Chapter Six - Xavier POV - Flesh Eating Crud Monster.

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I hit call end and walked out of the room. As Scarlett had anticipated, Arabelle was still sitting in my hotel room lounge on the sofa.

“Oh Vax… I’m so sorry. I thought it might be DJ…”

I shrugged. If she hadn’t answered my phone I probably would have missed Scarlett completely. My heart warmed as I closed my eyes and remembered her face.

“It’s fine. I was happy to talk to her. It’s hard you know. Being so far apart.”

“Yeah. I’d imagine.” She said flippantly, it was obvious she didn’t want to talk about Scarlett. “So anyway. I thought we could practice the duet.”

“So you said.”

I frowned, I hated that DJ had suggested I do a duet with Arabelle. The media already thought there was something going on that wasn’t. I knew, truth or not, that it was hard for Scarlett to take. False truths and a never ending shit storm of flashes and clicks had been the thing frightening her from the spotlight for so long, besides Not Alone was Scarlett’s song. It was true that most of my songs were hers, but this one was my confession to her. I had written it long before she ever knew how in love with her I was. Singing it with Arabelle, or anyone else was wrong.

Arabelle started singing it without giving me the opportunity to say anything further, the words escaped her lips and it felt like she was stealing them from their rightful owner. I wanted to tell her to stop.

But instead I closed my eyes and like the professional I was I harmonized with her. Our voices sounded good together, great even… but it was nothing compared to Scarlett and I. Nothing could ever touch Scarlett and I. When we finished I looked at Arabelle and shrugged.

“That was pretty good. I think we’ll be fine.” Fine, DJ wouldn’t like fine. He’d want electric. “I’m pretty tired to be honest.” I shoved my hands in my pockets and yawned. Short of manhandling her out the door this was the most subtle way of getting her to leave.

Arabelle looked at her phone and shrugged, “Oh wow, it’s late. I’ll let you get to bed.” She stood up from the couch and stretched. “You know my ex-boyfriend and I tried long distance. We were so in love, but in the end it was just too much.”

“You’ve done long distance?”

“Sure. My ex is the lead singer from Voodoo pins.” She smiled, her eyes lit up as she spoke about it. “They went on tour a year ago and well, and you know how guys are… They can’t keep it in their pants for five minutes.” She sighed then picked up her small bag. “Anyway it was for the better. I don’t think rock stars like us were made for monogamy.”

I frowned, a year ago I probably would have agreed, a year ago, a girl like Arabelle would have easily become another notch in my bedpost. Because for some reason I told myself that Scarlett could never love me the way I loved her. Meaningless sex was it for me.

I smiled and shook my head. Arabelle was right in a way, I wasn’t made for monogamy… I was made for Scarlett.

“You just haven’t found the right guy yet.” I murmured. “He’s out there.”

Arabelle nodded then walked toward the door. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe he’s closer than I think.” She placed her hand on the door handle and then looked back at me.

“See you tomorrow Arabelle.” I replied.

She began to close the door before poking her head back in.

“You know, if you’re ever feeling lonely at all. I’ve got a good set of ears and sturdy shoulders.” She grinned, and pointed to her shoulders.

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