Chapter Twenty Four - Burrito Baby

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“We’re leaving in six hours.” Xavier whispered breaking our kiss. “We should get some sleep.”

“I had much bigger plans.” I replied winking.

Xavier grinned and tilted his head. “Like what.”

I took a step back and began to lift my t-shirt up until my midriff was bared. Xavier watched me intensely, his eyes like a raging fire.

He reached out to me, but I stepped back further and shook my head. “Not yet.”

I bit my lip so hard I was surprised it didn’t draw blood. This had been so much easier on the phone, and I wasn’t sure why. Xavier had seen me naked before, many times. But I was nervous this time for some reason.

We’d been so close to never touching one another again, and I guess my body needed to savor the moment.

I pulled the shirt off and dropped it to the ground.

“They’re getting bigger” Xavier grinned with approval. “I think the baby belly is filling your chest instead of your tummy.”

I looked down, he was right, I was almost spilling out of my bra, and they felt full and heavy. He was wrong though, my stomach had begun to change, it had happened almost overnight. I turned onside and ran my hand over the slight curve.

I looked over at Xavier and smiled. His eyes dropped to my belly, he smiled and fell forward on to his knees. His hand ran over mine.

“When did this happen?”

“Overnight I guess. I noticed it when my stylist couldn’t get me into the planned outfit.”

He kissed my belly then stood up. His hand stayed over the top of mine.

“We’re going to have a baby.”

“Yeah. I wanted DJ to be the baby’s Godfather.” I whispered.

Xavier nodded and kissed me on the head. “That’s perfect.”

The minute Xavier breath hit my ear it was like a switch was flicked. Lust overtook every other emotion and I needed him then and there. I pushed him back until he fell on the bed then climbed on top and kissed him like his life depended on it. Without hesitance he kissed me back, his hands ran through my hair, grabbing it lightly as he kissed me back.

His hands moved quickly to my hips and he turned me on to my back. He ripped his shirt open, I think a button or two may even have popped off due to the force at which he’d done it. I would have giggled but the lust pulsing through me was keeping me focused on only one thing. He hovered back over me kissing my neck until he reached the lobe of my ear. I could feel the goose bumps rise on my shoulders as his breath hit my skin once again.

He lifted me and moved me up the bed and pulled my jeans down in one swoop.

He sprinkled kisses across my stomach and over my breasts as he moved back up the bed, stopping to reach behind and unclasp my obnoxiously lacy bra.

I pulled it free from my arms and tossed it to the side. “So beautiful, it’s almost a sin” he whispered. “Never have I spoken a truer word.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere.”

Xavier grinned and kissed me, I fumbled with the buckle on his jeans like a teenager. My lust was rendering me incapable of something I’d done time and time again. Xavier chuckled and moved his hand down to help me with the tricky button. Finally it loosened. I slid my hands beneath the fabric and pulled him closer.

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