IV. Boxes

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The moment I woke up, my dad was rushing me to get some tools from the shed across the many yards of farming land we owned.

I groaned and put on some clothes, pushing my hair from my face in attempt to settle the mess.

"Harry, don't forget you need to get powdered milk for your brother in town," he said to me just as I opened the front door to our house. "Here, take the truck."

I nodded and took the truck keys from him. I figured I should go into town. While I drove the rusty truck, I saw a few people helping deconstruct the carnival.

The memories flooded back like a wave. My lips curved into a smirk at the memory of that girl. That pretty girl with big hazel eyes and thick, frizzy, curly hair.

Tanned skin and full lips. I couldn't even speak, my throat so constricted at the remarkable excess of beauty.

With a dumb grin plastered on my face, I parked a few stores down from our local market in the town square.

On the way I passed a few of my buddies, and a few girls, but none of them were her.

I returned home, placing the baby milk on the kitchen counter with the keys. Then, I hurried to the shed with a sprint in my legs.

"Free vaginas!" Someone screamed behind me.

Heart in my throat, I turned around with widened eyes. "What the -" I saw it was no one other than Louis, Niall tagging along behind him with nothing short of a laugh on his lips.

"You guys are such asses," I spat at them, smacking Louis over his head like usual.

The blue-eyes maniac shrugged. "Eh, what can I say? I'm a professional ass. The chicks dig it," he joked, and Niall laughed.

I rolled my eyes. "The chicks like gentlemen. Learn that?"

"Like you're one?" Niall teased, Louis moving his hand in agreement to Niall.

"Yeah, what he said."

I turned back to the tools, rolling my eyes. "Of course I am. Name one girl who said I was a jerk?"

Silence, and I thrived off of it.

"Okay. So maybe you are a nice guy. But that's not the point." Louis admitted. "What's going on tonight? Are you racing against Ben McConag?"

I scoffed. "Why do you say his name like he's some racing god?"

"Because he sort of is, man. He's never lost," Niall added.

"What makes you think I can't beat him?" I asked cockily, turning around to face them.

They glanced at each other, Louis being the first to say anything. "I think you can. You're a pro, but you know how Ben is. He's dangerous behind the wheel. And if you get in a car accident, I'll feel like such an ass for setting the race up."

I crossed my arms over my chest, pausing to think about it for a brief moment.

"It's whatever, man. I can beat this guy, so let me get these tools to my dad and we'll head back into town to spread the word," I told them.


Nonna kept screaming, "Don't drop the boxes!"

"I'm trying not to!" I called back breathlessly. These boxes were filled with old relics she was selling to a store today for an exchange for money.

I was trying to be useful and get the old woman's boxed all the way to the store, but it seemed like she was filling them with old rocks or something of that weight.

My arms and shoulders began to ache. I nearly tripped over my own feet, almost scrapping my boots. Nonna brought her lighter box inside as I struggled with the heaviest one.

Just as my arms began to give up, another pair wrapped around the other side of the box, lifting it up with remarkable strength -- strength I didn't have for sure.

My breath hitched in my throat. I looked at the stranger who had saved me from a trip to the hard, painful concrete.

His pale green eyes locked with mine, and he briefly glanced at the box before looking at me. His pink lips were curved into a side smirk, filled with amusement when he saw my blushing cheeks.

I felt my smile fight its way to the limelight.

"Whoa, careful, now," he mused with such a deep, husky, and all the while raspy voice. It was heavenly. His gorgeous eyes stared carefully, awaiting for my lips to open and speak to him.

I inhaled deeply and softly said, "Thank you."

"Don't thank me yet. Where are you taking these boxes? The relics shop?" He asked, fully taking the box from my arms in his own. No doubt through his tee he had muscular arms.

My mind swooned and I cursed myself for not replying to him sooner. "Um...yeah." I answered quietly.

He nodded and began to walk to the relics store, and I followed him. "What's your name?" He asked me suddenly.

"Alexis," I replied, nearly melting when he looked down at me, eyes scanning the features of my face at a closer distance.

He gently told me, "Pretty name."

"Thanks," I blushed, averting my eyes to the inside of the store we were stepping in, where my Nonna stood by the cashier taking out the relics from the box she had taken.

He placed the box on the counter just as my Nonna saw him and gave me a brief glance.

"Oh, that was sweet of you, boy," she smiled happily.

I remembered just now that Myra said his name was Harry. And Harry grinned up at my Nonna and said, "Can't let a beautiful girl struggle."

My face must've resembled what was going on my head. Nonna smirked faintly and raised her eyebrows. "Charmer, you are," she mused. "Alexis, you can just walk around for a few minutes till I'm done here."

I saw the glint of amusement sparkling in her eyes. She turned back to the boxes, starting to open the new one.

While she did that, Harry peered down at me, smirk evident and dimple prominent.

"I'm Harry, by the way."

"And I'm -- wait...I already introduced myself," I stammered pathetically.

Harry chuckled softly, looking down at his shoes. I hadn't noticed that we have been walking towards the entrance of the small shop.

"You going to the drag race tonight by any chance?" He asked once we were outside. I leaned my back against a brick wall while he stood in front of me.  His eyes watched me carefully, not missing any emotion that briefly crossed my features.

I shrugged. "Yeah, most likely. My friend Myra told me about it."

"I hope you do," he softly told me, and again my heart was hammering against my chest with uncomfortable swirls happening in my stomach.

I watched him quietly.

"And by chance, if you do, I'll save you a seat right next to me in my car," he murmured, smirk evident. "If it's okay with you of course." He added afterwards.

God yes it's okay, I thought to myself. My toes curled in my boots as I breathed, "Of course it is."

"Harry! Man, c'mon. Miles finished on your car," a voiced called for him, and he briefly looked at the blonde that was calling him. The blonde I've seen with him all the time.

Harry then turned to me. "I hope that you'll be my luck charm tonight," he said to me, flirtatiously.

He then began to walk away, and I stood there almost fainting against the wall.

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