XX. Love Bug

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On the way back home, Harry stops at the gas station and I go get a few snacks for the drive. It's quiet in the car for most of the way as we're both tired, and without a doubt I was feeling the soreness of last night's main event.

I'd occasionally shift on the seat, grimacing at the discomfort, though I say nothing nor make it obvious. Otherwise, I'd feel embarrassed if he knew.

When I arrive at Nonna's, I get back the same feeling of contentment I got when I first got here. My smile is instant, though faint. We don't spend too much time bringing in my bags to my room.

"Nonna?" I call out, eyebrows furrowed at the odd absence of noise. "Nonna?" I try again, though I get no response. I look into her room, the bathroom, and nearly every room there is, but find no sign of her. Shrugging to myself, I figure she's out into town.

Harry is seated on my bed when I return to my bedroom. He lies on his back, aimlessly staring at the ceiling. I start to rummage through my bag to start organizing my things. As I do this, Harry sighs and sits up with a tired groan.

"I guess I better get going. My dad's probably waiting on me to get back." He stands to his feet, running a hand through his disheveled hair.

I stop my rummaging just to receive the kisses he leans down to give me. With just inches away from my face, he murmurs, "I uh...," he pauses and gulps, pulling away. "I'll see you around, babe."

Nodding, I hum out, "Okay."

He leaves soon after, leaving me alone to groggily put things into their place. I shift in focus later on, going downstairs to watch a bit of the television. That is until the front door opens and I have awaited company.

Myra comes through the door with bags of groceries in her hand, eyes widening with excitement as she places them down in the kitchen counters. Then, proceeds to rush us into a hug.

"Oh my gosh, you're finally back! How was it?" She asks when we pull away, grasping my hands and squeezing them with excitement.

I smile and enthusiastically say, "It was perfect. Everything was so cute with him and fun. I --"

"Well, hello, Alexis. You've got a little glow your face. Seems you had fun while the rest of us live our neutral boring lives." It is the joking tone of my beloved Nonna.

She walks to us with a bag that she placed next to the others. I don't hesitate to wrap my arms around her in a hug.

"I missed you," I tell her as I squeeze her gently in our embrace.

Nonna pulls away, sending me a faint, tired smile. Now that I look at her, she has very deep bags underneath her dull eyes; eyes that are usually vibrant and playful.

"I missed you, too. I even bought you a jar of cherries 'cause I felt generous with my money," she teases, and eagerly begins to rummage through the bags of groceries.

I sigh happily and take a seat at the table with Myra. She gives me a suggestive look, wiggling her eyebrows and chuckling when I frown at her.

"Here it is," Nonna announces, handing me a glass jar of cherries. I've missed these sweet little treats.

"Thank you. You're the best," I remind her, to which she is fully aware and makes it a statement as she nods. Myra nudges me while Nonna is turned away, signaling we go upstairs. I don't know what she's up to, but I do so. "Myra and I are going to be upstairs."

Nonna, as clever as she is, says, "Okay, that's fine. You and I will talk later on."

I lead Myra to my room, where she shuts the door and excitedly asks, "So....how romantic was it?"

She takes a seat on my bed while I toggle with the lid of the jar, leaning against the closed door.

"Everything was in its own way romantic. I can't think of anything that wasn't in a way cute. He just makes everything perfect," I explain to her, slightly grinning.

Myra nods slowly. "I wish to have a relationship as cute as yours." She grins widely, teasingly adding, "How was sharing a tent?"

"Fun." I twist one last time, finally opening the maddening jar of cherries. I avoid looking at her, knowing I'm already blushing.

She hums and laughs out, "You're blushing, you little minx! Tell me everything!"

"Shh!" I hiss, reminding her to lower her voice. "It's not really...I don't know how to put it. He is officially my first."

"Aw," Myra gushes, eyebrows raised and eyes big with admiration. "Did it hurt?"

I nod, grimacing. "Still does."

"Ouch," she shudders. "Well, at least next time it won't as much. Were you really nervous?"

"Yeah," I breathe. "I was nervous out of my mind."

"The big first is over now, though. So, what else did you guys do?"

I shrugged. "We just went swimming a lot and hiking. Ate a lot of fish and chips and burgers. I'm embarrassed by this, but I already miss him." My face turned into a frown.

Myra playfully rolls her eyes and sings, "It's the love bug."


"Ey! Harold is back!" The boys come rushing towards me as I'm walking down my front steps. I raise my eyebrows in surprise as they each take me in their childish, bantering embrace.

"You guys knew I was back today?" I question them.

"Well, yeah," Niall shrugs. "Your dad was talking about it. Anyways, how was it?"

Liam grins and adds, "Yeah...did you put the bread in the oven?" The boys snicker, and I waited for all of them to take their turns teasing me.

"Huh...did you...put the ping in the pong?" Louis asks.

"The lolly in the wrapper?" Niall.

"The willy in the wanka?" Zayn.

"Did you all have these thought and planned out because that's what it looks like," I dryly retort, shoving the one closest to me; Niall.

He cockily snickers in refusal, shaking his head. Then it slowly falters, and he quietly murmurs, "Yeah."

"Concerning your questions," I tell them, "Yeah, I had a great time with my girlfriend."

"She's probably gossiping to her friend about how terrible you were in bed," Zayn teases, nudging me and winking.

I glare and mutter, "That's not what her screams were telling me."

They erupt into laughter and banter about my bold move to say something like that. They usually say things like that all the time, only difference is I feel like I have to be more private because this is Alexis and I. Not just some girl.

"Nice one, Harry," Louis chuckles as we all sit at my porch. I roll my eyes at him.

Liam sighs and says, "Well, at least one of us is getting some action. Vivian from across my house keeps leading me on."

"That sucks. I'm gonna make my move on Eleanor tonight," Louis tells us, highly confident of himself.

"That girl fucking hates you, Louis. Stop barking down that tree," Niall advices. "Anyways, we're all here to mess with Harry. Thought we agreed on this."

"Yeah," Zayn chuckles. "Harry, were her screams of terror or pleasure? We will never know."

"Fuck off," I remark with a faint laugh. "And shut up. Yeah, we had sex. Get over it, you idiots. I feel like you're all still twelve."

"That's because we are. We were all sent here from the past to crack jokes on your shitty sex life," Liam hums teasingly, making 'ghostly' sound affects as the others join.

"I hate you guys."

"You love us."

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