IX. Baby

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He picked me up from my house one Saturday. I was on his back, arms around his neck and legs around his waist. With his mouth, he made backing up noises every time he decided to walk backwards. On the way to his house, he was starting to get loud.

"Beep...beep....beep...beep," Harry yelled out, walking backwards and completely unaware of what he could rush my back into. "Beep...beep...bee-"

I placed a hand over his mouth, muffling the noises leaving his lips. He continued beneath my palm, and I giggled into his neck. I could feel him smiling into the skin of my hand, and he eventually stopped to breathe. Once I removed my hand, he opened his mouth to continue.

"Stop," I laughed quietly. "People have been staring at us since we left my house."

Harry huffed. "Okay. Kiss first," he turned his head and puckered his lips. I was still a blushing mess whenever he did cute things like that. I'm aware it'll take time before I'm used to this.

I eagerly brought my lips to his in a gentle kiss. I pulled away, grinning at him as he did the same. This was so sweet and I wanted nothing more than to keep kissing him.

We arrived at his house only to find his dad at the garage. He was doing his daily cleaning on the mustang. He looked up and waved.

"Hey, Alexis!"

Harry's dad was such a nice man. I'm so glad to have met him and made a good impression because he agreed to forget that he interrupted two making out teens in his garage.

I waved back and beamed. "Hello, Mr. Styles! How are you!?" Harry still had me on his back, so I used my other hand to keep myself up.

He smiled and shouted, "I'm great, thank you!"

Harry acknowledged his dad with, "We'll be inside, dad!"

Once in the house, I was put down onto my feet. Harry was walking into his kitchen, digging around for some snacks. I followed and he pulled out two cans of Pepsi and tossed me a bag of chips.

"Where are we going?" I asked him.

Harry shrugged, eyes glued on anything else that interested his appetite. "My room? We can just stay in there and listen to music."

I nodded briefly. "Okay. Sounds fun." Holding the bag of chips, I did a little patient dance with my hips, humming softly and aimlessly looking around.

Harry impressively managed to grab two cans of soda from the bottom. He used the other to grab my hand and lead me upstairs.

In the hallways, I saw Max poking his head out of his room in wonder. He saw me and waved a small hand. "Hi, Alexis." He called.

I grinned and excitedly waved back. "Hey, Max. How's the caterpillar hunt going?"

He grinned, dimples and little teeth on display. "It's cool!"

We entered the room and soon enough we were playing a No Doubt album as loud as Harry was permitted. I sat with my legs crossed as sat he leaned against the headboard, both of us on his bed.

"I think it's supposed to rain or something tomorrow. There's a community service event going on at the church and my dad wants me to help out. Niall and the other guys are, too," Harry told me.

"Oh, what service are they doing?" I asked, sipping on the soda.

Harry shrugged. "Probably painting and fixing some things at the church. It's all to maintain it in best shape."

"Yeah. That sounds like it could be fun," I reached over to grab a handful of chips and sat back down.

He gazed over at me. "Do you want to join me? Us painting for a good cause," he grinned.

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