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Hello and welcome to the exclusive online companion of the Trailokya Trilogy. Here you will find both visuals and verbals to explain the often complicated world set forth in the trilogy. The fact is, The Trailokya Trilogy is unlike anything you've probably been exposed to before. A lot of the concepts used in the books are taken from the real world, and reimagined in ways that give greater depth to those concepts by making them more realistic. Utilizing physics and other sciences, myths come alive.

The document herein in is live. I'll stop in along the road, through the release of the initial three books, as well as any subsequent series that are planned, such as the Aghart Chronicles. Your comments and questions are welcome. Is there something you wanted to see visually? Is there a concept that you feel needs a bit more definition in the companion? Leave a comment and I will do my best to get to them.

To keep up with all the things that are going on with Trailokya, please subscribe to my website, which can be found at: All you need to do is enter a valid email address, and you will get weekly updates from me straight to your inbox. You'll be notified on sales and releases, as well as links to my current blog entries and what I am working on currently.

How does the companion work?

The companion started as a copy of the glossary you find in the back of the print and e-versions that are purchased. Instead of making redundant copies on Wattpad, I decided to make this companion more immersive, and even a bit interactive. That said, the features that an online environment provide truly are much more conducive to a more comprehensive experience.

You will encounter art work, graphics and other visuals littering the entry pages.

If you spot something you feel needs a little more explanation, or something you'd like to see depicted, go ahead and leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

All three books will be released by the Summer of 2017. To both thank you for your interest in my other work and your feedback, I've decided to make The Shadow Soul indefinitely available to you on Wattpad. As always, reviews are appreciated on Amazon and B&N.

Thank you for being amazing, Wattpadders,

K. Williams, author

 Williams, author

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