XVII. Tropic Feeling

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 n. don't you ever just wanna run through the six with your woes.


My toes sunk into thick, smooth sand as I soaked in the surroundings. Beside me was Harry, entwining our fingers and glaring out into the distance. The sun took the advantage of today's clear sky, burning down onto the land. It became even more apparent the longer my feet remained stationary on the sand.

The amount of people is relaxing, and luckily it's not as crowded as I thought it would be. It's peaceful and almost private.

I eagerly pulled Harry down the small hill to a more leveled area of land. We eventually set up here. I sat on my towel while Harry laid his down next to mine. He sat down with a grunt, lazily leaning against me with his back to me.

Eventually, he lied down between my legs, head resting on my chest as he demanded I put sun screen on him.

"Why do I have to do it for you first?" I questioned, knowing I was going to do it anyway.

He hums. "I have no reason. Just do it, please. I'll burn out here faster than Liam's cooking."

I giggled and grabbed the bottle of sun screen from his hands, popping the lid open. Getting a good amount, I rubbed my hands together before pushing him up and making him sit up. I rubbed my hands across his back and his arms, cheekily leaning forward and stealing a kiss on his lips.

Harry grins to himself as I toss the bottle to him, signalling that it's my turn now. I turn around, holding up my hair that I've let out. Soon enough, I feel the cool lotion rubbing into my skin by his large, slightly rough hands. I smirk when he leans forward, and nudges his nose against my cheek. I turn my head just a bit, and he places a soft kiss on my lips, too.

The adorable moment is shattered the second we find ourselves in the water. I've removed my shorts, revealing the blue and white patterned two peace bottoms. I couldn't find the other plain white part that goes with the top, but hey, whatever works.

My curls fly around in my face every time I march away from him or make quick movements. Water flies in all directions. I shout and shriek every time a cold wave of water engulfs me because of his force. I'm beaten in the war, and soaked by the end.

He wraps his arms around my waist, though, pulling me further into the water until it reaches the very base of our necks. Well, to his neck. I'm not his height, so unfortunately I would have been up to my nose by now if I hadn't teasingly wrapped my legs around his waist.

Then, I place my arms around his neck, leaning my face into his with a faint smile. He grins and murmurs, "Nice, yeah?"

I nod my head, gazing around us for a brief moment. Water glistens in the sun, while I try my best to get a photographic memory of this very moment. It's such a beautiful sight, I wish I could save it forever. But I couldn't. Not as much as I tried.

"Feels...tropical, almost." I suggested, turning to look at him again. Our faces remain just a few inches away. "You said you've always wanted to travel," I state, nearing the tone of a question.

"Yeah. I think it'd be refreshing. Seeing new things for once," he says, then adds, "We're pretty deep into a lake and discussing traveling. Not exactly my idea of romantic, but...." he hums.

"Didn't know this was a romantic getaway. What is your idea of romantic?" I laugh softly.

"This," he murmurs huskily, enclosing the distance between our lips. He kisses me with a gentle force. The texture of his perfect lips and the effortless way they move against mine troubles me to no end. Trouble that I don't consider bad, though frustrating. Because I find that if I was to have some type of withdrawal from his kiss, then I'd never be able to last a day.

I can't help but smile into his mouth, feeling his do the same. "What cha smiling about?" He raspily mumbles against my skin.

"You know what," I hastily speak, remaining playful. He grins and sighs, arms around my waist where they hold me to him. I just hug him close to me, feeling comfortable in the soft movement of the water and the heat that was once unbearable was now way at the back of my mind.

"I know nothing," he huffs, embracing me tightly. "But, I would like to."

Smiling, I kiss his cheek and say, "Just that you're perfect for me."  

He grins lightly, nudging his nose against mine as he whispers, "I happen to think the same of you." He waits not even a second to attach his lips to mine in an eager, forceful kiss. I place a hand on the nape of his neck, lightly digging my nails into his skin while my mouth moves in effortless sync with his, returning the almost irking want.

I feel him press me further against his body, hands tightening around my hips. The touch moves and crosses my thighs on occasion, fingertips brushing the bottom piece of my swimsuit. Besides the peaceful droplets of water, I hear the movement of our lips. I sigh and selfishly indulge in his touch. 

Harry boldly traces my bottom lip with his tongue, sucking it between his teeth before attaching our lips again. I feel his slick tongue find its way into my mouth as I find it incredibly hard to resist pressing my chest flush against his, wanting his body as close as possible to mine. I quietly moan against him before slowly pulling away. 

"Nearly forgot there are people around us," I remind him, letting my fingertips brush against the outline of his perfect jaw line.

His eyes remain closed as he groans and huskily rasps, "Then let's just go back to the tent, baby."

I bite my lip, saying, "C'mon. We're gonna look like raisins when we get out of here."

We spend much of the day on the sand or in the lake, reapplying sunscreen to avoid frying ourselves in the sun. He went by the guy making hot dogs and brought back two. As we ate, I sat myself next to him and admired the way his slightly damp hair fell against his cheeks and his eyes were more vibrant than usual.

I watch him eat, and notice he sticks his tongue out before biting into the hot dog. It was cute. I snicker to myself, averting my eyes to my own food. With a mouthful, he looks up at me with a frown, wondrous of what I'm snickering at.

He chews and murmurs, "What?"

I shake my head. "Nothing."

He groans. "Obviously, it's something."

"It's nothing," I insist, avoiding laughing, but it wasn't working out too well. He gazes at me pleadingly. I then sigh. "It's just that you're so cute when you eat."

Harry watches me for a few seconds before he says, "Okay, I've never heard that one before."

"Oh, so you receive plenty of compliments?"

"Pfftt, oh yeah! Most likely all of them were from my mom," he winks at me, causing me to smile. "What's so cute about how I eat?" 

I shrug my shoulders in response. "I don't know. You kinda just look cute all the time." 

"Wow, I'm incredibly flattered....wait...kinda?" He inquires amusingly, shaking his head. 

A smile curves itself onto my lips. "Oh okay, sorry. Bad choice of words. You are always cute."

"Better," he hums. "Just not the best." 

"I'm not sitting here to feed you compliments," I poke his chest with my index.

Harry frowns. "You're not? Then why are you sitting here?" 

My mouth falls agape. "Oh, you take it back or you'll regret it." 

He laughs lightly and states, "No. I sort of want to see where this you'll regret it thing goes."

"Of course," I roll my eyes.

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