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A marditavya soul; Morgentus's stolen human wife.

From The Blue Honor Blog article From the Trailokya Trilogy Companion: Something Starting with a "S." 

When a human soul declines, or burns down, it becomes a , and the marditavya of a danava. If they're lucky, they may be raised a danava themselves, but they would need to be superiorly evil, and display worth to their prince. When one comes across such an individual, they should not be taken lightly.

One such jiangshi is the Baroness of Acheron. Discovered by the baron of the pit, Sabereh was once a noblewoman of Earth. She lived during a time when the duta freely mingled with their assigns, prior to The Conflict that split the duta into two factions and opened the gates of . Duta were then forbidden to reveal themselves to souls in Samsara without direct orders from the King or his regent. The passage of time erased them from everything but legend.

The danava took a similar line, functioning in the shadows. Into the shadows, Sabereh disappeared. Her guardian refused to give up hope, and the leaders of Zion continue the search, believing she was kidnapped against her will. The Baroness of the Pit was targeted by a duta who served as one of her husband's advisors. Of renown beauty, Morgentus fell to obsession, slowly crossing the line with Sabereh until he raped her in her husband's home. Fearing danger at the hands of her husband and the duta who had attacked her, she kept silent. Morgentus grew bolder, forcing her ladyship to engage with him at his command. Morgentus impregnated Sabereh and when the child was born, her husband commanded both mother and son be executed. Morgentus was turned over to duta authorities and the matter investigated. However, it was too late for Sabereh and the child.

Morgentus escaped Zion, and wandered Earth hiding from those seeking to bring him to justice

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Morgentus escaped Zion, and wandered Earth hiding from those seeking to bring him to justice. While there, he discovered the grey of Sabereh. Due to what happened to her, her sattva refused to return to Zion, who she believed knew and should have intervened. The truth was that Morgentus acted without their knowledge, manipulating and planning so that his kingdom was blind to his violence. His willful acts were not isolated incidents. This was the time of The Conflict. Throughout Samsara a dark awakening rippled through duta involved with souls. Zion was not prepared for it, or aware.

In response, Zion cast the duta out who committed crimes against souls of which they were assigned to protect. These individuals became danava and inhabited the dark prison world of Jahannam. Before Sabereh could be found by Zion's forces, Morgentus carefully manipulated her to his side, and the pair entered Jahannam where they became the lord and lady of the Labyrinth, commanded by Prince Belial.

The child of Morgentus and Sabereh had no atman, and was destroyed for all time by the latter's husband. Morgentus, however, put the blame wholly on Zion and promised himself revenge for the death.

Long years in Jahannam twisted Sabereh, her powers grew strangely, unlike any Jiangshi yet to come. She was gifted with the dark arts, and thus her form did not become porcine. Her craving for blood did not take control of her mind. Morgentus supplied her with all her needs and their match was peaceful between them until the day, eons later, that the Baron discovered a guardian of the Moon Order named Maiel. The old lusts returned to him, and his need to take ownership of the Moon Captain became his singular focus. Sabereh was cast to an afterthought. Thus, their relationship became bitterly strained.

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