XIII. Hers

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Nonna and Harry's dad came to pick us up with huge glower on their faces. We sat on a bench, awaiting a disappointed response from both guardians.

I tried to smile innocently at Nonna, but she smacked both Harry and I on our heads. She said to Harry's dad she's got a punishment in mind. 

That resulted in today's main event; kitchen duties. Harry was cleaning out the fridge while I washed everything in the cabinets. Nonna went to the grocery store, warning us to avoid slacking off. 

"I think this is fair punishment," I said to Harry, back facing him as I rinsed out a glass cup. 

"Yeah," I hear him grunt as he stands, putting down a glass of cold orange juice beside me. "She literally puts everything back in the fridge," he briefly laughs to himself. 

I take the glass cup and pour out the orange juice that only filled the cup up half way. My eyes remain solely on the task, however Harry has other plans. I feel his head dip, chin resting on my shoulder while his arms wrap around my waist. He tries to remain innocent as he does so. 

My body warms when he kisses my cheek, then my jaw. A knowing smile slips onto my lips, and I lightly say, "Not a good idea, Styles." 

He doesn't reply straight away, but hums lowly to himself. I feel his lips on the skin of my cheek, his arms hugging me tighter. "I haven't kissed you all day," he murmurs huskily. "And all this cleaning is so stressful." 

I laugh at how serious he's being about it, too. With eyebrows raised, playful smile on my lips, I turn around to face him. His arms never leave my waist. He gazes down at me, looking upset over something as simple as a kiss. 

"You're stressed?" I pout playfully, my concern was absolute amusement, and he knows that. He decides to play along. 

He nods like a five year-old, pouting. I watch as he puckers his lips. "Kiss?"

"Hmm, I don't know," I hum softly. He groans, but nevertheless I lean forward and kiss him. He's content for the time being, smiling when our lips lock. Repetitive pecks are placed on my lips, playful sweet ones that I laugh into. "You said kiss." 

"No. I didn't specify on how many," he mumbles his protest. 

I push lightly at his chest with a giggle. "Cheeky boy," I accuse as I place one last kiss on his waiting lips. He grins in triumph, and soon enough I'm encouraging us to continue our tedious punishment. The faster we are the better.

A couple minutes later, Nonna arrives with groceries. I see cherries and I'm immediately washing them and eating them. She shakes her head at me, and I innocently smile as I pop another into my mouth. 

There is only a running water and shuffling from Harry cleaning out the fridge heard. Nonna sits down at the table, reading through a magazine quite carelessly. I know she's here to supervise us. 

"So what were you two doing out so late? Specifically without permission?" Nonna asks, curious and more so serious. I blush as my back is turned to her, refusing to answer. Harry is silent as well, which sparks up Nonna's interest. "No answer?" 

I sigh softly and squeak out, "Nothing. We just wanted to spend time together."

"Nothing, huh?" She's suspicious. "And you both are practically joined at the hip. How much more time do you want to spend with each other?" The teasing is now evident. 

With pink cheeks, I testify, "We just did, Nonna." 

"I think we need to have this talk," she states.

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