me after a short moment. 

I turned around and lazily flopped down on the mattress. I recalled thinking it was simple, and plain, but nevertheless my taste for a place I mostly sleep in. "Yeah. I haven't been in here for years, though. This is the summer I got to see it again." 

As I stared at the ceiling, I felt the bed dip down and next to me he laid, staring at the same white ceiling. We were in silence for a moment; a moment of contentment and thought. I thought about him, and hopefully he of me. My cheeks softly released a pink across the skin when his hand felt for mine, fingers entwined together soon after.

"How fast do you think someone could fall in love with another person?" He asked quietly, lost in thought. 

I shrugged, breathing out, "I don't know. Love is complicated." I strongly believed it, too. I mean, of course I'm sure people are capable of loving someone else more than themselves and their lives, but I also know that it's a difficult, debatable topic. 

He sighed, blowing the air from his mouth. "Yeah. I'll never understand it completely." 

I nodded. "I guess it's kind of like...a movie? Or is that too cheesy?" 

When I turned my head, his lips were curved into an amused smile. "In a way it's like a movie. You know how you watch a movie you've never seen, and there's a lot of suspense because you don't know what's going to happen? But you want to keep watching because it's exciting, and for that ninety minutes, that period of're kinda just like...whoa, I can't wait to find out?" 

Giving it thought was perplexing because it took me a while to find that click. "Yeah," I said quietly once I found that connection he was making with a movie and love. Two different things. It sounds ridiculous at the same time, but yet the comparison was kind of...clever.

Harry shrugged lightly, finishing with, "I guess it's like that." 

A hum left the back of my throat. "You think you'll ever find the movie you want to watch?" 

"I think I already have." He told me, his head turning to mine. The pale green of his eyes was further more beautiful than any pair of eyes I've seen. I just couldn't get over the way he was. His personality, his looks a bonus, the way I'm up thinking about him for most of the night. 

I smiled. "Me too." 

The same eyes flickered down to my lips, briefly over my face, until they were back at their favorite place. He tends to stare at my lips a lot, but I don't mind. He leaned forward, locking our lips in a soft kiss, sealing this moment between us two, for us two to remember. 

He squeezed the hand he held, smiling against my lips as I couldn't help but do the same. 


"Max!" Harry shouted, hand in mine as he led me through the backyard of their house. It was a large field I'm suppose a lot of work was done on, and I figured this is where Harry helps his dad out the most. Speaking of his dad, he wasn't around at the moment, so I didn't get the chance to meet him that day.

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