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Former Boarwellum (see below); inhabitant of Jahannam. When a boarwellum burns down, they become the terrible Bachlach, nightmare tree. These have featured in tales throughout the Samsaran universe, meant to frighten children into behaving lest they be beaten, torn or eaten by one.

"Readers of the trilogy will encounter the jovial Boarwellum quite early on. Their participation in this series is minimal. Their likes have been rendered throughout literature (i.e. – Tree Beard of The Lord of the Rings). Often, they're depicted as wise and magical beings, but in others they're seemingly unconscious, destructive forces.

In Zion or on Eridani, the pacifist tree beings live out their lives largely in mystery. Jahannam has very little interest in them, unless one manages to burn down and become a Bachlach. The two versions are relatively similar, unlike many of the fallen versions of the other soul races.

Boarwellum adore plants and fauna. They're not ashamed or annoyed by having a bee nest in their branches, if they slept long enough for one to be built, as they're not susceptible to stings, with their thick bark. Boarwellum tend forests and orchards that feed the herbivores who live on Eridani. They are tall and lithe in youth, but grow larger and more sedentary with age. When they pass to death, their bodies are left to nourish the forests they tended.

Legend of tree beings have not only littered human literature, but also mythology. Many pagan religions depict the Green Man, dryad or the great Yggdrasill. It is possible that Boarwellum found their way to Earth in the early days, drawn by the vast forests. However, in the ensuing years, they likely took their leave or died off due to deforestation (maybe some burned down in their anger toward the humans' behavior). Their well-being is deeply tied to the well-being of their habitat, not that other beings aren't, but the Boarwellum is far more sensitive to changes.

If one is lucky enough to befriend a Boarwellum, then they have a loyal compatriot for all time. Boarwellum are stalwart, wise and understanding. Jovial in temperament, they don't let the little outbursts get to them. If you find one that is quick of temper, you just might be staring at a Bachlach candidate." - From the November , 2016 article The Soul Races of The Trailokya Trilogy: Boarwellum on AuthorKWilliams.com.

 Bade, Primus, Moon Order

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Bade, Primus, Moon Order.

The regiment commander overseeing Maiel's company. Bade is a svarg, dark skinned with bright blue eyes. His serious demeanor belies a warm heart.

Bale, or Bale Fire.

The expression of the perpetual light through a duta in the process of casting an individual into Oblivion. This has been written about by many races in their holy books. Few have actually lived to tell about it. Those who recall the conflict despite the dampening effects of the bio-vessel have fantasic tales to tell about the world they left behind.

Bàra Novy.

The director of Off-Broadway theater where Holly interned.

Barachiel, General.

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