XVI. A Water Bottle Cap, Buttocks, and Precautions

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I grabbed a water bottle for myself and one for Harry as he bends over, tying the laces of his hiking boots. My beaming grin made him smile to himself, murmuring, "You look like an over excited child."

"I'm feeling unreal!" I roared playfully, swinging my arms up in the air like I was cheering during a game. My voice went as deep as I could manage, though I sounded like a horrid actress.

Harry shakes his head, laughing softly. I felt him kiss my cheek softly, and I smiled before pushing the cold water bottle to his chest.

He hisses amusingly and eventually grabs it from my hands, slipping his fingers between my smaller ones and giving me a playful, furious look.

The hike begins. Not even half an hour later, Harry's tying his hair into a bun to keep it from his face. I tease him shortly for it, and he pinches my hip in response. My energetic motive and behavior gets the best of me, though Harry keeps up.

Walking in front of him, I look around my surroundings. Tall, dark trees provide some shade, though the humid, hot air doesn't cease. The ground is thick with grass and on occasion large rocks. Pungent smells of soil, grass, and tree bark fill the space that surrounds us.

I instantly grab his hand and pull him towards a tree where a bright purple flower attracts my attention. "Look, it's a purple giant hyssop," I told him, settling on my knees where Harry crouches down next to me, seemingly interested.

"How do you know all these? And you've never seen a cow?" He questions with a laugh.

"I only read about them, Harold," I mock him, shoving him lightly. "You're talking to a city kid."

Harry turns to look at the flower. "I've never seen this flower, though."

"That's because it's a rare species. The scientific name is Agasteche Scrophulariaefolia," I tell him.

He frowns lightly. "Agasteche what?" He breathes, eyes widening a bit. "Did you switch languages on me?"

I laugh lightly. "Possibly." I hummed, grinning to myself.

"I think it's cute how you know these things. You're into a lot of science?" He asks me.

For a moment I pause, shrugging my shoulders. "I like archaeology. Science history and things like that. I want to go into that field, but eh...my parents think I should go into something that will benefit me more financially."

Harry sighs, pursing his lips in thought. "I...think that anything that makes you happy is beneficial in general."

"You're right, but I rather not even think about it. C'mon, let's see if I can find a caterpillar to tell Max about. Can't wait to see the look on his face." I stand up and brush off the dirt from my knees, and Harry follows.

For the most part, I'm pointing out different things I recognize and Harry tries to pronounce them. We pause for like ten minutes trying to teach him how to say a certain plant.

"What's the scientific name for grass?" He teases as we walk along a path.

I roll my eyes at him and reply. "Agrostis. It's the most common type."

"Okay...what's the scientific name for a rabbit?"

"Seriously, Harry?"

"Yes! C'mon, tell me!" He laughs.

Soon after, I feel him grab my hands and I eventually begin to lead him through paths while I mentally keep track of where we are. Our footsteps are nearly in sync. I sigh as he keeps pestering me to tell him.

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