XXI. Furious

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I spent some time with Nonna, watching the rose competition in the town square. They were all beautiful, however only one could win. I didn't vote, personally not having a favorite. After an agonizingly long chat with Nonna about my trip with Harry, she let me off to my boyfriend's house.

Harry was in his garage, shuffling through things and scattering broken parts around with one goal that was beyond me. I smile to myself, before wrapping my arms around him from behind. His shock is short-lived. He raises his arms and turns around, neutral expression turning into a faint grin when he realizes it's me.

"Hey," he murmurs lowly, arms wrapping around my waist tightly. I watch him through my eyelashes as he dips his head down, bringing our lips to a close for a few seconds.

When I pull away, I softly ask, "What cha looking for?"

He shakes his head. "Just some part my dad wanted me to get. S'fine. I can't even find it so I'll let him know," he explains briefly, sighing. "How was your day?"

"Hmm, Nonna took me to this rose garden competition. And she nonstop criticized anyone she could," I explain, pursing my lips.

Harry chuckles, "Why am I not surprised?" I pull away from him and his embrace, turning around to search the garage with wandering eyes.

"Your dad take the truck?"

"Yeah, he's off to do some thing he has to do. I don't bother asking," Harry tells me, and I suddenly feel his hot breath against my cheek, his husky, low voice whispering to me, "So that means...there's no one home..." His suggestive tone makes a wave of heat drape over my face like curtains, and the squeeze he gives my waist goes along.

I grin lightly to myself, testing him. "Hmm, I guess we are. But what about Max?"

"With a friend, playing football," he answers quickly, softly kissing my cheek down to my jaw. Humming briefly, I react by leaning further against him. For a moment, there is silence. Slow breaths and eager fingertips slipping through the very bottom of my shirt. I feel his nose nudge my neck, husky hum vibrating in his throat.

The tease in me makes an appearance when I move away, pretending to feel nothing for his affection. He watches warily with parted lips as I say, "Let's...eat first. I'm absolutely starved."

"You're in luck, we have food," he responds breathily, kissing my cheek and murmuring, "Tease."

I smile softly before I'm lead into his house. The silence reminds me of how peaceful Harry's little home is. Even small, their yard is countless feet. So much empty land for Max to explore and pick insects from. Even though most people are appalled by insects, I think it's adorable how Max is into nature.

Hopping onto the cool surface of the counter, I await Harry and a plate of warmed food he sets beside me. I thank him with a faint smile before digging in, feeling oddly starved even after all those cherries I ate.

Harry leans against the counter on my other side, crossing his arms over his chest. He sighs lightly before turning to look at me, and since I have already looked at him, our eyes lock. I instantly know there's something wrong by the way his saddened expressions screams it.

"What happened?" I asked after swallowing the bit of food in my mouth.

He pauses, staring directly into my eyes. "So you know that McConag guy?" He almost whispers. I gaze at him skeptically, though I try not to show my skepticism and nod slowly. "Well, I'm gonna race him. Tonight."

I pause before I place my plate to the side, jumping down from the counter and gazing firmly into Harry. "Why?" I ask quietly.

"Because. This is just something I have to do. I've always wanted to get back at this guy for so long, and I don't care if it's childish and I should let it go. I really don't. This is something I have to do for myself," he instantly becomes defensive.

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