XVIII. Shouted

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Our first night consisted of sweets and fires. She sits on the chair as I tossed the final pieces of wood into the pile we've made. I kicked some dirt around the fire wood and felt accomplished when it looked quite decent. Surrounding rocks that enclosed the flames assured me that this will most likely stay in control. Hopefully.

"Hey, you have a lighter or...we're doing this Flintstones style?" Alexis amusingly asks from the chair as she ties her curls back. I glance over at her with a faint smile. 

"Nah, I'm just gonna sit here for three hours trying to impress you," I retort, walking over to her and flicking my index finger underneath her chin. She scrunches up her nose, playful smile in my direction.

I lean forward, initially going for a kiss, but she lightly shoves me by the chest and remarks, "I'd rather have melted marshmallow on my lips." 

"Rude," I murmur, still unable to mask my amusement. "Guess you won't be getting any cuddles tonight."

"Noooo," she whines. "I can't live without them." 

"Well, you deserve it. That's the last time you hurt my feelings," I huff, turning around and digging into my pocket for the lighter. I pick up a piece of the wood and proceed to light our little camp fire we've set up. 

Once that's finished, I grab my own chair and sit while Alexis continues to stare at me, a grin on her face as she figures my little act won't last very long. I glance at her briefly, frown in tact. 

"You forgot the marshmallow." 

"That's all you care about? Okay...go cuddle with the marshmallows." 

Alexis says nothing. She presses her lips together in attempt to hide her amusement as she stands up and most likely goes for the marshmallows. Then, she later returns with the "melted marshmallow" kit Francis let us borrow. He expressed a longing to get rid of it, too.

My silence amuses her, and I fight a laugh when she drops a couple of the white sweets on the ground from opening the plastic bag. She surprises me when she takes a seat on my lap, and I immediately forget my playful little act, proceeding to wrap my arms around her waist. I lean my face into the back of her shirt, holding her tighter.

"Oh, so now you're gonna be all touchy?" She questions, humming.

I smile faintly and huskily whisper, "You don't mind, do you?" 

"Hmm, how could I?" Alexis hums softly, laughing when I squeeze her lightly and dig my fingertips into her sides with playful intentions. I lean back and sigh as she starts to roast her marshmallow.

Sounds of ruffling leaves and rustling branches make night's atmosphere a little more welcoming. A warm wind flows by and alarms the fire to the lightest bit. I feel so relaxed.

"Sounds like the perfect moment for some spooking campfire stories," Alexis suggest softly, her light humor like an accent on every word she speaks.

I play with the denim of her shorts, picking at the fringes of fabric that have stuck out from wear and tear. "Hmm...I've got one. It's about the night I thought my bedroom was haunted and pissed all over my bed sheets."

Alexis giggles and asks, "Aw, no. How old were you?"

"Six? Seven?...anyways, I was so sure that room was haunted, I'd cling onto my mum and refuse to sleep in there. The thought made the hair on my neck stick up and everything," I explain to her lowly, trying to seem frightening to a pointless extent. "There were knocks on the door, thumps beneath my bed...it was all...traumatizing."

"Oh please," she snickers, laughing lightly. "That's so --"

"Shh!" I hush her hastily. "Listen. One night, I was all alone in my bedroom. Lights all off. My mum forgot to turn on my night light, and there was no way in hell I was gonna get up from that bed. Some monster thing would've dragged me beneath my bed."

She hums softly, my fingertips tracing endless circles and swirls onto the soft skin of her thighs. I continued to lowly retell the story of my traumatizing fears of the dark and the ghostly.

"And that same night, I felt my blanket being pulled at the end of the bed. It was a soft tug at first, but I was wide awake. So, I knew for a fact, that wasn't just a little coincidence. It was the monster," I whisper softly into her ear, and she grins faintly. My body is leaned up against hers now, my hands coming to a rest on her thighs.

"It was pulled in a flash!" I exclaimed, and she laughs out loud, though I don't stop my ridiculous story-telling. My fingers dip lightly into her skin, hush, husky tone making it even more ridiculous. "There was a thump, and suddenly...a flow of warmth traveled throughout my sheets."

"I was...dreadfully...peeing myself," I finished quietly, and Alexis couldn't stop laughing. "The urine wouldn't stop!" I shouted, leaning away again. "It wouldn't stop!" I breathed out. "I screamed and begged for the urination to end its traumatizing flow of events, but it just wouldn't give up!"

I continued. "No, urine! I shouted."

Alexis laughed loudly, throwing her head back in utter, complete amusement. "That!" She breathed out, "Was such a touching, moving story!" She claims as she's pulling her finished marshmallow away from the fire.

"I know," I grin.

The crackling of the fire and our silence is peaceful for a while. She ends up offering me some, and I refuse, though she turns and starts to feed me herself. I part my mouth as she brings the warm sweet to my lips, and just when I think I'm going to eat a marshmallow, she quickly leans in and places her own lips on mine.

A quick peck is all I get before she brings the marshmallow to her mouth and eats it. I raise my eyebrows and she whispers, "Ha." 

"Wow, so immature!" I huskily accuse, faking my anger. My hand slaps my thigh in false irritation. 

Alexis laughs and turns so she sits with her legs perpendicular to mine. I wait for my "well-deserved" attention, and grin cheekily right as her nose brushes against mine. I'm satisfied when her soft lips touch mine. Immediately, I deepen the soft kiss, careful to savior her taste and feel.

One of my hands places on her thigh, tracing a path up and down her soft skin. I feel her own reach up to my jaw. Our lips move effortlessly against one another, and the more we touch the more I'm tempted to make it last. 

Her cheekiness makes an appearance when she moves and shifts fully, straddling my waist. I groan lightly at her actions, the noise muffled by her mouth. My hands don't hesitate to continue roaming her skin, moving lightly as to not make her feel discomfort. 

Though she's always steps ahead of me. Her arms wrap fully around my neck, lips parting and I take the moment to glide my tongue across her bottom lip, her own interfering with mine. My hands remain at her thighs, pulling away for breath. 

I bite my bottom lip, inhaling deeply as my eyes linger on hers. Those pretty hazel eyes that I first saw when Liam pushed me for some foolish joke I made. God bless Liam's tendency to push me around when I make those stupid jokes.

I bring a hand up to stroke one of her loose curls away from her face, sighing to myself before burying my face into her neck. Eventually, I feel her hands run through my hair. The heat from the fire becomes extensive and I yearn to sleep. 

Alexis pulls away just enough to look at me. She softly whispers, "You alright?"

I simply nod my head, my voice raspy as I murmur, "Just tired, baby."

"Okay, let's go," she suggests, getting up from her place on my lap. Her hand grasps mine, a grunt slipping from my lips as I lazily got up from the chair.

Putting out the fire was proceeded. I carefully observed until I thought it was safe to leave and head back to the tent.

note/ thanks for reading, homies. very tired as usual and i will be blessed with more than five hours of sleep...hopefully. woo!

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