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The seventh realm, the nothing, where atman are sent when they cannot resonate higher and are too dangerous to others to be free. In the nothing, atman are destroyed. It is non-existence. A void.

From "The Seven Planes: A Primer" on The Blue Honor Blog:

The seventh plane is utter destruction. Where Nirvana is the source of creation, Oblivion is its mirror. Here all matter and lifeforce are destroyed. It is only accessible through true death. Danava are the only entities known to experience true death. They are at the weakest point of their existence, thus if the atman is struck by a duta wielding bale (the judgment of the Jñanasattva) it will be coursed to Oblivion. There is little known about Oblivion, whether it is a conduit back to Nirvana through ultimate sacrifice or the end of misfired atman in all its connotations. No one returns to tell the tale.

 No one returns to tell the tale

Old man of Crete.

A statue whose tears feed the rivers and sea of Jahannam. The tears are the torrential negative energies from souls' misdeeds. See also, Yahweh


Orders are divisions of Legion Milites and Officios, divided by their talent and resonance to best serve Zion. The following are some examples of orders: Order of Aeris, Order of Avia, Order of Fenrir, Order of Fire, Order of Gyuto, Order of Horus, Order of Illuminati, Order of Leo, Order of Mercury, Order of Mukuru, Order of Odin, Order of Pritanni, Order of Terra, Order of the Moon, Order of the Phoenix, Order of the Star, Order of the Sun. (Incomplete list of orders.)

Ordo Prioria.

The duta and ardhodita educational and preliminary training schools.


A soul race of amphibious humanoids. They share their planet, Satyr, with the ikyls. This race cooperates with the UWOS.

From The Blue Honor Blog article: "Oreiades are similar to humans in form, however they are amphibious and their skin develops a mucous coating in water

From The Blue Honor Blog article: 
"Oreiades are similar to humans in form, however they are amphibious and their skin develops a mucous coating in water. Their eyes are larger than human eyes, and they see well in darkness. Their hair is thick, built to withstand lengthy submersion. Their female figure is curvy and the male figure thick. Average heights are under six feet, especially the females who tend to be little over five feet in height.

The climate of Satyr is humid subtropical and marine. The planet is thickly forested and equally covered in oceans and lakes. The oreiades appear to have evolved from the water layers of the planet, while the ikyls are products of the forest. The two species have lived in harmony since early in their evolution, both coming to inhabit the forests, as they currently live symbiotically. The amorous nature of the ikyls has played well with the egocentric oreiades personality. Intermarriage does not produce offspring, as the species are genetically dissimilar. The pairings are have proved fulfilling for the couples who chose to be together.

The only matter of contention between the races is that dealing with the naiades of Hydria. This other soul species is closely related to the oreiades, and ancient lore suggests they are actually the same people, and the separation occurred due to feuds. Naiades continue to live in water habitats, and populate a different planet. How these populations are actually related is still a mystery, but the similarities are undeniable. Thus, the Ikyls have won the ire of the oreiades in attempting to shepherd the naiades into the UWOS, suggesting the lore may be true, and no doubt the danava are behind the rift in these sister populations."

Oriael, Decurio, The Cloisters. 

Power and guardian of Light; former recidia and Moon Order soldier.


The home planet of the Orions.


The soul race of semi-humanoid beings; upper torso is humanoid, lower extremities and second torso is Equine in nature. Orions hale from Orion.

Orius, Father Gregely.

Hungarian Catholic priest from the mid-twentieth century. Orius is really a recidia, the fallen Oriael.

 Orius is really a recidia, the fallen Oriael


The well of souls, a hollow in Mount Zion where the perpetual light descends and the atman from Nirvana of lower resonance collect; home of higher duta races, from virtues to cherubim.

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