XII. Radio

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short filler bc literally i'm sleep deprived. i hate school, but i have to appreciate my education. nerd af 


When I snuck out my window and giggled in whispers at the sight of his excited face, I was left breathless nearly tripping over a rock. He wrapped his arms around my waist in an elated fashion, grunting with his lips kissing the features of my face. My nose, my closed eyelids, my cheek. I laughed and he lead me to his car, where the radio was on.

And the radio was on when we sat in his truck at a dead end road where the lively green trees were so close to one another, you could barely notice a lake behind them or the uneven ground leading to it.

The radio was on when I leaned back in my seat and laughed loudly at the stories of his hysterical childhood. The radio was on when he told me about his curious little self, tipping over a glass vase because he wanted to see what was in it. Because he was so curious. And so little.

It was on when told me I was beautiful for the tenth time. I turned to look at him, the hum of the music nearly fading when our eyes locked. And in the lock of our sight, he leaned over and kissed me. My eyes fluttered closed, focused on the soft texture of his lips as they lovingly kissed mine as I to his. He deepened the kiss, the synchronized movement of our mouths became harder and more passionate.

The radio was on when I ended up sharing his seat with him, my legs on either side of his waist. It hummed in the background to a very soft, slow classic song I swore I knew, but I didn't want to lose focus of his touch. Where his hands traced my sides with care and my heartbeat raced with his at our intimate distance.

He made the bold move to slip his tongue between my lips. My excitement bubbled and I grabbed his face, kissing back with my own and my heart metaphorically conducted its thoughts onto his lips and his to mine. 

I sighed with content at our slow, hard share of affection. His hands respectfully stayed at my sides, and I adored that. Because he respected my body and he showed he not only enjoys what he gets, but that he is happy being with me in this way, too.

But I felt so strongly right about letting him have more, even though it wasn't what people would think was considerably different. I removed my hands from his face, my hands gripping his own. I slid them down my body until they rested on my backside, his breath stilled and he tensed. My hands ran over his shoulder, leaving his hands lone to explore.

He did nothing at first, a low groan emitting from his throat, and muffled by our lips. I felt him move his hands slightly, long fingers squeezing my denim-covered backside. In my stomach, I felt a turn of excitement as I curled my toes. 

I breathlessly pulled away from his lips to breathe, giving him his time to catch his breath as well. But when that short moment was over, his now reddened lips touched mine again, hardly missing air. I felt his skillful tongue glide across my bottom lip, then his teeth lightly dug into the skin, pulling. The gesture was in simple words, arousing and attractive.

When we finally pulled away, both breathless yet again, I opened my eyes and stared into his. They were green as I've established many times before, but they were the green that made everything a little more brilliant despite them being a paler tone. I just couldn't find anything wrong with anything about him. 

Harry stared back at me, silent. I wondered what he was thinking. If he noticed that the radio was in fact on when we began to fall in love.

I leaned back just an inch, hands on his jaw before my back hit the horn. I jumped in fright for a second, and from his lips a breathless laugh came out. I pouted with amusement at my own lack of awareness. 

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