Chapter Thirteen - A Caged Bird

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I was already in the spa bath when Xavier walked in with the towels.

“You took a long time to get a couple of towels.”

He looked over at me and smiled. “Yeah sorry, I saw your father in the hallway on the way to getting them. He wanted to talk about the letters.” Xavier looked down and frowned. “I didn’t want to tell him I actually had plans to bathe with his daughter.”

I rolled my eyes and felt a small smile creep on my face, the thought of Xavier explaining that to my dad was amusing and it was making me feel the most normal I had since earlier that morning.

“You know he probably realizes we…”

“Please don’t say it.” He cringed as he removed his clothes.

I let out a chuckle and shook my head. “You’re a prude.”

“Me?!” He stepped into the bath and looked over at me with a mischievous look. “A prude?”

“I’m an adult, and we’re in a relationship.” I murmured sinking into the water a little. “I was just saying, that I think he knows.”

Xavier shook his head and grinned. “Then come over here, and stop sitting so far away from me.”

I shrugged and moved across the bath until I was between his legs. His arms hung around me, leaving his hands hovering above my breasts. I lay back and looked up at him.

I could feel his heart beating, and his soft breathing. Never again could I take any of this for granted. Every day would be the beginning of a new chapter, every moment I could look into Xavier’s eyes a new start. As long as we stuck together, and as long as we were honest, then nothing could break us apart.

Xavier washed my back, the sweet smell of passion fruit body wash wafted up to my nose.

I watched as Xavier’s hands snuck forward and rubbed across my chest. I left my fingers trail up his arm, over the many tattoo’s covering it.

“Did they hurt much?”

“Some of them.” He whispered. “But they were like another form of therapy for me. The pain was nothing compared to how much I was hurting inside.”

I closed my eyes and pulled Xavier’s arms around me. I hated that he’d ever felt pain. I hated that his feelings for me had contributed to it.

“It’s okay baby. I don’t regret any of my pain. I mean, I regret some of my actions… But not the pain. I wouldn’t be the guy I am today without it.”

I traced some of the more intricate designs with my fingers. Their beauty was simplistic and complex all at once. How pictures in ink on skin could mean so much.

“I think I’d like one.” I murmured, surprising myself. I’d never really thought about it before.

“Really?” He replied sounding as surprised as I felt.

I mocked offense and sat forward. “Don’t you think I could pull off a tattoo? I’m not rock star enough?”

I turned around gauge his response he shook his head. “You’re plenty rock star Scar and your soft smooth skin will look amazing with ink on it.”

“Then why so surprised?”

“I’m not surprised.” He replied pulling me back in to him. “I’m excited. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed… but, uh... I kind of like ink.”

I smiled and relaxed again. “Fair point.”

“What do you want to get.”

“Something to represent our family. The people we’ve lost. The ones we’ll gain. Something I can add on too.”

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