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Legacy Guide Book by CaitlynnTomlinson
Legacy Guide Bookby CaitlynnTomlinson
A guidebook for all of those reading "Gesamere's Legacy." This nifty little reference will help you keep up with all of the characters, locations, familiars, a...
Born Of Fire by GhostNinja
Born Of Fireby Daniel Stevens
Phoenix is a young Fire Elemental from a city in the fire country called Yaag. He has the altogether unheard of ability to receive fallen Elementals powers for a short t...
Carnival Row Go-To Guide by Kamiccola
Carnival Row Go-To Guideby Isobel Lynx
Do you feel lost in the fantastic world of Carnival Row with its many species and rich vocabulary? Presenting: glossary, characters (main and supporting), Fae species...
Glossary of Species by Stormhaven_Clan
Glossary of Speciesby Stormhaven ϟ
A collection of all recounted information on the various fantastical, supernatural, and extraordinary beings that can be found on the archipelago. This is just a guideli...
Queenkiller, Kingmaker - Appendix by AM-Prabeswar
Queenkiller, Kingmaker - Appendixby A.M. Prabeswar
[Supplementary] A glossary of terminology found in QUEENKILLER, KINGMAKER Book One: A Grace of Crowns Book Two: The Courtesy of Kings This appendix is not required in o...
The Catalog by MoyaWalsh
The Catalogby Moya Walsh
This book contains the names, genres, and descriptions of books that I have published and books that are still completely in the drafting and idea stage. Also includes t...
Digitalis by idkdontaskme
Digitalisby idkdontaskme
"Walking into the small cave now was almost bland, the power too familiar to notice. The fact that the den seemed to lighten instead of darken as it should was enco...
Roleplay Character Suggestions/Help by LuneistaFNAFFangirl
Roleplay Character Suggestions/Helpby MOVED ACCOUNT @SISUNA
If you're having problem making an OC/Roleplay Character then post it in the comments and I'll reply giving you some tips. Good roleplay characters will be posted ^-^
Necessary Loses Commentary by DaviniaOwusuKuffour
Necessary Loses Commentaryby Davinia Owusu-Kuffour
To all pre-readers of Necessary Loses who found the diction OTT, here's an in-depth elucidation to the words. This addition will also have some of my poems and explanati...
GLOSSARY  by lesbiancommunity
GLOSSARY by ⚢ lesbians ⚢
in which we tell you what terms regularly used in the lesbian community mean.