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Trailokya Trilogy Illustrated Companion by KellyWilliams701
Trailokya Trilogy Illustrated K. Williams
Trailokya, Book One: The Shadow Soul is available wherever books are sold - amazon, b&n, i-books. Learn more about the series at:
  • trilogy
  • fantasy
  • companion
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Foxtails Cast, Crew, and Stage by NathanielWilhelm
Foxtails Cast, Crew, and Stageby NathanielWilhelm
This is your one stop Resource to Foxtails and it's long list of things to keep up with. Characters Classes Places Races All this and more. However, this mess runs on r...
  • foxtails
  • glossary
  • index
Born Of Fire by GhostNinja
Born Of Fireby Daniel Stevens
Phoenix is a young Fire Elemental from a city in the fire country called Yaag. He has the altogether unheard of ability to receive fallen Elementals powers for a short t...
  • water
  • yaag
  • flame
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Glossary of LGBTQ Terms by gayflowercrown
Glossary of LGBTQ Termsby make it gayer
  • orientation
  • lgbtq
  • glossary
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Twisted Kingdoms - Appendix by Amanda-Mae
Twisted Kingdoms - Appendixby Amanda Mae
[Supplementary] A glossary of terminology found in TWISTED KINGDOMS This appendix is not required in order to fully read and appreciate the novel, and is only intended...
  • fantasy
  • glossary
  • appendix
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Shakespearean Glossary by Kitty2001Cat
Shakespearean Glossaryby 15
This is for your reference. I found this glossary at All information that I post on this book will be from Please vote...
  • glossary
  • references
  • shakespeare
🐾🐈Warrior Cats Guide🐈🐾 by SnowySkye30
🐾🐈Warrior Cats Guide🐈🐾by SnowySkye30
This guide will have about everything you need to know about Warrior Cats! There's more than just Clan descriptions and herbs in here. There's a whole lot more! Read it...
  • ceremony
  • tigerclan
  • bloodclan
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GLOSSARY  by lesbiancommunity
GLOSSARY by ⚢ lesbians ⚢
in which we tell you what terms regularly used in the lesbian community mean.
  • glossary
  • gxg
  • lesbian
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Nullun's Technical Edition by MacToirneach
Nullun's Technical Editionby Mac Toirneach
A Technical Compendium of all things about Nullun, and it's related dimensions, from The Shifting Stones, to the Map of Tapestries itself, to the Second Desert. For thos...
  • information
  • details
  • compendium
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The Catalog by MoyaWalsh
The Catalogby Moya Walsh
Description coming soon!
  • dragons
  • shifter
  • creatures
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Voltron Legendary Defenders GLOSSARY by ShadowEclipseFox13
Voltron Legendary Defenders ShadowEclipseFox
After watching Voltron Legendary Defenders, I realized... I don't know half of the things that were said, like I didn't know what a "Phoeb" was and was clueles...
  • coransguidetospacelanguage
  • glossary
  • voltron
Gods and Monsters Glossary by AndrewJCarr
Gods and Monsters Glossaryby Andrew J. Carr
Glossary for the WIP "Gods and Monsters"
  • glossary
OC Glossary [DISCONTINUED] by ShadowGlider86
OC Glossary [DISCONTINUED]by Kuro N. Kyo
A glossary of all my OCs!
  • ốc
  • index
  • glossary
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ulster • glossary by -eireanns
ulster • glossaryby erin
❝some have come from a land beyond the wave❞
  • ireland
  • glossary
  • words
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Glossary for - A Life in the Minegika by AuthorMist
Glossary for - A Life in the Mage
This is just a reference book for the "A Life in the Minegika" series. It contains descriptions of the races, creatures, characters, places and other stuff in...
  • glossary
The Claws EXTRAS by Earthclaw103
The Claws EXTRASby Average teenage mess
Glossary, cheat sheet, extra stories and more, all from the online story The Claws made by me.
  • glossary
  • notsurewhattoputhere
  • tag
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Alien Invasion  by n00tellaa
Alien Invasion by Faggot
Haley and her husband, Jeff, go on a mental rollercoaster when one morning Jeff got kidnapped by aliens from outer space. See what they have to do to see each other!
  • epic
  • ass
  • glossary
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Untitled Story by Frostedeyes
Untitled Storyby Frosty
  • informative
  • information
  • inform
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The Legends of Jerr by MichaelLongspear
The Legends of Jerrby Michael Longspear
If you want to read about the Greek gods, you can find a mythology book about anywhere. but for the Jerr there really aren't many books to choose from. So this book will...
  • creation
  • mythology
  • jerr
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