Chapter Eight - Anti-Diva

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I woke up the next morning and it was almost like my memory had been wiped, like I had constructive amnesia. Until the haze of sleep washed away and reality landed on my shoulders.

Yesterday had happened. I took a deep breath and sat up, today was a new day and I wasn’t going to let it rule me. My mantra was moving forward, not holding on to the past and even though yesterday was still fresh in my mind… it was the past.

I got out of bed and walked into the living area of the suite. Ben was already up. He had his bags packed and was on the phone.

“Yeah I know DJ.” He said quietly.

He was quiet for a minute then finally replied.

“Yes I agree.”

More silence. Had Ben told DJ about the letter? I frowned. I guess I should have expected it. After all, Ben was my tour manager before my friend. He had a responsibility to up hold. I prepared for the inevitable change in plans.

“Of course. You’ll be my first port of call.” He turned and smiled at me.” Anyway Sleeping beauty has awoken. We’d better get ready to hit the road.”

He ended the call and threw his phone on the bed. “DJ just wanted to see how you were after last night. He’s taking a day off before meeting up with the guys in London.”

“Oh okay. Everything okay?”

Ben smiled and nodded. “Everything is fine. He just wanted to go over the itinerary and insure everything was fine.”

I smiled and nodded. So he hadn’t said anything, I breathed a sigh of relief.

“So when are we leaving?”

Ben picked up his phone. “In about forty minutes.”

“Alright. Let me shower and pack.”

“Great oh and Scarlett,” Ben called as I began walking away “You're kickass… You know that right?”

I felt my skin blush and I smiled awkwardly at the random compliment. “Thanks…”

Ben grinned and turned his hand, he tapped on his wrist. “Time is money… I’ll go make sure everything is set for check out okay.”

“Sure” I called out as I walked into the bathroom.

I took a long shower, which was unusual for me, you know unless Xavier was in there with me. The warmth relaxed me. Something I so desperately needed. The problem was, as soon as the water went off, everything came flooding back.

Part of me yearned for my old life. My old house, my cats, reality TV and Cheetos. Part of me missed how simple and mundane it had been. It hadn’t really been a life. Not by any stretch of the imagination, not for me, not for what I knew I was destined for… but it had been without drama, without millions of eyes watching me and waiting for me to screw up.

This was my life now and I regretted nothing. I just missed what was.

I dressed quickly then left the room and packed my bags. Ben returned as I left the bedroom wheeled my suitcase and guitar case out to the living area.

“You certainly don’t travel like a diva… didn’t mention that?” He exclaimed with a grin

“I’m not a diva, so I’m glad I don’t travel like one.” I replied with a laugh.

“You’re right and thank the lord. Did I mention at least that the other promo tours I’ve done were with complete divas…. Lovely girls… but oh my god. Do you really need a whole suitcase dedicated to lip gloss?”

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