VI. Midnight

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"And my tires were totally jacked up!" Niall protested before shoving a fry into his mouth, baby blue eyes glancing around the group that sat among a table in one of the greasiest fast food places in town, but we were hungry and it was nearly midnight. This was the only place open. Joe's Burgers.

Harry shook his head. "I won. Your car was perfectly fine."

The blonde continued to insist. I sat next to Harry, our arms touching every now and then. He briefly nudged me and gazed down at me with a little smirk, pale green eyes peering down into mine. I turned away with heated cheeks and a smile.

"It was more jacked up than Louis's sex fantasies with the mayor's wife," he added before Louis raised his hand and smacked Niall's head, scolding him with narrowed eyes right before he too chewed onto a fry. He leaned his elbow on the table and dipped one into the ranch.

Myra was enjoying sipping on smoothie next to me. I wiped my fingers on a napkin and the corners of my mouth. Liam kept stealing fries from me, which I let him have because otherwise they'd see how psychotic I am with what nourishes my body. Even though this stuff is an instant heart attack.

Zayn quietly played with the buttons on his denim jacket, rolling the sleeves up to his elbows. The cooled room was a contrast to the warmer night outside.

"So where are you from, Alexis?" Harry asked me suddenly, swallowing down his food.

I looked up at the group, each of them genuinely interested. "I was born in Montana. My mother's Italian and my dad's German." 

"How'd you end up here?" Louis snickered. 

A chuckled slipped from my lips. "I'm visiting my grandmother on my mom's side. Just for the summer. Then it's back to home schooling and traveling the world for charities." 

Harry's lips parted in shock. "Whoa. I wish I could afford traveling the world. I'd...that's like my dream."

"It's really fun. But, I like it here. When you move around a lot, you never have a place to call home and inevitably, you don't have many friends at all." I explained to them. 

Liam smiled, hanging an arm around Zayn's shoulders. "If there's one thing I'm glad about living in this town are these four lads right here."

"Aw, you are just the sweetest," Zayn gushed, and then almost immediately shoved him off of him. "Now don't touch me ever again." 

Ignoring their banter, Myra placed her hands on her cheek and hummed. "I'd love to leave this town. But, realistically, I hardly think it'll happen. Unless you're not taking over a family business and you plan on going to the city and studying there, which is a pain in the ass." 

"Very true. Now, I have to get up early. Man's making me go hunting at five AM sharp," Louis stated with a sigh. "So, I'll see everyone some other time?" 

There was a chorus of "alright" and "bye, Louis." With that, the brown-haired, blue-eyed boy left the burger joint, the door closing slowly behind him.

One by one the boys began to leave, until it was Myra, Harry, and I. I giggled at a few of his jokes here and there, and when Myra got too worried about her curfew, I replied with, "It's okay, you can go home before you get into trouble." 

Eventually it was just Harry and I, which couldn't have been more perfect. This was when he walked me home, having let Niall's lazy bum take his truck. I laughed at a couple more of his ridiculous jokes. He kicked around a littered can around for a few minutes. I kicked it away, which he chased me for. 

Breathless, I stopped right before a broken street light, grasping it and desperately wanting to gain my breath back. Behind me, he jogged up at me and breathed, "You run pretty fast. I thought if I caught up to you, I could carry you and be all cute." 

"I don't mind if you still carry me," I breathed while I peered up at him, laughing. 

Harry grinned, the adoring dimple prominent on his cheek. I allowed him to pick me up, preferably in bridal style. With a hand over my mouth, covering my endless amusement, I wrapped an arm around his neck for support. 

"Are you sure I'm not too heavy?" I asked him curiously. 

He didn't seem to struggle at all. "No. I could go on like this for hours." 

I nodded, looking behind us to see we were leaving the town square, and soon enough he'll need directions to my house. "I live on Brenton Street. It's just right around --"

"I know where that is. No worries," he smiled, pale green eyes looking ahead while mine focused on his handsome face "So, I hope you like movies." 

"Well, of course. Why?" 

"Because I'm taking you to see one tomorrow night." He replied back smoothly, husky voice much raspier than before. I had my hands at the nape of his neck by now, staring down at him. My distance from him was shortened, and I knew he could feel it shrinking. 

I chuckled. "What if I said no?" 

"I'd...cry myself to sleep. That'll be embarrassing," he admitted with an amused smile, gazing down at me. 

"I will go with you. No worries," I replied, though the same use of his words minutes ago was in bold mockery that he noticed. 

Harry averted his eyes and we were in silence up until he reached my porch. I hadn't even noticed we were on my street to begin with. When he set me down, I turned to face him. Our eyes locked and he lowly said, "I'm really glad you came tonight." 

"I am, too. It was fun," I confessed quietly, clasping my hands together quite nervously. 

He then added, "And...I also want to say that...I think you're really beautiful." 

A heat swarmed over my face like a toxic gas. I bounced on the heels of my feet in shyness, averting my eyes to feet when he said those words. I softly murmured, "Thanks." 

He took a few steps forward, coming face to face with me. I had to peer up at him by just a tiny difference thanks to the boots. I held my breath when he leaned forward, and I felt his lips kiss my cheek. 

The front door opened to reveal my grandmother just as Harry pulled away. A huge grin plastered on her face. "Well, I'm sorry to interrupt..." she started slowly. 

I blushed further and swallowed, trying to cover up with concern. "Nonna, what are you doing up at this time!?" I questioned her with an exclaim, moving to move her back inside by the shoulders. Her eyes never left Harry. "C'mon, let's just go back inside." I added. 

She laughed and I turned around, sending Harry a shy smile. "Thank you. I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?"

"Definitely," he chuckled, eyes averting to the wood of my porch. His hands dug into his pockets and he turned around, right as I shut my front door. 

I turned around and inhaled deeply, placing my hands over my heated cheeks. My back leaned against the wooden door and Nonna laughed. 

"So..." she started. 


"Mr. Cheeky here thinks you're really beautiful," she stated what she had heard.

My lips parted. "Why did you interrupt?" 

"I was preventing teen pregnancy in the making," she joked, and my eyes narrowed a little. "Sorry, I've been drinking and I can't sleep." 

My eyebrows furrowed and I sighed heavily. I should have noticed. It reeks alcohol inside here. "Nonna, you know you shouldn't be doing that," I exasperated, placing my hands on her shoulders. "C'mon, I'll help you to bed." 

note: short little chapter, but thanks for reading. they'll be longer from now on and i just wanted to let you guys know that this is a short story (15-20 parts), so it won't be too slow or too fast. it'll fit just fine, i hope. 

thank you for reading so much! <3

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