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Caer Wydion Galaxy.

The Samsara galaxy in which Earth exists. Humans refer to it as the Milky Way.

Callidora, Evocati

Moon Order. The second in command to Captain Maiel. Callidora is an erela who has a big set of boots to fill. She's very aware of that, and it sometimes crushes her confidence. Maiel is like an older sister to her, but living in her shadow has made her uncertain that she is ready to lead in the Captain's abscence. Her love for her Captain, however, does not create animosity. She is loyal and ready to serve her order and Captain. Pale like the moon, she makes a striking figure.

Carlyle, Jimmy

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Carlyle, Jimmy.

Wayward Earth soul existing in Samsara in only his sattva; former street tough.


A race of souls, tan/darker skinned, hairless humanoid

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A race of souls, tan/darker skinned, hairless humanoid. They inhabit a warm climate planet, with vast deserts at it's central belt and freezing tundras in the north and far south. The forests they do have surround fresh water tributaries and are filled with dangerous animals. They're a hunter race, highly advanced. The water they need is taken from the ground through evaporators and pumps. they build with precision and have become a bit decadent. They're not prone to high tempers or snobbishness.

From The Blue Honor Blog article:

The cetians are a humanoid race that hails from Tau Ceti. I'm sure you've heard of the planet a time or two. Much of the research around aliens has some of the species names correct, and less often their planet correct. Tau Ceti is a desert planet. You can see the affects of the environment on its peoples' culture and evolution.

Fond of the colors gold, orange and red, the cetians females adorn their eyes with makeup that resembles Tau Ceti sunsets. Both male and female demeanor is gently serious. They retain tribal factions, but are relatively peaceful. Stoics is the best way to describe their behavior. It is obvious they come from a history of warriors, and have learned the terrible cost of war.

Cetians, though seemingly stoic, are welcoming and warm. Do not mistake, they understand a threat when one presents itself, and are quite capable of protecting their world from it. They were one of the first races to found the UWOS. One might think that cetians are not unfamiliar with Earth and have already had influence there, but that is purely coincidental. The members of the UWOS joined at the time their technology allowed them deeper exploration of the universe, and they were not yet able to travel between civilizations of other planets. Their technology, despite outward appearances, is highly advanced. They believe in living as members of their planet, and respecting the evolutions of their forms within that environment.

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